Springing Up The Nursery!!!

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Spring Is Nigh --- T'is Time
To Spring Up Our Home!!!

***Springing Up The Nursery***
(Phase ONE)

I've been wanting to redo a wall in Sia's nursery for a while now,
mainly for spring and to allow more room for hanging her coat's
and outfits around the nursery. So I did!! ;)) Here's my transformation
process~ Hope it inspires you to spring up some
SPRING within your home!!! *Chirp Chirp*!!

Before & After The Purple WALL!!

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To begin, I wanted to add some fun letters to the wall,
so I decided on "Lil Sia".I went over to Michael's (can I say
I honestly know about 3ppl in the store now on first name basis..?
Shhhh, don't leak that out!!). I picked up some letters ON SALE in
the dollar bins (Those bins are the DEVIL!!) and some craft paper
with some pretty spring prints!! I wasn't planning on flowers but their
spring collection is amazing and so beautiful so
I snugged a few for around the house..

Artsy Items Needed

*Block Letters of your choice
*Craft Paper with prints of your choice
*Flowers or any other item's you'd
like to include to your wall
*Glue ("Spray")
*Push Pins
(In the picture below, I originally wanted to add ribbon
to the mix but I ended up not needing it at all so please ignore)

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Ready for some spring transformation!?! Lets Craft!!

To begin, I layed out the letter's I needed, traced them out on
the white side of my craft paper and cut them out to shape. After
all my letter's where cut out to shape, I used my glue to spray the
blocks and carefully glued the paper cut outs accordingly. Be careful
during this process, do not allow the glue to sit over a min as it would
stick faster to the paper, try to place the cut out stencil right away when
glue is still wet, this way you can easily adjust the stencil to fit to
perfection before the glue hardens. After you've glued all your stencils on
to the blocks, you are practically halfway there...! The time frame to
complete this project really depends on your wording, or how many
letter's you need to upholster for your space ;))

I took all my letter's into the nursery and nailed them up to the wall
as I wanted. When I was happy with the placement, I took my flower's,
removed the flower buds off the stems, and simply used the push pins to
place them where I wanted alongside the letters.
AHHHH---How easy was that..?

I am VERY happy with the turn out and absolutely
LOVE Sia's new wall!! I added a simple touch of spring to
the nursery and all for under $15!!!

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Have You Sprung Into Spring Yet..?
(It's a bit early -- but I'm SO ready!! )

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Sia's Fairyland Birthday "Critter Wands" Tutorial

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~*Sia's Fairyland Birthday
Critter Wands*~

These wands where part of my darling lil Sia's 1st birthday party pack!!
They where a perfect addition to the theme of "fairyland", and
presented the kids with butterflies, lizards, dragonflies & more to
share in the fun of the beautiful day..

I purchased the wands from Michael's in their wood craft section and
since it's almost spring time, it was perfect to have a huge selection of
fairyland friends all over the store..I happily dug in!!

*Artsy Items Needed*

*Assorted Fairyland Critter Wands ~Plain..
Snug some *paint and *paint brushes..
*Colorful Ribbons to match your theme..
Some *Scissors & some *tape..
A nice *vase for your set up....
*Party Tag per your theme...

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~*You are ready to set up your
Fairyland Party Wand Vase*~

To begin, I took each wand and wrapped the ribbons around
them nicely in a downward spiral.

I then tied a pretty bow on each wand, up top underneath the
bottom of the wand character where the bottom of the citter itself
meets the stick(wand) Leave enough ribbon to allow some to
freely hang down after you tie the bow. Tape the end
of the ribbon at the bottom so it stays secure.

Mix the ribbon color for a more fun and artsy wand ---& also to
match up with the lil ladies and gentlemen, I used blue and yellow
for the lil lads and lots of different shades of pink, glitter
and green's for the little ladies..

Place them in your vase nicely and simply tie a ribbon
with a birthday tag around it(Tags where from Etsy -
I simply cut them into circles and punched holes in them for the ribbons)

When the vase is all set, place it nicely on your party table & allow the lil
ones to pick and choose a magical fairy wand as they come in.

