Spring Welcome Branch Wreath

My Spring 
Wreath Tutorial

I am VERY pleased to be featured today for my lovely 
tutorial on a *Spring Welcome Wreath* I created for my doorway. 
I am Marilyn next door from  The ArtsyGirl Connection *Waving*

I'm actually a BIG fan of "I can't stop crafting" - I genuinely
come by almost every post of Jen's to read her lovely and 
beautiful tutorials! Being here is exciting and I'm very 
grateful to Jen for having me..

I am a bit of a craftaholic, and lovely home maker to my beautiful family 
of four <~Two munchkins (shhh - don't tell my !10yr old! I called him a 
munchkin, but he is to ME always, and my 1yr old cutie pie), hubs to 
be and a rather moody kitty!! I love making practical things to add a
touch of season to our home. Since it's spring, t'was fitting to 
spring up our doorway in a lovely way to say "Welcome Home"

Springing Into The Tutorial......

Artsy Items Needed
Glue Gun
Branch (craft store $2.99)
Flowers (you can use whatever kind you'd like)

Lets Get Crafting 

To begin, I took the branch I bought and laid 
it on a clean hard surface. I heated up my glue 
gun and took the flowers off the stems.
(You should be able to wiggle off the flowers 
from their stems very easily for placement)

Once I had enough flowers set aside, I started 
to spring up my branch.

Flowers Removed From Branches And Ready For Wreath..
I glued on the moss in patches all along the branch gently. 
There's really no perfect way to do this to be honest, go with 
your artsy eye and continue until it looks great to you. I 
decided to stop a little before the top to allow the top of the 
branch to remain bare and feature only flowers without 
the moss, and do the same for the bottom. 

To glue on moss, simply apply glue to the branch where you'd like
the moss to lay and press the moss on tightly for a sec. VOILA!

I am VERY impatient (laughs) ~ Hence, I didn't actualy wait to 
completely finish laying out my moss before I begun to lay out 
my flowers. I layed it out as I went along!! (BUT incase you can wait,
then the step above will be totally be your process before starting to
lay out your beautiful flowers along your moss filled branch!!)

Now that your branch is all set and ready to be flowered, you can begin 
to layout your flower. To start, apply your glue gently to the moss where you
would like the flower to hang, gently press the flower in the direction you'd
like and press down for a few seconds. It should stay on firmly when you let go. 

Continue to apply your flowers and build on until your 
branch is covered up and down with flowers in a 
beautiful order satisfactory to you.

*Moss sheds very easily, so incase a piece falls off (this 
actually didn't happen at all as the glue held it on the 
branch very securely), simply glue it back on.*

After I applied the flowers to the sections of the branch where I layed 
my moss previously, I glued on more flowers to the portion of the 
branch that I left uncovered. I simply added the glue 
on in little portions and stuck the flowers on carefully.

(*Be Careful during this phase as the 
glue + your fingers = getting burned VERY easily*)

Once you lay your flowers on  ~ You are practically done!!!
Give your branch a once over to make sure it looks full and pretty 
where necessary..It's ready to HANG on your front door with a 
welcome sign ushering in lots of S P R I N G!!

Thank you so MUCH Jen for having me once again.
I sincerely appreciate it and hope you enjoyed my tutorial...

Spring into SPRING
Sincerely ~Mariyn ---The ArtsyGirl Connection

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Quality Time With My loves..

 "A mother's love for her child is like
nothing else in the world.It knows no law,
no pity, it dares all things and crushes
down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
-- Agatha C
* Me & Sia goofing off yesterday ;)) *

Yesterday was an off day for me, I stayed home with Sia
as her sitter has been really ill. We did so much around the
house together. I got to clean, cook a meal, play in the nursery,
do some laundry while Sia played along, napped, threw the
folded clothes all over the floor, follow me around speaking her
language that I’m certain she thinks I understand, oh
yea played and napped some more.. It was LOTS of fun
to hang out together a whole day without the boys..

It's been an awesome week in a way, Caley was home sick on
Monday and of course, the moment I called in to work to say I
wasn’t going to be able to come in, he all of a sudden resurrected
from "Sickville" and was as perfect as a pea for the rest of the day.

(Do your children ever spring up "WELL" once they
know they are in the clear to stay home on their
"sick days..?" lol!!, mine does ALL the time!)

"A boy's best friend is his mother."
-- Joseph Stefano
I had an awesome one on one day with Caley on Monday. We did
a lot together that we needed to catch up on. He’s working on
an immigration project that he needed to finish and we actually
took a trip to Michaels to get him a few things for his project.

