Project P I N K Blog Day..

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today, it's officially
* P R O J E C T  P I N K   B L O G   D A Y *
{Painting The Blog World P I N K For CURE}
Once you choose hope, anythings possible.
I am beyond thrilled and grateful to everyone coming together today to 
participate in such a great cause. It's humbling to know how many lives 
have been touched, how many are inspired and keep calmly 
fighting on for the greater focus of cure for Cancer. 
. . W H A T 'S   Y O U R   S T O R Y  O N  H O P E. ?
I lost two very dear and special people in my live to Cancer. It all happened very
fast and with no warning. These where moments that where hard to understand,
moments of sorrow, hopelessness, moments of pain and moments of doubt. I 
knew I needed to regain hope, I knew although those moments can never be 
bought back, I could never simply give up the fight, I am still holding on strong, 
in love, in memories, and with HOPE for those still surviving and fighting on. 
I captured Hope For CURE..                                
. .S H A R E  Y O U R  S T O R Y  F O R  H O P E. .
Today, I spent some time with a very good friend of mine Kimberly. I had the 
pleasure of being able to sit and chat not only with Kimberly, but with her
mother (also) Kimberly, 
and very close friend of hers Shirley. What was
special about my day with them was, 
both Shirley and Kimberly are Breast
Cancer SURVIVORS!! They warmly shared a 
lot of great information, an
in-depth look at what it means to be a survivor and how 
much hope and
new outlook they both now have on life. It was a very moving and 
and alongside my time with them, they willingly agreed to sit and 

share a few things with you all as well. I am very happy, thankful and 
honored to be able to share this little clip of hope, sentiments and 
awareness with you all today. This is how I went PINK 
for CURE...Hope you have a minute to tune in..
. . M Y  S U R V I V O R S . . 

How informative, loving and awesome are Shirley and Kimberly..? I absolutely had
a wonderful time hanging with them for the day, not to mention Shirley's home made
baklava which was to die for.. YUM!! Kimba and her mother also took a moment to 
put together a very helpful cancer chemo kit. It's a kit consisting of many fun and 
helpful items for a loved one going through chemo to help them with the process in 
a warm and loving way. The kit consists of SO many great items, from tea's, to 
oils, and so many little items that come in handy and send thoughtful messages of 
love during those harder days of chemo. To see everything you can put together 
and create your own basket, please visit Kimberly's blog and have a look. 
I really LOVE the basket!! (Here). You can also stop in and visit Kimberly
and read more about her, her story and her life as is now via
Special thank yous to Kim, Shirley & Kim..You guys are AWESOME!
. . K E E P  H O P E  C L O S E . .
To keep hope close to home, I try to add a bit of PINK to certain things I make
or add around the house to remind me to always think of my loved ones struggling
with cancer, those we have lost and the love and memory that still lingers strong. 

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my 
work done and try to love somebody and have 
the courage to accept the love in return.

My Halloween wreath this year actually had a special PINK sentiment.. It not only 
featured pink yarn at a section, but my skulls also had pink eyes for awareness... 
Breast Cancer Bracelet- Pink Pearls, Silver Rhinestone Ball and Ribbon Charm
I am also giving away this bracelet today as part of my project pink day.
I wouldn't be doing any entries for it as I am going to go around and 
read all the stories and creative way's everyone came together to 
make this day such a huge success. I will be picking a story or 
creation made for the day by how inspiring the post is to me. I 
really hope everyone had a chance to go around and get to read 
and indulge in all the great stories, creativity and love shared in 
making Project Pink such a HUGE AWARENESS
 DAY in our blog world today. 

I sincerely thank EVERYONE who went PINK 
for the day with me. I can't express enough thank you's and I am honored
to have shared this amazing, beautiful and wonderful day with you lovely
ladies for such a great cause. YOU ARE ALL I N S P I R I N G..

Keep Calm, Keep Fighting On & Hold On To FAITH..
{Please link and share your actual Pink post with everyone for the day,
you can grab the linky code and share with your reader's as well, this way,
everyone is able to see who went Pink for the day and where to find them. TY}
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  1. thanks for visiting. Pink is my passion and I do one every year.

