Spring Planters

Inspired By Jen's 
"*Make A MESS Monday :))*" 
 Jen's Lovely Original Post Can Be Found ~>  Here

Springing Up 
With Love............

It's such a lovely SPRING DAY today, a bit windy but 
absolutely LOVELY!! I got home early enough to do some 
gardening around the yard with the kids. It felt awesome to 
be out and about doing the simple things I love. Cal got to ride 
his bike and Sia got to fiddle around and dirty up a bit ;)). 

As we cleaned up the bushes and turned the soil, I 
remembered Jen's fun post on her first "Make A Mess 
Monday" -- Fun Spring Planters with her lil one's, and simple as 
that, we decided we should go ahead and make our own.  
It turned out to be as messy as it sounds but LOTS of 
fun and a really lovely outcome...............

Sia helping with gardening in the yard...

Our "Make A Mess Planters"

Artsy Item's Needed
Seeds (We started on tomatoes and peppers - 
We will be transferring them outside in a few weeks)
Awesome and fun little helpers

Lets Spring Up Some Seeds With Love
To begin, we painted some plant pots we bought at the grocery 
store for only a $1. They actually where already painted in green and
 orange but we decided to add our own personal touches to the pots. 
Painting with children under 5 can be a lot of fun with patience *HA*
We decided to simply do finger painting as the brush was 
getting us nowhere anytime soon. So I allowed the kids 
to dig in and "MaKe a lOt Of mEsS" 

Sia had paint ALL over her, from her head to toes, it was pretty funny to watch.

Perfectly messy but with lots of love....
Our Plant Pots Are All DONE ;)))

After painting our plant pots, we gathered some dirt 
from the yard. Filled up our pots as instructed per the 
 seed packets, then proceeded to plant our seeds..


We planted our seeds and watered them. We choose to place 
them on the window seal in the kitchen. It's a great location 
where we can all participate in keeping an eye on them 
and showering them with lots and lots of love, until 
it's time to plant them out in the garden..We found 
some butterflies from Sia's birthday party and added 
them to the plants to add a touch of spring to them ;))

Come back often and check on the progress of our 
plants.. We will post updates as they sprout out and 
prepare to be transferred out into the garden...

It's Officially S P R I N G  Tomorrow....

Spring Into The Season.....:)))

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Red Snapper Haven..

Baked Red Snapper 
With Sauteed 
Vegetables & Rice Pilaf

I Absolutely LOVE F I S H, especially red snapper's. I grew 
up on fish and somehow almost always cook fish at least twice 
a month at home. Red snapper's are my absolute favorite. I've 
been able to pile up a few favorite recipes over time and 
this is one of the easiest  one I love the most.. 

Hope you enjoy this recipe & get to try it sometime.. 
I'm really excited to share.. 

Artsy Ingredients Needed
Red Snapper Fillet
Onion Powder
Onions (Reg & Green Onions)
2 Boxes Rice Pilaf (I used two due to visitor's)
Green Peppers
Black Pepper


Ready To Cook?? Lets Hop To It!!
To begin, wash the fish properly to be certain there 
aren't any scales left on the fillet's.

Carefully season the fish using salt, pepper, onion powder 
and sazon.(For the amount of fish on my board above, 
I used a pack and half of sazon)


Spread a lil vegetable oil on the surface of a deep
baking pan, about a table spoon full.

Lay the fish in the pan and sprinkle some minced garlic on the fillets.

Place in oven and bake for about 40mins at about 390 degrees. 
(I like the fillet moist but with a little crisp around the edges)

While your fish is baking, slice up an onion and your green peppers.

Saute with a little bit of oil, half a packet of sazon and some
 thyme on medium heat for about 8-10mins. (You 
want the vegetables to be just a bit crunchy in 
the end and not too soft) and set aside.


Start cooking your rice at this point as it might take sometime to cook.
Follow the exact directions on the box. The only difference 
in my rice is I added some minced garlic and thyme 
to the butter and seasonings for more flavor. Cook
to desired textured and set aside for serving ;))


10 mins prior to your fish being fully baked to your liking, dish out 
the sautéed vegetables over the fish and return to baking until 
fish is done baking. (The sautéed vegetables add more flavor 
to the fish and brown a bit more alongside the fish for those 
last few minutes - the smell is also really heavenly~YUM!)

