Letting Go.....

Caley ~Down The JP Pond Taking In The Sight...

Today, my son embarked upon a trip out of town with his
choir group for a few days to Philadelphia on tour. It really
took a toll on me emotionally. This is his FIRST trip without
us (Parental Unit) or a close family member he’s ever taking
on his own. It really hit me how fast he’s growing up and
how much more I need to simply try to let go and let God. I
actually made it through saying goodbye to him without
crying, BUT he did (Insert Me Saying Awwwww
Out Loud in front of his entire group of friends!!!)
*Wicked Embarrasing*

It felt great to know that regardless of who was
watching, he expressed his sentiments of how much he was
sad to have to go but was happy to be able to embrace it all for
a moment with me. (OK – So then I shed a tear or two after
that – hahaa, I simply couldn’t resist).  Caley’s always been my
baby, and although Sia came along, we still have a really tight
knit and close relationship. I call him “Mommy’s lil Ace”. He
makes me SO proud in many ways and having had him be my
only child for the last 10years, it’s been hard to not cradle that
“egg shell cover” I have him still swaddled within. I even decided to
give him his space and not send him off with a phone. We’ve been
waiting to get him one for his birthday this year.

(At what age did you finally get your child a cell
phone..? or would? – Are we waiting too long..?
I think around eleven is appropriate ---NO? YES..? Thoughts…..)

I can’t wait to hear from him shortly. I know the teacher’s probably
thought what my mom always says to me “You think you are the only
one with a son” ß lol, I always respond, No I don’t BUT this one IS
my ONLY son, so please let us be! Heehee. My thoughts and prayers
remain with Caley and his group. I really pray they ace their
performances, enjoy the site seeing and HURRY back home soon.
I told his teacher NOT to get used to this “tour” business as
I hope this is the LAST one out of the city for the year!!!! I pat
myself upon the shoulder as I think I’ve been inching in the
reality that, someday soon, that time will rush in where Caley’s
going to have to go away to college, travel the world and
be a man. I’m adjusting quiet well for now & although
looking forward to those changes, I'd rather
them not hit me all at once.. .

Found This Photo Of Caley At The Zoo At 5yrs Old!!
*Time's Flying ALL too Quick*
He's 10 now... *Bitter Sweet*
To Me Calling
& Consistently Harrasing
& Checking In Starts
(I'll give them an hour In!)

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