  2. Hi Marilyn, I am happy to join your P.I.N.K. linky party. Thanks for hosting. xo

  3. All linked up!
    So fun :)
    Thanx for doing this!
    Hey btw, on Facebook, I didn't see a page for Artsy Girl so I taggged Plush Events when I posted to Facebook.

  4. i'm sorry the link kept broken throughout the way that i tried to submit mine several times, but now it looks like the were all uploaded ok so i've got mine came up 3 times on your list :( feel free to delete the duplicates. thanks for inviting me joining the good cause!

  5. Special and sincere thank you's to all that have linked up so far, you are all amazing and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to GO PINK FOR CURE TODAY.. THANK YOU SO MUCH..

    THANK YOU @Barb...
    @The Mommies Made Me Do It - It's there but ArtsyGirl is one word that's likely why.. Not a problem at all.. THANK YOU SO MUCH...

    @See Hear Say - no problem, I'll delete it :)) Thank you so very much.. You are awesome.. TY

  6. Great Posts and Party!!! You're doing fantastic things with your platform ~ Love It!!! I'm your newest follower and hope you'll follow me on your next visit!!

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  7. Thanks SO much for stopping in Aimee, you are wonderful for such a heart warming comment.. I will certainly stop in and say hello.. THANK YOU SO MUCH..

  8. I am so touched that you put this all together and I was so excited to do my post and link up. Thanks you!

  9. Beautiful post and hop for such an important cause.

  10. This is incredible! Off the read a few other posts.

  11. Kelli, Letty, Jacqueline -- Thanks a million for linking up.. It means so much to me having all you ladies take a minute out of your busy blog world's to GO PINK for such an amazing cause.. TY TY SO MUCH.. Wishing you an amazing weekend.. xoxo.. TY

  12. HI Marilyn,
    I'm a person from Chile. And this is the very first time I participate in something like this and that it's not among southamerican or blgs in spanish =)
    I found the logo somewhere in an American blog and I immediately loved the idea.
    I took some time today morning to change my entry to pink and to create more awareness among my blog friends. I'm happy I'm still "healthy" but concerned for others who are in this fight. I haven't been so lucky as you to have shared experiences with actual breast cancer survivors. It must be a beautiful experience...a hug to you and to your loved ones.
    EMma =)

  13. This is awesome! It's great to see so many people participating. I had fun making the pink felt cupcakes for my blog post at

    Thanks for doing this.

  14. This is such a great idea and I am so happy to have been able to join in on your PINK link up!! Such a great way to bring light to the fight against breast cancer!

  15. Such a beautiful post lady, thank you so much for sharing!

  16. I finally had a chance to sit down and really watch that video! Shirley and Kimberly, hugs to both of them! They are both beautiful and super strong women! Marilyn awesome that you are doingt his Project Pink and getting the word out. It was something to learn that both Shirley and Kimberly found there own lumps, I think a lot of people like myself, figure the doctor will just find it at my yearly check. Again way to get the word out! Hugs!

  17. I linked up, I'm number 62. I love supporting Breast Cancer I have family members who have survived and family members who have not and its always a great reminder of what can be and what we can do to remind ourselves to be aware and to support others.

  18. What a wonderful and very touching post. It is heartwarming to see all the participants in your hop.

    Have a wonderful week!

  19. Marilyn,

    Thank you so much for hosting this event. I enjoyed reading everyone's amazing stories & being inspired. Thanks, again!

    Ginger @

  20. Thanks for hosting. Great cause. I just linked up.

  21. Thanks for inviting me to link up. I've shared some of the pink cards I made this month.

  22. Marilyn, Thanks so much for coordinating this pink party and your efforts to spread awareness. It is greatly appreciated and recognized by others - and I am honored to take part. Have a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  23. Thank for hosting this amazing awareness day Marilyn!!!

  24. THANKS TO EVERYONE AGAIN THAT LINKED AND WENT P I N K for the day. It meant SO much to me and I can't express enough TY's.. T H A N K Y O U !! We went pink for a WONDERFUL cause... :)))


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