Appreciating "The Marrow" Dinner

"Lets Narrow Down The Marrow"

Beef Bone Marrow With A Side Of Fresh Parsley Salad

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"nothing compares to a mouthful of gelatinous marrow"
Today's featured "Join Us For Dinner", certainly is a first for me to
cook within my kitchen. I'm such a lover of good, chewable and succulent
bone, whether its fried, souped or however else its cooked, as long as
I have some marrow to enjoy!! MMmMmm MMmmm Mmmm~YuMmY!!
Fav Fun Marrow Fact: It's Anthony Bourdain's
favourite dish & he'll order as his "Last meal" if required..

Bone marrow in general is very under appreciated, and looked down upon,
yet I'm almost certain it's one of
the best
part of the meat that's tossed
away and forgotten about consistently amongst a lot of dinner tables..
"I'll ALWAYS take your
bones off your hands "
lol!! My family, especially
thinks I'm nuts and will someday crack a tooth
open, but he enjoyed
the creativity of the meal tonight and certainly joined in on my marrow fun!!

Are you ready to appreciate some succulent and
"ooh so DELISH Marrow"..? Then lets get cooking!!

Beef Bone Marrow With A Side Of Fresh Parsley Salad
(YES Parsley?! I thought the SAME exact thing!!)

Artsy Ingredients Needed
*Bone Marrow (I used beef)

Juice of 1 lemon
*1 bunch flat-leaf parsley,
picked from stems
2 tablespoons (30 grams) capers
2 tablespoons extra-virgin
olive oil(that's what
the original
recipe said "LOL" - I used reg olive oil ~shhhh)
Handful of Olives (Another dabb
of goodness I added to the mix)
Potatoes(straggler item I added as I went along)
Herb & Garlic Feta (Everything just taste
much better with F E T A!!)
Freshly ground black pepper
Toasted bread, for serving
*Coarse sea salt
One infant hanging on to your legs
from stove
to sink & all around the kitchen
Oh Yea - and Garlic cloves (about 2 or 3)
eries of constant questions from the curious
"wait, but what's for dinner again..?"

Lets Brew These Bones!!!
To begin, wash the bone marrow's carefully
(rinse them well until they are not too gritty & clean)

Take your garlic cloves and mince into
fine pieces & stuff withing the marrow
of the bones Sprinkle with salt
and pepper for taste.

Place flatest side down in pan (fat from
bone will leak while baking, so a pan is
better to bake in as it'll collect all the
juices from the marow)

Roast the bones at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes

After placing marow's in the oven, I glanced over
and saw some red potatoes sticking out my veggie bowl & BLAM, it had to be a straggler item added to my dish, so I popped them in some water and boiled untill they where soft, skin on and sliced thinly into a bowl, and added some garlic infused oil and salt and pepper to taste!!


While bone roasts(mmmm - can you smell the EPIC AROMA already all around the kitchen?), slowly make your way to your parsley while trying to walk and drag infant laughing at your feet all at once, grab parsley, pick from the stems and chop finely; place in bowl with your chopped shallots, capers, olive oil, UNLIMITED feta cheese (mmm nyuum nyuum nyuum lol--I love FETA!), squeezed lemon juice, some olives (I incorporated this myself as I thought the salt from the olives will flavor the salad more & it was a great descison as we loved it); add some pepper (you could add
salt but after the olives I think I was simply "all salt out"!) MIX MIX MIX very WELL with wooden fork untill well blended and set aside.. Don't forget to taste it and make sure the ingredients blend!

Slice up your french bread and lightly
toast for a few minutes (half the bread was gone
before dinner - "bread obsessed household!!")

When the marrow begins to slightly bubble, it’s ready
for some down right good scooping time..
(OoOo The JoY - as I salivate!!).
Remove from oven and plate alongside
your salad with your seasoned potatoes. You are practiacally
ready to eat!!! YES - You can go ahead and try it now.. :))
Is'nt it just simply heavenly!!?!

Scoop out your marrow and spread on
your toast (You didn't forget to take the
toast out as I always do did ya..? ) lol!!

Bone Marrow "Chop" FUN FACTS
SCRAPE the marrow out & ignore your drool as you fight to get it all out,
drooling is expected! If your fork doesn't proove to scoop worthy, drop
it, get some suction going and get all the yummy marrow out the good
ol' fashion way -- *Never fret to lick your fingers* "I'm almost certain food with
fingers should be a requirement as it tastes twice better than silverware anyday! lol!!

Oh --- least I forget -- The two lingering ingredients that completed my meal...
"Found Any Of These Sorta fun straggler's in your kitchen lately..?"
Must admit --They add a touch of FUN and LOVE to your dish!!


Fun Artsy Eat's From My Kitchen TO YOURS *Enjoy*!!.
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