Funky FUN Fedora's

Fun Summer Fedora Hats...

It's almost summer <~Yaaaaye!!!
What are you doing to jazz up your looks..?

I've fallen in love with colorful fedora's 
and love the idea of 
how much they add 
a funky 
to any outfit!!

Wear them to jazz up a simple tee and jeans on a 
dress down day, or a fun summer dress to spruce it up!!

I'd LOVE to see your fun summer looks
you have set aside for the warm fun sunny days
I'm DREAMING... HA!!! 


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Warm Wishes Of Love..

"Martini Theme"
Bridal Shower Wish Tree....
Wishing You A True Love Story
That Never Ends.....

I had a great opportunity to add a fun touch to a girlfriend's
bridal shower coming up this Saturday. Her shower is set
to be martini theme, with lots of fun games and a girls night out later.
For the intimate part of the shower, I was asked to create her a wish
tree for her family and friends to write her loving wishes, advice
and comforting words of love as she journeys on to her “I Do’s”

I created a wish tree tutorial for my lil Sia’s 1st birthday 
sporadically to save on people purchasing cards and writing her 
wishes instead. I know I’m one to throw out cards after a year 
or so and really hate the notion that people spent time picking them 
specially for the occasion only to have to discard of them later. 
The idea of a wish tree came in VERY handy. I still have Sia’s 
wish tree and it’s gradually filling up with fun wishes accumulated 
from her 1st Birthday, Valentines, Easter and lil special moments 
and milestones she’s met over time. It’s nice to walk by and 
glance over at a memory or wish from someone and smile 
at promises and heartfelt sweet notes left for her.

The tutorial from Sia’s tree can be found here. I used the
same idea to get this tree started and included fun touches
for the bride-to-be and the martini theme.. 

Not included are the wish tags I made for the bride,
they where the same logo as the green sticker on the vase
and circled with wording that said on one side
"Wishing you love as you 
journey to the altar"
The other side was blank for writing..

Some Different Angle Views
Close Angle Of Tree...

Behind The Scene Takes...
P1: The Tree In The Beginning
P2: I added some bridal fun stickers to spruce up the vase
P3: Stickers on vase and parts of tree (I glued on the stickers to tree)
P4: Dried plants - I inserted them in vase and glued some buds up on branches
I took the crystal beads off the spray branch..
I was able to simply take apart the flowers for tree branch..

I glued on the petals and flowers from the flowers stack I took apart.
I added some crystals to the middle of the petals for fun touches..
The are so many creative ways to spruce up a wish
tree to match many beautiful themes for any
and all occasions.. 
With the 
of glue, 
a branch from the backyard and some fun 
craft treats, you can create a fun wish tree 
to collect many meaningful and heartfelt 
wishes to last a lifetime.. 

"Wishing K & her husband to be a lovely life 
and health filled love life together as they 
jump the broom this weekend"
... C H E E R S ..

Stay Artsy

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Happy Mother's Day ;))

.....Grow Old With Me,
The Best Years Are Yet To Come......

Mother's day is a really beautiful day all around 
for me. I love celebrating my love for my children, 
my love for my mother, and all the motherly figures 
that share in the joy of motherhood in my life,
and all around the world.... 

In honor of mother's day, here are a few of my 
favorite quotes, photo's and sentimental gatherings 
that I hold dearly to my heart that always 
remind me of the joys of being a mother.

African Mother's Day Song.. <--We Jam
When This Comes On!LOL

.....DAY MOMMY'S...

Some Loved Photo's Of 
My Lil Loves & My Mommy..

Me & My Mother ;))

Me Pregnant With Sia ;))

When Sia Was Born...

Me & My Babies..

Sia ;))

My Mommy In Her FLY FLY (still Fly) Days..

This Picture Captures 3Generatuions (My Prom)
My Mommy, My Grandmom
(She passed when I was lil) & Me.

Hope All You Mother's Out There Have Loving, 
Fun Filled & Relaxing Day Today..

This heart, my own dear mother, bends,

With Love's true instinct, back to thee!
~Thomas Moore

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