Once your fish is fully baked, remove and allow cooling  for a few mins.


Serve your rice and fish together w/ some sprinkled
shallots on top for garnish &
 ............BON APETIT!!


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Counting Down To SPRING

I'm really excited about SPRING!!!
I've been happily counting down and really ecstatic
about the lovely weather to come!!
Are You Ready..? I AM!! ;))

Here's a picture I wanted to share of my FIRST spring gathering
last year. I look forward to hosting lil' back porch gathering's
whenever I get a chance. There's nothing like good food, great friends
you hold close to your heart, and laughter!! T'was such a
fun time and I'm already planning my first spring
gathering for this year & I can't wait...  

(I love my table with fresh flowers from the yard)

5 Day's To S P R I N G!!!
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Crayola Fun Frame

My Lil' H.3'
Crayola Fun Frame 
My family was recently blessed with a handsome new addition
to the family, my spunky & awesome baby nephew 
"H3" <~Harry The T H I R D!! Whew!!

I love to visit him whenever I get a chance, and steal some quality time 
with him in the nursery. It's always really fun as myself and his mommy 
get to snug some girl gossip fun time too, while playing with the children ;))

I wanted to create something fun to add a piece of 
"Auntie Mimi" <~that's ME *Yaaye* to the nursery, so I decided 
to create this cool fun crayola frame with his nickname in it...

With My Artsy Craft budget being at an all time low*Grrrr*,
I took a thrifty trip to the dollar store (you'll be surprised at lil
things you can find and turn into beautiful fun "GEMS" for your home)

I picked up a nice shadow frame ~ $6 "STEAL"
Some crayons ~ 60 pack $5 "DEAL"

Other Artsy Item's From Around The Home
*Glue Gun / Glue Spray
*Some fun craft paper
That's IT!! 

To begin, I took the frame apart and removed the art already
in place as I simply wanted the shadow box!! 
(Didn't find a plain framed shadow box at the store) but it worked!

I then replaced the background of the inner frame with some fun craft
paper I had left over from a previous project (Paper from Michael's)

Cut out a plain white sheet(preferably stock paper) to lay my crayola
art on and fit it in the middle of the new frame background I now
had created. I spray glued it on to stay in place.

I created a border for the border's of the shadow box frame with some
of the left over craft paper from the new background. I jazzed it
up a bit with some crayons. (simply peel and break the crayons and
glue them on however formation you'd like around the top frame.

Take a few crayons and color shades around the inner white portion of
the frame, I colored and wrote a few letter's and number's around
the frame(white paper you glued in the middle of the craft
 paper previously) in no order or sequence to give it a funner
inner background with a nursery sort of feel to it .



Once your frame is set - it's time for some crayola FUN TIME!!

Break the crayons in uneven pieces and start to lay them (glue
them down into place) out on your white middle portion of the inner
frame you created.. I didn't stencil on the letter or number as it was
really easy to lay the crayons, but feel free to stencil on letter's more
complicated to keep you in formation as you glue down the crayons
to fit your wording for the frame. Have fun gluing the crayons in
artsy formation to give the frame a fun and creative look. It's ok for it
not to be perfect, that's part of the beauty of the frame in the end ;))


Once you are done creating the letter, number or word you want the
crayon's to say, you are pretty much all done. You can use the rest
of the crayon's for fun art decoration around the frame as I did and
SO many cute and creative ways. I signed it with love
'Auntie Mimi' in crayons" ;)) Place the back of the frame back
onto the shadow bow and TADAAA~You have the cutest
fun new nursery decor for a little one's room..

This idea can be used for a
lot of other fun frame's and decorations either within a
classroom, or kiddie fun art time around the house.


Enjoy..... ;)))

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Soundless Sunday (3rd Edition)...My Story In Pixels

Sam & Izzy's 
Button Beach Bird House....


                                                  (*Finally Had Some time To Paint It*)

                                                                       (*Backyard, a day ago*)
Soundless Sunday's ~ Open To Everyone.. 
Wanna Share In my photo fun..?
*Rules* ~ NO COMMENTS (Soundless;))
Post a link to an inspirational photo you've taking or a photo 
from a lovely craft you've made recent in the 
week & lets all share in your joy..

If you'd like to re-participate every Sunday 
Please be sure to follow & lets link up!!
A picture is worth a thousand words...
Shhhhh..Lets Enjoy!!

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