Yearning For A Vacation.. 
                                                          One Of My Fav Places :))

Soundless Sunday's ~ Open To Everyone..

Wanna Share In my photo fun..?
*Rules* ~ NO COMMENTS (Soundless;))
Post a link to an inspirational photo you've taken or a photo 
from a lovely craft you've made recent in the 
week & lets all share in your joy.

If you'd like to re-participate every Sunday 
Please be sure to follow & lets link up!!
A picture is worth a thousand words...
Shhhhh..Lets Enjoy!!
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Pixel Digs Around Town

I Love To Walk Around Boston. 
It Simply Never Gets Old.. 
Captured Some Moments..

Photography Journalism 
Section At BPL


Boston Public Library 


Lamp Posts
Boston Public Library


Church In Copley


Old Church 
Commonwealth Ave



.........Digital Love

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Stitch House Dorchester,MA

A Glimpse Into My Interview with "The Stitch House" In Dorchester.. 
A cute neighborhood artsy and festive yarn store that I absolutely fell 
in love with.. Review & Interview With Owner To Come Shortly.. 

Please Stay Tuned :))

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Plush Events

The Other Side Of Me
"Plush Events"

I'm working on adding another page to my blog
to feature Plush Events. Plush Events has been a terrific
project and creative outlet for me that has been very successful
over the years. I have planned and happily put together three
wedding's in the last 2years, and have another this year and next
year in the works. It originally started with my love for tablescape's,
and slowly built up to event planning. I love to decorate, plan and
see people enjoy their vision come to life on the day of a special
occasion that I had a huge part in putting together. It's been an
amazing journey and I'm so thankful for the people that have
believed in me and given me a chance to explore my passions
and trust me with putting together the various occasions I have
been able to successfully execute over time..

Here's a lil glimpse into some of my work over the last
few years.. More will be added as I complete my
page to add to a section of The ArtsyGirl Connection.

J & Q's Journey To The Altar
(More Pics Will Be Posted When The Page Goes Up)

T & M's Spring Engagement Party

Tastefully Simple Backyard Gathering

Stay Tuned For More From PLUSH EVENTS....
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