("Oh Michaels – how I adore that store, it’s a terrible
addiction, and Caley dragged me through and threatened
to tell "DADDY" where I hid my stash of craft supplies
I splurged on, IF I didn’t get him candy WHO DOES
THAT..? After I took an entire day off to play "pretend
I’m sick for a sec with him..?"…the betrayal!)

It’s rather exceptional when I get to spend quality
time alone with each kid for an entire day!!

Its certainly been a rather special and amazing week so far!!
Although they BOTH drive me to drink at times (LOL),
I wouldn’t trade our moments for the world! I’m trying to savor
all the amazing alone times we have together as they are growing
too fast for comfort!! I swear I’m having this empty nest fear
way too ahead before it’s necessary, although most days I play
around and say "geeez, is college here yet!?" (HA), who am
I kidding?, I barely allow Caley to walk up the street from the
bus stop, which is a loooong maybe 8mins away from home!!!

Needless to say, I wish they’d stay lil and innocent
as they are right now forever at times…
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Artsy U ~ The Lovely Jen from *I Can't Stop Crafting*

A Lovely Spring Centerpiece
By Jen From
 I Can't Stop Crafting

Hello everyone, I am VERY excited today to have Jen over for a
lovely tutorial on her beautiful spring centerpiece..I sincerely
LOVE Jen's blog and head on over faithfully almost every
post to indulge in her beautiful creations. Please stop by and
visit her blog. It's one of those well hidden jewels that you
fall in love with right off and can't believe you missed this long..
Hope you enjoy her here today.....I certainly am..

***Oh, by the way - I'm excitedly
being featured over at Jen's for the day***
Please Welcome My Lovely Guest Jen.

Hi there!  I am so excited to be guest posting here at
The Artsy Girl Connection! My name is Jen, and my little
creative outlet is I Can't Stop Crafting.  I'm a small town stay
at home mom, married to my high school crush, mother
to three wild, crazy, loving munchkins.  

As I said, I'm super excited to be visiting here today, and I'd love
to share with you a fun and whimsical idea for a spring themed
centerpiece. I'm a big believer in not spending a whole lot
of money on making your house look great, so if you don't have
exactly the same items that I used, improvise and find your
own flair to make your centerpiece sing!  

I started with this green bubbly vase I bought at the thrift store
a couple of weeks back (my husband thinks it's hideous, but it
reminds me of my great-grandma so I had to have it), some trimmings
from a tree in my backyard, some painted dollar store birdhouses,
and a little of this and that from around my house.  

I arranged my branches into a bouquet and tied them together
to give them stability.  I placed them in my vase, and to keep them
in place, I poured in a bunch of old dried beans I bought months
and months ago to make beanbags for my son.  

Stashed away in my craft closet I had some dollar store
bouquet filler that I took apart and wrapped the individual
sections around my branches. I'm sure many of you have branches
that are already budding and covered with lush greenery...but
we're not quite there yet, so my branches needed a little help.  

I found these cute little unfinished birdhouses at my local dollar
store and couldn't resist!  I painted them and distressed them using
the same dry brushing technique I used here, for
refinishing my wooden candlesticks.

I hung my little birdhouses in my branches, using raffia to tie them in. 
I also tied little bits of raffia here and there throughout my branches
to fill them out a little bit more.  My branches were still a little bit wobbly,
so I took the last of my raffia and stuffed it around the base of the
branches, into the vase.  I really like how this looks almost nest-like,
plus it's really stuffed in there, so my branches aren't going anywhere!

I set up my centerpiece along with some candles and a pretty
table runner out in our sunroom.  Now I'm all set to enjoy
the spring season, indoors and out!

Thanks Marilyn and all you ArtsyGirl readers for letting me come and
take over The ArtsyGirl Connection  for the day, it's been an absolute
pleasure!  I'd love for any and all of you to come visit me over at I Can't
Stop Crafting, we're working towards a goal of 100 followers and will
have a great giveaway to celebrate once we reach our goal.  

Be blessed,

Thank you SO much for stopping by again Jen...
I'm in love with your centerpiece and can't wait
to hopefully try it out ASAP ; ) ) ..

I'm honored to have you here and you totally made my day!

Stay Artsy Folks.....
Hope you enjoyed Jen's tutorial
as much as I did today...
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Happily Off Visiting Next Door...Come ON by...

~Spring Welcome Wreath Feature~

Hi folks, thanks SO much for stopping by this lovely
and BEAUTIFUL spring morning...

I'm away today & visitng my lovely neighbor next door Jen, at ICan'tStopCrafting
Please stop by and join in the fun...
I have a lovely tutorial on my take on a lovely
"Welcome Home Spring Wreath"....

Spring ON over.... ;)))

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