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Hello Artsy Readers...
Today is a FUN RECIPE day here at the
ArtsyGirl Connection. I have been following an
INCREDIBLE blogger that I absolutely adore and love.
Abby from Dirt On The Rocks Blog next door and invited
her over today to share a FUN and EASY recipe she put
together especially for us "moms on the go".

Really hope you can take a minute to head on over and read
more about Abby, and share in her awesome posts and
photography. I love her versatility and how much she allows
her readers to be able to connect with her and her reality and
takes on life.. Super excited to have you here Abby.. "Yaaaye"

Hi everyone, thanks to Marilyn, I’ve been given the exciting
opportunity to do a guest post on ArtsyGirl Connection.
I’ve never done a guest post before so thank you
again Marilyn for choosing me!
Simply Baked Focaccia Pizza

My name is Abby and I own a little blog called I use it as my personal outlet
to talk about my personal life and my first time experiences
on motherhood. I am a hardworking, single mother to a little
boy named Ryu. I also own another site that I throw all my
recipes into called Sugarplumyum. You can definitely head on
over to my site to read more personal, interesting
stories about me and my child.

I decided to share with you a little recipe that I know would be
great for all you mommies (possibly daddies on the go too)
on the go. I know that whether you’re a SAHM (or dad) or
a working mother (parent) that sometimes we just don’t have
all the time in the world to prepare a full on meal for a hungry
family waiting to eat. The recipe I’ll be sharing is definitely one
of those meals that you can pop in the oven for about 10-15mins,
and you’ll definitely be ready to have dinner in no time.
I call this the sophisticated “adult” pizza.
Definitely still delicious for kids and adults it’s
also healthier than your typical takeout!
Simply Baked Focaccia Pizza



- Basil
- Olive oil
- Black Pepper
- Salt is optional.
- Sliced Roma Tomatoes
- Focaccia Bread (you can get this at any grocery
store they’re usually about $2.00USD for a loaf)
- Pitted Kalamata Olives (you can find this in your
local grocery store in a jar about $8.00USD a jar)
- Sundried Tomatoes (you can find this in your local
grocery store this is also in a jar about $6.00USD a jar)
- Garlic (you’ll need a couple depends on your preference)
- Cheese of your choice. (for this we used a vegan
brand I think the flavor was white cheddar)

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees if you’re using reg. cheese.
If you’re using vegan cheese hike that baby up to 400 degrees
(vegan cheese needs much more heat for it to melt properly)
Slice your focaccia loaf in half. Lay the two halves down and
brush olive oil on it. Slice your Tomatoes, dice your garlic into
however way you want, and chop up some basil.

Spread your cheese around for the first layer then add your
garlic, basil, sundried tomatoes, and kalamata olives. Add a
little pepper all over salt is optional at this point if you want
to add it.Then add another round of cheese on top of that.
Then use your tomato slices as a garnish as your last layer.

Once you’ve finished preparing it you can then
pop in the oven with your desired settings wait a
good 10-15 mins. or until nicely cooked and viola!!
You’ve pretty much got
yourself a MEAL!!!
Hope that this was a good, simple easy recipe you’ll
all enjoy. Remember when making this you can add
whatever you desire on your pizza. This was just
one way we made it at home.

Thanks again Marilyn for allowing me to be
able to share my joys of cooking
with you and your readers..



I totally enjoyed and drooled over this recipe and can't
wait to try it shortly.. Please certainly stop over and
visit Abby sometime!I promise you'll fall in love
with her awesome findings,
laughter filled posts
and photography..

 Thanks Again Abby!!!

Stay Artsy ;))
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