A Special Christmas Soiree...{1st Feature *Ornament*}

Hello artsy friends stopping in today. I am very excited to officially jump
into Christmas crafts starting TODAY!! I'm sure you've seen my posts pointing
to "A Special Christmas Soiree" with my very lovely friend Jenn from Vintage
Gwen. I am pleased to hop into our soiree with our first features of "Ornaments
or Advent Calendar's for Christmas!~" I choose to create an Ornament
These ornaments tie into my "Three Weeks Of Thanks Project" ~ Thankful 
for Family & Friends. I created these ornaments for my lovely family : )) .
Upcycled TP Roll 
           ......{Burlap Ornaments}
I thought I'd add a snow effect to my photo.. lol.

These ornaments are very festive, pretty and feature hidden little treats for the lovely family
member's I created them for. Within the ornaments are candy, and a little lovely note I 
placed to add a special moment to Christmas morning. I am so thrilled to share my tutorial
with you today. Hope you get to create and share some lovely ornaments this Christmas.
**Magical Items Needed** 
TP Rolls (as many as you need per amount of people you are crafting for)
Red Raffia
Snowflake Stickers 
Glue Gun
Gold Rope (Ribbon will do too)
Christmas Letter Stickers

** Lets Get To Work Lovely Elfs**
To begin, flatten your TP roll as flat as you can. 
Cut (allow for overlapping of burlap a little for folding), wrap and glue on your 
burlap around your TP roll. Once you are done wrapping your burlap to fit your
TP roll, tuck in the one end and glue together. Your burlap overlapping
will fold in perfectly to allow for neat fit and pointed edges. 
Once the first end is glued together (press down to make sure it's securely 
glued down), grab some candy (in my case, we have TONS of
Halloween candy still floating around) to stuff into your roll
and add a fun little note for the owner of your ornament. 
After adding in your fun little treats, glue the other end of your roll shut. 
Grab your raffia and get creative. Wrap it in an angle alongside your gold rope.
Tie at the top in a creative manner. Add your snow flake sticker and your initial.
They should both stick pretty steadily, if not, add a bit of glue to it but I doubt you
will need to. Tadaaaaa.. You should be all set and ready to create a little loop for
hanging using a bit of your raffia. You can glue a loop to the back lightly. 
ALL D O N E!! 
I absolutely enjoyed putting these together. I did them very early in the morning when 
everyone was sleeping to ensure that my surprise inside will add a special treat to our 
Christmas festivities. GREATNESS with TP ROLL! I am SO in LOVE with these 
awesome ornaments. I upcycled beautifully...What are you doing with your rolls?

*{I will be featuring these goodies customized for you in my big cartel store 
for Christmas ~ OFFICIALLY presenting A Little Lovely By Moi :)) }*
Please stop in and take a peak at what Jenn has in store for us today. *SMILES*
Join us again next week for our feature of some FAVORITE Christmas recipes!
Stop in and also visit the lovely Jane Via Adventures In Dinner
and the ladies at The Letter Four Blog both for "Three Week's Of Thanks" Family
features.. I am VERY thankful for my family.. Share your thankfull posts with us!!
** Stay Tuned All Week Long For FUN Features Here** So much in store!! ~XO
Linking Via
DIY Club
Thanks SO much for stopping in today.
Wishing you a great start to your week.. 
~Stay Artsy~

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  1. These are SO beautiful and I'm amazed at what's being done with TP rolls! Thank you SO much for sharing them at the "Winter Wonderland" party over at I Gotta Create!

  2. Ah!! Love them girl!! So creative and special for your family!! Awesome start to our Soiree!!

  3. Hi Marilyn, these are adorable. You are so clever. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  4. This is a nifty idea for a Christmas ornament that I never would have thought of. These are really cute. I will try them next year when I am home for Christmas!!!

    <3 Jenn

  5. Thanks for stopping by ReMadeSimple and being a follower. Theses are a really cute idea. I love that we can reuse toilet paper rolls for all kinds of things.

  6. Thanks SO much ladies.. I sincerely appreciate the wonderful comments :)) I am really thrilled and excited you like my ornaments :)) Wishing you all a beautiful day..TY

  7. Fab party - Thanks for the invite! There are so many great ideas!

  8. Hi There! Thanks so much for stopping over at my blog and for the awesome invitation to link up! :) LOVE the Burlap ornament idea!! I am definitely doing some of these. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  9. Your burlap ornaments are lovely! Thanks for linking up! ~Jen

  10. Thanks for inviting me to your link party! Such cute ornaments!


  11. Thanks for the invite, Marilyn and for following ReMadeSimple :)

  12. Thanks for the invitation! (maybe you could make the captions longer? 15 characters is a bit short to explain what your link is about)

    Take care, Ingrid

  13. Thanks for the invite! I love the great ideas! I'll be back :)

  14. These are just gorgeous! I have been saving some TP rolls....inspired!!

  15. You are so creative and they look really good, I almost wish I were a Christmas person (but I'm not:)

  16. Thanks for hosting this link - some great ideas already! I LOVE your burlap ornaments too
    Lowri :-)

  17. I have plenty of leftover burlap, so I think this is going to be added to my to-do list. Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Becky

