Today's feature on "My Mini Moon Memoirs"
Heartfelt Notes from
~*Caley (My 10yr Old)*~

I blog with Caley a lot, he loves to write and we keep up a page together.
Although he's very private about the things he writes, he allows me to share
a few now and then with special people in the family. Here's a note he
wrote the other day about Sia turning ONE!!

It touched me a lot, as all his writing as usual & in so many ways and
hope it lights a smile in your heart...

the first year ~she's finally ONE!!!

A few weeks ago my baby sister turned one . It was simply like a dream.
I couldn't
believe she turned one. She was probably trying to say she was
excited to hit single
digits in so many way to the family that day. Alongside the
whole family, I was
very astonished as to how quick the year flew by.

She has continued to gain really cool abilities like how to walk.
I have felt like a personal trainer a lot lately because I have been walking with
her a lot and was the most successful in getting her to walk a longer distance.

When she pulled it off we both were amazed and so happy.
Later we did awesome activities together like walking from the kitchen
to our
parents bedroom which wasn't exactly an accomplishment
entirely but we got
there half way. I was truly amazed not only had she turned
one, but she was now
able to walk. She is also starting to learn how to
talk a whole lot.
She tries to communicate when she needs or wants something
by saying dada
which is pretty cool in itself to hear, although she does mumble
more gibberish than
a horse if she wants a cookie. I try a lot to figure out her
but for now as
my parents keep reminding me, she's simply one
and we still
have a long fun
way to go. Hopefully soon (finger's crossed)

I love how fun it is to watch her grow and I'm super excited about all the
fun and laughter she's added on to our home.

..................................Big Brother ~CALEY

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Today's Feature ~ Join Us For Dinner :))


* Pepper Soup For The Soul *

Pepper Soup” --- a unique delicacy within a lot of
African homes,specifically Liberia. It’s one of my
favorite dishes,and really has a healing power
to cure anything from sadness to the common cold.

~ HA ~ don’t believe me..? Try It...

I always make this soup for my family whenever one of us is sick,

specifically TJ who blow’s his nose a million times and turns

bright red while eating it,but never can really stop until

the last drop! Caley can’t handle the heat fully quiet yet

but we all enjoy it nonetheless!!

As you follow the recipe below, I’ll teach you how to turn the

heat down a notch to your liking. Hope this brings you as much

joy and warming up from our humble happy home to yours… Enjoy…

Seafood Pepper Soup & Rice Balls

**Yummy Artsy Ingredients Needed**


*For this particular recipe – I used only

jumbo shrimp, crabs & dried shrimp

(You can buy a small bag of dried shrimp at any

local African food store – it adds a unique flavor to

the soup);You can always add in fish, beef, goat

meat, chickenor whatever else you are in the

mood for while cooking.

*Habanero Peppers (preferably ripe orange or red ones)

*2 Brown Potatoes

*Green Onions (shallot)

*One large Onion (white)

*2 Chicken Flavor Bullion(season to your liking)

*2 Cartons Chicken Broth’s (For a quick spur of

the moment soup, chicken brothalways comes in

handy,but traditionally,I would have made my

own broth using fresh chicken)

*Salt (season to your liking)

*I can Goya Tilapia in tomato sauce (add’s

texture to broth without the extra tomato taste)

*Kokuho Rose Rice (for rice balls)

Ready For Some Warming Yummy SOUP!?!Let’s Cook!!

To start off,slice up the large onion white)and place

in a warming stock pot and sprinkle in one of the

bullions and stir. Since the pot is dry, only

stir for a minute(enough time for onions to

mix well with the added cube)

Pour in the two cartons of chicken broth, stir and

allow simmering for about five minutes


Cut crabs in halves, rinse very well and place

into the simmering brothIf the broth isn’t

enough (should cover the crabs at this point),

please feel free to add more broth to the soup.

Add in the habenero pepper(be cautious,if

you cannot handle "the heat",then maybe one

or two balls of pepper might be enough for you.

As the pepper boils with the soup,they flavor it

and you can start off with one and gradually

turn up the heat level in notches as you cook to

your desired taste buds.


Add the second chicken bullion,stir,cover and let simmer

for about 10mins(open consistently to check on the level

of the stock and flip over the crabs to make sure

all sides are cooked properly)

Wash the potatoes and dice them up/set aside

Slice up the green onions as well into little cubes

for flavor and garnish later (set aside)

Start cooking the rice right about now to give it enough time

to cook and be done alongside the soup(Don’t fret when

the rice gets mushy,it’s supposed to and it’s really

a harder texture of rice to cook so be patient and cook

slowly on low to avoid burning)

Check back on the soup and add in the shrimp,taste to make sure

the heat level is perfect for you or at this point,add in

another ball of pepper. Stir,add some salt(taste)and cover again.