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Designate a set time for arts & crafts & even add in a "wand painting contest"
These wands where a really huge hit and kept the kids busy for a while..
They really got into it and painted some fun artsy & unique
magical wands as a cute craft take home gift from "Sia's Fairyland"

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Nice Walk Around The Neighborhood..

Looking Above (Love This Tree)

T'was a bit warmer today, not as much as yesterday or
a few day's here and there this Feb, BUT i'll take it!!! I went for a quiet
quick 15min walk with my camera alongside the neighborhood, and as always,
I caught a few quick moments I wouldn't mind sharing with you...There's
nothing like a solemn moment to yourself outside of a busy long day!!
I cherish these moments & try to think clearly and be free of the
everyday tasks at hand..The sunset truly makes almost any scenery
captured, simply beautiful and this evening was no exception... Enjoy.. ;))

Melting Ice Mounds

Sunset Upon An Emergency Pole

Fallen Tree

15 min's up......Life Call's... Off to pick up the lil rugrats..
Happy ARTSY evening Everyone..
Night Night...
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Today, I heard birds happily chirping in the rose bush outside my window..
It lit up a smile & reminded me of how much I'm
~Loving The Simple Idea of SPRING!!!~

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Quickie Artsy Pixel Moments...

............."My Artsy Tea'Mug Affair"............

I absolutely LOVE mugs & teacups, & oddly enough, we get
gifted a lot of them around my home. We drink everything from
tea to "tini's" and more in 'em..I enjoy them SO much that i dedicated
some time to sharing a few of my fav's with you.. Our latest addition
"my birthday teacup" included from my
Darling Isabelle <--Really, that's her name!!
These pictures I took this afternoon absolutely warm my heart.. :))

"Happy Tea'Mugging" lol..


What's in your mugs'n'teacups...? :))
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Today's Feature ~ Quick Treat Recipe ~ Snap Snap - It's An Appetizer!!

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~*Linguica'Pineapple Appetizer*~

Today's appetizer is a first for me to make within my kitchen..
I had this appetizer at work and to be quiet honest, I didn't think
the combination of foods involved will flow and make merry per my palette.
"Totally" dived in with an open mind and
I have to say----"I LOVE IT!!"

I had a chance to recreate the dish today for a family gathering
at my brother's and I jumped at the opportunity to share
this delicious recipe with the gang & they loved it.....
Hopefully yours will as well..
Lets ENJOY together... YUM!!

Artsy Character's Involved

*AH-SO Sauce (Asian inspired sauce)
*Linguica (hot or mild as you prefer)
*Pineapple Chunks

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Ready to cook..? ;)) Lets start the FUN!!!

To begin, simply dice up the linguica into chunks as I pictured below.

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After slicing, fry in hot skillet to brown both sides of the diced up goodness.
Try to flip both sides frequently to ensure that they
brown up enough but not burn. This is probably the hardest part of
making these appetizers to be quiet frank! ;))

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Once both sides are well browned, remove from
skillet and allow to cool for a few minutes.

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While the linguica is cooling, drain and empty the
pineapple chunks into a bowl. Empty the jar of
AH-SO sauce into your dish (preferrably not a flat dish)
and spread around the bottom of the dish.

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Once you've spread the AH-SO sauce in dish, you can lay out a few tooth picks
and get ready to stick your treats and prepare them for serving. Start off by
placing a chunk of pineapple on the toothpick first, follow by placing a chunk
of the linguica right underneath the pineapple chunk, place it so that you
cannot see the bottom of the toothpick when you flip the stick over
(this basically just gives the bottom a flat surface to stand straight
in the AH-SO sauce dished out. Place the treat on your serving dish in sauce.
Repeat until you have enough for your guest's and happy eater's at hand. When
you are all done placing the pineapple and linguica together on toothpicks,
pour whatever left over sauce you have around the sides of the dish
(AH-SO sauce has a strong flavour so use sparingly
according to your taste buds...)

If you have left over linguica, place around dish for decoration purposes
or simply in a small side dish for munching ;))
Believe it or not -- YOU ARE REALLY ALL DONE!!
How easy was that..? (The entire prep & cook time
should take a max of 30mins tops!!)

Happy Times Ahead---Enjoy ;))!!!

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