UpCycling With Style...{Re-Do It Up}

Hello friends.. How are ya today..? It's almost FRIDAY & I'm
really excited about {Finger's Crossed} getting to sleep in a bit!!
LOL - Sad when the one thing I anticipate is SLEEP sometimes..
 I  U P C Y C L E D {With Style}

Have you been upcycling..? I have.. I've been trying to find ways to kill that 
annoying sensation of throwing things out or simply recycling when I can "Upcycle"
into better trinkets and goodies to jazz up the house.. Well, I've been up to just that 
lately and it's been really awesome creating fun and creative touches to add to our 
home. What do you think..? Those bottles above are actually a champagne and a 
vodka bottle I upcycled to add festive fall touches to my bedroom dresser!!❤ 
Wanna Create Your Own..? Here's how below.. So easy & stylish!
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*Artsy Items Needed*
*Glue Gun
*Driftwood - YES! I LOVE Driftwood!!
{Go out back and grab LOTS of funky driftwood!}
*Some ❤ Krylon {White Krylon Spray Paint}
{flower if you prefer, these where left over from a party}
*How To*
To begin, I simply spray painted the bottles I had for use. Spray
paint white until you have a satisfactory texture. I used two coats.
After drying, I gathered up some driftwood from the back yard. I tried
to collect some funky dried ones with little branches and character. Once
you have the driftwood you need, simply glue on the wood in a creative
form to get the look you want. {Yes, it's really that simple!}. After gluing
on my driftwood, I wanted to add a hint of girlish feel, I grabbed an off white
flower and some dried babies breath to add some clean and classic look to
my bottles. Use a bit of glue to place the flowers where you will like them
to go along with the flow of your now upcycled driftwood bottles!
SO  D A R L I N G ..I {Heart} ❤ Them!!
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I came up with this idea on a wimp trying to figure out what to do with ALL
the bottles we have piled up! The is SO much to do with the little bit of nature and
what you might consider "trash" around your home. Before you dump anything
out, take a second and think of creative ways to go green by Upcyling in style!!
Really hope you enjoyed my simple and fun tutorial here today! These beauties
are now on my dresser and look so stylish! I tend to think I could really see these
featured in a Pottery Barn magazine.. Yaaaye to me! RE-CREATE Always!!
*Three Weeks Of Thanks*

Are you in..? Three weeks, three projects focusing on the things we love
the most. Our Families, Frugal Crafts & Food! Join me in giving thanks 
and appreciation to the simple things that bring the biggest joys within our 
home! Hope you can join me starting November 6th!! Give Thanks & Share..
Take a look around and join all the lovely and wonderful things
happening in the blog world focused on the seasons..
Crafting for a Cause
I am participating in LadyBrille's "Operation Cards For
Soldiers" Its for a wonderful cause to help the soldiers abroad feel the love
and appreciation we have for them by sending them cards! How sweet!
Stop in and have a look and certainly join in if you can! LOVE IT!
Ornaments Exhange

I am also participating in an ornaments exchange project via the lovely
Eisy Morgan! It's such an awesome and creative way to come up with a
lovely ornament to exchange with a lovely bloggy friend. It's a great way
to also meet new blogger's and introduce yourself to a whole new audience..
I can't wait to see all the lovely ornaments featured!! Join in the fun! 
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Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. 
It's always lovely to have you here.. Wishing 
you an amazing start to your weekend.. 
~Stay Artsy~
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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning this, and awesome tutorial!

  2. Beautiful! I collected some stuff from mom's yard the other day. I have 2 glass vases I'm going to decorate! ;-) Love your upcycled pretty decor.

  3. I love this upcycle! It is so simple and turned out really pretty

    Christine @ Projects Around the House

  4. Those bottles are so pretty! And believe me I have my fair share of wine bottles lying around ;) Following you right back lady!

  5. This would be a beautiful wedding centerpiece too. It's so elegant!!

  6. Leave it to you to find such loving projects to aid :-)

  7. Very the addition of the twigs. Hope you got to sleep in :) Thanks for your sweet comment and following...I'll follow along too! Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  8. What a beautiful upcycle project. :)

    I'd love for you to link up and share:

  9. I like to upcycle to! You did a fantastic job.

    Thanks for the visit, the comment and the follow.

    Enjoy your sleep in! Have a great weekend...
    Rochelle x

    P.s I'm following back

  10. Thanks SO much ladies.. I LOVE your awesome comments..So happy you guys like the upcycling I did.. Hope you get to make something out of your bottles too :)) It was SO easy and turned out really lovely than expected. I LOVE that you guys approve.. TY TY SO much :)) Wishing you all a lovely start to your weekend. : ))

  11. Love the contrast of the natural twigs against the white bottles!

  12. Beautiful site. I wanted to invite you to my blog party today stop by when you can. I just had another blog party last week for my other site.

  13. MARILYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are awesomeness! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment! Made my day!

  14. Thanks SO much ladies.. I was SO iffy about posting my bottles but I'm so glad I did.. THANKS for al the amazing comments.. TY SO MUCH!!! You guys as always SIMPLY are AWESOME.. TY

  15. Oh I LOVE these! They are so pretty...especially with the white against the natural twigs.
    I'd love for you to link up to my Fresh Friday Link Party!

  16. Ooo I like your style! You have a new follower, for sure!

  17. I love a good upcycling project! Nice work!

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  19. Thanks SO much ladies..xoxo

    All linked up..

    Welcome Becky.. TY so much for stopping in.. Hope you stick around for a while.. : ))..

    Thanks Rochelle.. It's SO awesome to Upcycle into awesome goodies.. :))

  20. These are absolutely gorgeous! So happy you shared them at thsi week's BFF Open House!

  21. This is truly great thing to do and how beautiful, fantastic job:)

  22. wonderful, interesting recycling and artwork Marilyn. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  23. Hello Marilyn,

    These works are lovely and really creative. I hope to see more of your creations.

    Thank you so much for giving me a follow in my site. I appreciate it very much.

  24. Thanks SO much ladies, I sincerely appreciate the wonderful comments .. So lovely :))

    Welcome Enzo.. Hope you stay around a while : )) .. TY

  25. Thanks so very much Malay :)))

  26. Thanks for sharing those interesting projects. I'll have to check them out. They sound great.

  27. Looks great Mar! Come link your awesome project up to my new link party! Jen @

  28. Great ideas & inspiration to find new uses for things that normally end up in the trash! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hello! I found you via Trendy Tree house!

    These are beautiful
    And organic! I love it!

  30. Thanks ladies.. @Impossible Mom - welcome to my space, super excited to have you.. : )) Hope you can stay a while.. Off to visit and indulge in your blog ;)) Wishing you an amazing week.. ~M

  31. Great re use of used items. They're beautiful!

  32. You made the Top 5 Freshest Projects of the week on Fresh Fridays this week! Be sure to grab your button!!

  33. so adorable!! i would love to have this on our thanksgiving table!!

    thanks for the inspiration!

  34. They look beautiful! So glad you linked up with us! Have a great week!


  35. Thanks so much for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday, I featured this on my blog tonight! Come check it out and grab a button :)

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