Allow to simmer for about another 10mins or until the

shrimp is tender to your liking.

The crabs & shrimp should be cooked at this point.

Add in half of the can of tilapia,get as much of the

tomato sauce as you can and only about half of the fish if you

want a clearer soup without a lot of broken up fish in it

(I like it this way if I’m focusing more on simply

wanting soup,rather then everyday soup to have with rice,etc).

Stir in the potatoes and green onions five minutes later and

allow soup to simmer for another 10mins.


Taste, before you remove from stove and if

perfect to your tee’buds you are DONE.

Remove from stove and set aside to cool only for a few

mins as you want to serve hot. When rice is cooked,

cool for a few minutes and mold into small balls or

whatever shapes you will prefer (you can get

really creative molding with the texture

of rice in question)and set on the edges

of the serving bowl you will be using.

For added color, sprinkle some paprika on the edges of the

plate simply for decorative purposes(Funky Fun bonus

for the over the top food critique)

Dish soup into the bowl and sprinkle some

shallots over the top for garnish.

"ALL DONE – Dinner is SERVED!"


*Prep Time: Approximately 1hr*


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...........& ever so swiftly,
My silly little Sia is officially OFF FORMULA....
~Pieces Of 'My Little Moon Memoir's'

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Sia's Fairyland Birthday Wreaths

~*Sia's Fairyland Birthday Wreaths*~

<span class=

My Lil Sia turned ONE!!! There's not much words to express

my ridiculous spree of tears and disbelief that

the year flew by so quickly!!

I had such a blast putting together her birthday party

and took sometime to feature unique items all around

to bring out the theme I wanted. I made these wreaths

as part of the costume for the lil fairies at the party and

all the girls got to wear one regardless of age!!

We loved them SO much and I actually have a few friends

who incorporated them into other artsy fun outfits recently!!

They are so easy and adorable and I hope you

enjoy them as much as we did!!

~Artsy Items Needed~

*Ribbon (thin & as many colors as you’d like per your party)

*Rope For Loop (I chose to use a natural tone rope from Michael's,

but you can use any rope thick enough to hold steady and not fall apart,

the natural look added a bit of a forest edge to the wreaths which I loved

*Wild Flowers (I bought some spring time wild flowers from Michael's which

actually already had butterflies on them, you can choose to add

any butterflies or forest friends small enough to the wreaths

to add a wild funky look to them)

*Glue Gun


*Wire Cutter


<span class=

Ready To Craft..? ;)

*Measure the rope to size per the lil one’s head – leave room so it comes down

right around the forehead and not simply up the hairline.

(Use your own discretion as you can have it fit simply as you’d like it)

*Once the wire is measured, intertwine the edges after cutting (remember to leave a little room for intertwined ends)

*Once your loop is looped and ready --- the FUN begins with adorning it with

wild flowers, leaves, twigs and much more.

*Take apart the wild flower brunch for brunch (I removed the long leaves)

and intertwined them around the loop.

*For hold, I used a glue gun to glue one end of the stem to the loop and

in-between as I weaved the flowers.

*I used the various colors I needed and added a butterfly to each wreath along

with someleaves to add a forest-fairy feel to each one

*You can glue on as many flowers as you’d like either all the way around the loop

or as I did,simply around the forehead portion of the loop and left the back strung with ribbon.

*After securely weaving your flowers around the loop, cut a long enough piece of ribbon to

weave around one end of the loop where your flowers stop to the other.

*Leave enough room when cutting the ribbon to have a little left

over to hang along the back of the wreath.

*Create a no tie loop with the ribbon in the middle of the back of the wreath to

hang behind the lil fairy’s hair.

All Done!!! Allow for glue to dry & you are ready for PARTY TIME!!!


For an added beautiful presentation to your party, add a wreath tree and hang the wreath around the branches for the girls, and allow them to pick a color as they arrive :))

To do so,simply place a tree stem with branches into a vase;add moss for support,

texture and a natural look; include a few fairy friends, (butterflies, flowers,

dragonflies of your choice) onto the branches of the tree for added decoration.

Set on a table with a moss flat bush underneath for added artsy & unique touches.

Although this was a winter indoor party (I refuse to let the season's determine my

need to splurge on whatever emotions I feel)

It would make an awesome outdoor spring party & as the saying goes......

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" So PARTY ON!!


at Sia's Birthday Party..




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