Capturing Christmas... {Mini Tree's With The Crafty Myric}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today. It's officially FRIDAY!
 Thanks SO much to all who came by yesterday to link to
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*10 Day's Till Christmas *
May the Joys of the season. Fill your 
heart with goodwill and cheer
I have a wonderful bloggy friend stopping in today from the wonderful blogspot Petite Passions. Myric is an inspirational and unique bloggy friend with SO much original creativity and style. She's craftastic and her talent shows in all that she shares over at Petite Passion. I Absolutely love stopping in and being inspired. Hope you will all take a moment to hop over, say hello!
Without further due, please welcome the lovely Myric, featuring a WONDERFUL Tree tutorial! 
Myric: “
I am easily pleased and find entertainment in  almost everything. I love writing, food, photography and my mother-in-law who is my inspiration in creating crafts. I believe my urge to create and express myself through any medium available is a character I inherited from the       Great Creator which he formed in my heart that turned into my Petites Passions
To some, Christmas season demands           monetary spending for decors to gifts and   abundant holiday feast. It defeats the message of what Christmas is all about demonstrated through the simplicity savior's birth in a humble smelly stable. Mary and Joseph had to be creative using what they have like a manger for a crib.
Of course everybody wants the ideal perfect Christmas. After-all, its a very meaningful occasion. I myself want to spoil my home with a festive-holiday decors. oh it would really be nice to buy all those beautiful decors I see online, malls and stores but we have a tight budget to follow and we rather spend our money for gifts than decorations.  It could be frustrating sometimes. But on the brighter-side, it challenges me to be more resourceful and creative like using recycled dryer sheets!

DIY Mini Trees are a trend these days. I saw a lot of tutorials and I thought I'd challenged myself to make one out of littlest amount of money as possible. Starts with a cone. Michael's ran out of styro cones the day I went to get one and Walmart only had this! Plus styro cone are kinda expensive.

This cone is a bit messy so I only used it to shape a brown cardboard paper I got from the a wrapping paper core. It is in-expensive, plus I could make them in any size I want!
After rolling into shape of a cone, I trimmed bottom part of the cardboard.
 I taped the inside and outside tip with a scotch-tape.
I have yards and yards of tulle fabric from my wedding and a lot of dryer sheets I have been saving for months! I knew I could use them for something!
I cut them into strips. Maybe 2 inches thick, folded them to make it appear less translucent because the fabric and the dryer sheets were too thin. I stitched  the top and made a lace! I didn't have sewing machine which could make everything faster and easier. Also I  ran out of white thread. But it was okay, the threads will be concealed anyway as the dryer sheets and tulle ruffles overlaps.
Either you tie it around or use hot glue to glue it around the cone. I glued mine. Work it up to the top of the cone. And for the fun part. Mini Christmas balls! I got silver beads from A Dollar Tree Store
And some of these from Michael's Clearance Section.
I cut them in singles and glued them under the strips of dryer sheets
I concealed the tip of the tree with a snowflake ornament
The awesome part of using a rolled cardboard was you could chose for it to have a stand....
...or without a stand!
Et voila! Place it anywhere you want!
Like a laundry room perhaps?
I spent only $3 on this because I had the other materials just lying around the house anyway.
Next time you want to throw away something.. you might want to think twice. It might get handy sometime. Looking at my project makes laundry more fun.
Ill be looking forward for more laundries to come!
THANK YOU......................................MYRIC

Isn't she WONDERFUL..? I can't express just how much I simply A D O R E her tree!! It's so clever, crafty and unique.. VERY BEAUTIFUL.. I HAVE to try this ASAP.. I love the whimsy look it has and how simple and budget friendly it is to create.. TOLD YA SHE WAS SUPER CRAFTY!!! 
To link up and indulge in Myric's creations and features, please find her via her lovely and
inspiring blog over at Petite Passions.. THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN MYRIC!!

Join me and lots of bloggy friends all around capture Christmas in "12 Hours 
of Christmas Cheer!". Joyous photo memories to warm your heart this 
Christmas. 1Post - Photo Series {Capture 3things close to your heart this 
Christmas} & share a bit about those special moments featured.. ALL NEXT WEEK!!
It is Christmas in the heart that puts 
Christmas in the air.  ~W.T. Ellis
Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. Hope you enjoyed my lovely guest!
Wishing you an amazing start to your weekend...
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  1. what a darling project! I love the tree:)

  2. Yay!! This is fabulous!!

  3. Adorable idea. A series of these on a Christmas table would be just beautiful.

  4. Oh that is so clever!! It looks like something straight out of PB! It's very feminine, soft, and dreamy for something that was used to dry her pants earlier. ;) Seriously a clever idea.

  5. Hey lady? Did you have me down for capturing Christmas. My camera died a few weeks ago and I am not sure if I have something for you. I am so sorry about that. I can use pictures form last year if you like.

  6. Nice idea! Definetely one of the best (and cutest) Xmas tree crafts I have seen so far!


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