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Hello friends.. 
I wanted to take a brief second to wish you all
a very *Happy Memorial Day*..
Hope you get to relax and getaway
or enjoy some lovely weather as it's
MUCH needed on my end..

I'm off to NYC with my family for the weekend
I'm really excited & can't wait to hit the road!!
(I am even looking forward to sleeping in the car--HA)

While I'm away, I'm very excited to announce that
I will be featured at
on 5/28/2011 for these beautiful 
mason jar lanterns I created. Please stop by
 and check out the easy and rather fun & 
QUICK tutorial I put together...


Aren't these FUN..? 
Hope you stop by & say hello ;))

Cheri is AMAZING With 
Lots Of FUN FINDS...


Can't wait to see you all shortly 
after the long weekend..

Be Safe & Have An Amazing & Lovely 
Memorial Day Weekend...

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Giving Back To Teacher's..

Teacher Appreciatio
Should Be ALWAYS!!
Ms. Olivier's New Crayola Plant Basket

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell 
where his influence stops.  ~Henry Brooks Adams

Ms. Olivier's New Wall Push Pin Board
My son Caley has a FABULOUS teacher! She’s amazing in SO many ways 
that words can’t even express..She takes her time to really get the best out of 
each and every student within her class environment, and it really shows in how 
much the students themselves appreciate her. I always try to send her something 
small whenever I can to say thanks for the emails, reminders, calls of 
concern when necessary and most of all, many thanks to trying her 
hardest to push Caley to the max of what he can do to better his 
time with her, and his education overall.

It’s NEVER too late to show “Teacher Appreciation” whenever 
you can. It reminds the teacher’s that their work is the strong hold of our 
future, and encourages them to give the best they can in cheering on our
 little ones, and guiding them to putting their best foot forward in learning 
and building the BEST foundations they can towards 
excelling at their schooling careers..

Here’s a little something I put together for 
A.K.A Ms. O --- The Wonderful Ms. Olivier..

The Ins & Outs
To Creating Your Own

Artsy Items Needed
*(Push Pin Board)*
I actually lucked out and bought this push pin board
at Michael's for *DRUM ROLL* -- $ 4 bucks!!!!
Isn't it super cute..? I snagged two more for other
fun projects in various colors..

*Teacher /Classroom Stickers
*Teacher's Last Name Letter
*Some Flowers
*Glue Gun Of course ;))
*Clothes Pins
*Teacher Appreciation Print Outs
(Got mine from the lovely Happy Clippings)
& Simply printed them onto some soft textured paper.


To begin, I simply took the letter "O" for Ms. Olivier
and glued on some flowers to it. I glued them at an angle
to the side as shown in picture.

I then used some ribbon and placed the flowered "O" up on 
the board with a lil bit of glue to hold the ribbon 
underneath the board string.

After the "O" was finished, it was time to cut 
out the teacher appreciation printables.

I used the clothes pin to simply pin them up on the board as I liked.
I added on the stickers and glued them a little bit to hold on tightly
throughout the year. I placed them randomly around the board.

I added a few randomly on the "O" as well.

Added On More & More *SO MUCH FUN*


(*For The Crayola Flower Basket*)
Artsy Items Needed
*Crayola Crayons
*Flower Basket(I used a flower basket I recieved
as a gift and re'invented it :))
*Glue Gun

This was SO simple and took less then 2omins..I thought of how I could
spruce up the lil basket in a teacher friendly way & this is what I came
up with.. COST ME A PRETTY $ 3 altogether!!!

I took my glue gun and literally found a fun pattern to 
go crazy and glue on my crayons...


I hope you enjoyed my teacher appreciation gift as much as I did. 
I'll fill you in on Ms. O's reaction ;)) We are really excited to get
to surprise her with these awesome classroom fun treats this
morning...I can't wait... THANKS AGAIN for stopping by..

Ms. Olivier's Teacher Appreciation Gifts


Linking Up With
Skip To My Lou ~ Teacher Appreciation
(Wonderful & Inspirational Blogger I Absolutely Adore)..

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