A New Word This Week
......................"MORE!!!! "

My Little Sia is growing all too fast!!
This week, she picked up a new word


It's the most adorable thing ever to hear her say it..

Even more so, the whole idea that she's using the word in the right
format makes me SO HAPPY. She reaches her lil hands up and
says it with a smile.. "MOOORE" I love it!!!

 I remain amazed at how much time is flying and how
much more she's picking up and doing around the house.
She LOVES to help and has been talking up a storm while at it.
Although we are still yet to FULLY make out everything
ONLY LORD KNOWS she's saying, it's cute and super
adorable to simply hear her talking, even if just mumbles....

Reading helps a lot, I love to read to her when she's in a
calm mood, although she likes to take the lead and flip the pages
before we even get half way through a page, it's a nice lil
moment we get to share together..

Some of her books that I personally love are:

Sia has PERSONAL issues with this lil cute baby
on this book (Please Baby Please) - We've been through 3copies
already -- she simply makes it a point to TEAR the pages OFF!! HA

Do you love to read to your lil ones..?
What are some of your favorite books to read..?
What are the most fitting times to get a good read together..?

READING IS FUN - It encourages speech and allows for some
fun and creative one on one time with our lil loves..

Lets All Enjoy Reading Together...

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Artsy You Feature ~Jenni Lovette


I’m really ecstatic to get to vibe with the lovely Jenni of here today.

This is a spotlight I’ve been anticipating for a while and hope you can kick back
with me and get to know a little bit more about this super flyy designer…  

TAGC: Jenni,  --- One word that describes pieces 
of you altogether.. GO… (heehee)

JLovette:  Unpredictable

TAGC:  How long have you been creating your line..?  

JLovette: I'm almost 2 years in, though 
it feels like it's been longer.

TAGC: When did you first showcase your beautiful 
artistry to the world..? 

JLovette: Beautiful artistry, I like that. I have officially 
been creating now since August of 2009. I remember 
how nervous I was the first day I posted pictures of my pieces 
on Facebook. I still get a little buzz every time I finish a new 
piece. I hope that feeling never goes away.
TAGC: Is Sewing and the art of jewelry making something 
you’ve always had a passion for since way back when..?   

JLovette: I've always had a creative side. I wouldn't say that I knew 
I would be designing jewelry. I actually wanted to be a clothing 
designer, and if I ever get some free time, ya never know.

TAGC:  What do you love most about designing and 
creating your own line of accessories?   

JLovette: I love being able to wear my own creations. I wear other pieces from time to time, but there's nothing like telling someone that you 
made a necklace or earrings after they've complimented you on them.  I also enjoy seeing the excitement that others have for my jewelry..

TAGC: I absolutely love the ideas behind your pieces, from your SewFunky line, to your jewelry and unique versatility within your store, is there ANYTHING you don’t  DO..? : ) ) You are absolutely talented.. 

JLovette: Oh wow. Thank you! Well I try to do as much as I can without wearing myself down. I have so many things that I want to do, but time and energy don't always allow it. Right now I'm juggling motherhood, my biz, school, and hopefully trying to add music to that list too. I know that there are women out here who do way more with way less and that keeps me motivated.

TAGC: Where do you go to pick up inspirations (Do you have fav designers you love, photos, etc)?  

JLovette: I just try to imagine what I would like to see when I go shopping for jewelry. I'm inspired by my friends and other ladies that I see everyday.  I love bright colors, the 80's were my fave. I get a lot of my inspiration from 80's fashion. 

TAGC: Do you get special requests to put together specific pieces for your customers..? 

JLovette: I do and I recently had to slow down on accepting those requests because I have a LOT of catching up to do. I want to be able to design whatever someone asks of me and I'm like "sure, I can make that," and after about 10 - 20 people, I'm like where do I start? (LOL)

TAGC:  What are some of your favorite materials to work and create with? 

JLovette: When I first launched, I started off using a lot of denim and I think that will always be one of my faves. I have also fallen in love with brass, pearls, rhinestones and acrylic. I'm going to start using a lot more sterling silver as well.

TAGC:  I absolutely LOVE your “Billie Jean” and “Caution” pieces, what would you say
where the inspirations that lead to these unique pieces..? 

JLovette: Thank you! Billie Jean was something that I designed for those who love chokers. I really like them and I'm always looking for new ways to use denim in my designs. Caution was a piece that I made for my sister one night before she went out. She needed something to match her outfit that NOBODY else would have on . Some girl bought the earrings right out of her ear while she was out. True story, she came home with no earrings and cash in hand.. So needless to say I had to go ahead and place those in my boutique. I'm glad you like them.

TAGC: As the artist “JenniLovette” what sets you apart from other designers out there..? 

JLovette: I treat my job like the gift that it is. I'm always thankful for waking up PERIOD. Doing what I love is an added bonus. I don't treat my competition like competition. Nothing is new under the sun. I have already accepted the fact that there will be similarities in some designs out here and I dare not block my blessings by getting the idea that I'm the first and only. By loving what everyone creates and respecting it, that allows me to be be able to share the wealth. 

TAGC: What has been the reaction you’ve received from various groups of 
people within your life about your creativity process..? (I know IF I was a friend, I’d 
be all up in your closet constantly.. LOL) 

JLovette: LOL, my friends are very supportive of me and they have been from the beginning.  They help me by word of mouth, social networking, adding me to their websites and blogs. I love it because their help is genuine.  Boutiques and salons here and out of town contact me all the time about carrying my pieces. I wish I could do business with ALL of them. I get love from so many people that it can be emotionally overwhelming sometimes (I'm a wuss)...The positive energy totally outweighs any negative.

TAGC: Have you been featured around the web or in your local community where we can look you up and indulge/follow your line..? 

JLovette: Yes, I have been featured on various blogs, you can find all that info by following my blog

TAGC: It’s been SO amazingly special to have you here today and I’m so thankful to have had a chance to chit chat in-depth with you about your line. It’s genius and really unique in so many ways, are the any last words you’d like to leave us with..? 

Lovette: I just want to thank you so much for talking with me, I really enjoyed it and your support is so appreciated.  To all the readers, ignore the naysayers. Pray and stay inspired. 
God Bless :)

Thanks  SO MUCH AGAIN Jenni!!

Please take sometime and find the lovely Ms. Lovette online..
She even has some awesome kids designs on her site and more... 
Jenni again can be found at!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by...Hope you are as inspired 
by Jenni's story as I have been... ;)))



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