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Pollen &

Hello Folks..Its about that time of the year for
beautiful spring flowers and not so fun pollen and allergies!!

I'm over at Jacqueline's ~ Chez Mukweto today and presenting
a lovely piece on pollen, allergies and remedies to help you
get through those not so fun allergy seasons.

Allergy season doesn't have to be so tear filled and horrid. Head on
over and read up on simple fun ways to help limit and reduce
your allergy symptoms around your home..

Remember -- When you "ACHOOOO" ,
it's time to look into allergies and easy remedies..


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Soundless Sunday (7th Edition)...My Story In Pixels

D i s n e y 
Snippets from 
Our Vacation Last Year... 

My Soundless Sunday's ~ Open To Everyone.. 
Soundless Vacation Pics (DISNEY)
Wanna Share In my photo fun..?
*Rules* ~ NO COMMENTS (Soundless)
Post a link to an inspirational photo you've taking or a photo 
from recent vacation (if possibly, Disney) -That's It! 

If you'd like to re-participate every Sunday 
Please be sure to follow & lets link up!!
A picture is worth a thousand words...
Shhhhh..Lets Enjoy!!

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