  18. Thanks soo much for all the wonderful creative links, you ladies are amazingly crafty and so inspirational. I am super excited to get to hopefully indulge in making some of your Christmas crafts.. So beautiful.. LOVE it.. Thanks so much again. Wishing you all a wonderful start to your thanksgiving week : )) *I can't believe it's almost here*

  19. Oooh, now THAT is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing, I love it!

  20. Hi Marilyn
    I love your creative burlap ornaments. I have alot of burlap left from a son's wedding. I am babysitting my two year old grand daughter and making a burlap garland right now. I love burlap so your ornaments are right up my alley. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the linky invite. Also loved your sweet comment. Darn, I wish I had more decor out. Last year I made 3 (yes 3) new advent calendars. One wasn't quite enough! lol! I will be blogging about them Dec. 1st. So glad to have found you!! Now a new follower.

  21. Marilyn, these are SOOOOO freaking amazing! Just beautiful. Seriously, you are truly talented!!!!

  22. I can not believe how simple and beautiful those are! I love it! The up cycle factor is so awesome...whoop there it is! You did it again! Great job

  23. Thanks SO much Dina : ))

    Hi Jann, so glad you stopped in, super lovely to have you here : )) I will certainly be stopping in Dec 1st to take a peak at all your creative features.. I'm excited.. I LOVE advent calendar's and have a a great concept for one I am hoping to post soon, I'll make sure to let you know to take a peak : )) So glad we can be able to share :)) Will be stopping by soon to see your Christmas features : )) THANKS so much again.. Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving week.. ~Xo

  24. Thanks SO much D, you are always so super encouraging.. I sincerely appreciate it, hope you and the lil ones are feeling much better. xoxo..

    Hi Jacqueline.. Thank you.. (I love a great upcycling project : )) Thanks so much for stopping in hon.. xoxoxo ~M

  25. You have an awesome blog Marilyn!! Thanks for letting me link up :) I'm now following you too! Have a wonderful week. Cindy

  26. Love these! I have all the supplies in the house right now! I found you when you commented on my Faux French Grain Sack Chair redo over at Thanks for the great idea. Steph

  27. Thanks SO much for stopping in Cindy, I sincerely appreciate you linking up.. Very excited to have you here.. THANK YOU..

    Hi Stephanie, that's really lovely, I hope you get to craft up some of these : )) I'm thankful to have you stop in.. I sincerely appreciate it.. Looking forward to indulging in more of your posts : ))

    Thanks to everyone who took a minute to link up.. I'm LOVING all these awesome findings.. THANKS SO MUCH.. Wishing you all a happy thanksgiving and a great start to a lovely weekend.. : )) ~XOXO

  28. You are awesome! I would have never thought of something like this so cute! I love the little goodie and note for the inside! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  29. These are super, and I love the little note inside.
    I think burlap ornaments will be very popular this year and these would look fantastic on the tree.
    Thanks for linking up to Make the Scene Monday!

  30. Thanks so much for inviting me to link up and visiting my blog. I love your ornament idea - surprises are great, especially when they're edible!

  31. These are so creative and the photos are lovely. Great work!

  32. Mrs Fox Sweets - thanks so very much.. wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving day as well.. xoxoxox. : ))

    Hi Sarah, anytime.. Your party is awesome ; )) I think so too, I've seen a few that I adore.. So pretty..

    Thank YOU Rachel.. You have a wonderful blog.. Thanks so much for stopping in.. I sincerely appreciate it..

    *Wishing you all a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Day Tomorrow..*

  33. I Love the burlap TP roll ornaments! Great idea!

  34. Great projects linked up! I'd love for you to stop by and link up your ornaments at my linky party.

  35. cute. I love the monograms.


  36. Thanks SO much ladies.. : ))

  37. Those are tooo cute!! Very creative!! Thanks for hosting!!

  38. How absolutely darling!! This is such a clever and lovely idea and one even I can do. LOL! Thank you so much for coming by this week and sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday!

  39. These came out so cute! Thanks for linking up at a Pinteresting Party! :)

  40. Those are SOOO cute! thanks for sharing this on Take it on Tuesday blog hop!

  41. LOVE them! I love burlap:D Thanks for sharing!

  42. What a fantastic idea! My kids would go crazy for this! Thank you so much for sharing...I'm adding this on my list (and pinning it)!

    The...Late, Young Family

  43. Oh my goodness, when I saw these over At the Picket Fence, I just had to rush over. These are genious and I am totally inspired to make my own. LOVE IT!!!

  44. I love your pretty ornaments! You are such a sweet person!


  45. These are gorgeous...just love burlap. Thanks for sharing.


  46. Marilyn- You have such great ideas! I hope you will link this up to my Show It Off Thursdays party at:

    It's always Christmas at my blog!! Thanks! Linda

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