Hello Artsy Friends,

welcome to my 1st photo challenge per my blog,

I had an ongoing Soundless Sunday that I wasn't aware of'
became catchy and was asked to bring it back but with 
the option of other's being able to participate. I decided
to start  : PERFECT PIXEL AISLE :  ongoing from
today, to allow for some of my fun photo lover's to join 
in and share in the fun and artsy photo log I have here. 

* Current Challenge Topic *

: ArtsyGirl Photo 1 :
My Mimi showing me a handy puppy dog face! lol

ArtsyGirl Photo 2 :
Sia Holding On..

The rules are rather SIMPLE...

1. Link in your fun pixels to match the theme chosen for 
your shoot focus for this challenge : HANDS :
(ONE Entry per blogger only please, link 
to your blogger challenge entry post)


3. Leave a comment / your user info for questions.

4. Please Be A Follower :))

5. Explore your creativity TO THE M A X!!!

6. Winner picked via voting by YOU, & YOU get
to pick the next Perfect Pixel Topic To Link Into The Aisle!!!

Ready To Link...?

Lets Form A 
Featuring : H A N D S :

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Something Pretty


I absolutely admire all the photo's at 
TwistedFate Photography. I've been looking into
various photo projects around that will help me
 explore creativity and versatile photography, and
this is a cool blog to follow if you are interested in 
getting OUT and capturing some FUN pixel moments
in and around your neck of the woods.. 

Something Pretty Challenge...
My entry today is of a precious moment of Sia 
sleeping on my bed. I absolutely LOVE watching 
her sleep, the innocent beautiful look upon her face,
 how funny it is to catch her smiling, and just how cute 
and peaceful she seems while napping. I enjoy it so much 
so as it gives me a lil time away for myself as well ~ HA!

~*My Sweet 
Sleeping Angel*~


Thanks for stopping by as always...

Stay Artsy~

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Thrilling Thursday's

Join In….
Starting today, I’m going to have a
Thrilling Thursday Post to spotlight
fun and exciting things happening around
my way and in the blog world around.

Have something cool you are thrilled and excited about
and would like to share..? Link Up now…I would love to hear
all the fun summer happenings going around your way..

My Thrills To Share Today…

1. My lovely lil Sia
The last few months, Sia has been SO SUPER excited to see
me when I scoop her up from daycare. I get SO thrilled to
see her RUN so fast, right into my arms when I pick her up!
It’s such a thrilling sentiment to feel that love and know that
she missed me during the day. Totally MAKES my day!!

2. Boden’s
BIG FIVE BDAY Celebration!!!
My dear friend Jen from next door at
ICANTSTOPCRAFTING<~{Click Away} is preparing to
Celebrate her AWESOME lil Boden’s 5th Birthday!!!!  
*SUPER EXCITED*… It’s tomorrow!!! I’m really ecstatic
to get to see pics and fun creations she’s put together
for the FUN DAY AHEAD!!! Stop in and wish lil Boden
a very HAPPY F I F T H Birthday tomorrow. : ) )

My son Caley has been on tour this spring with his choir group
“The Voices Of Renaissance”. He’s NY bound this morning to
sing around town at some VERY COOL and awesome places. I am
really thrilled that it’s been really nice out and pleasant for traveling.
So proud of my handsome lil fella.. He was actually on Fox 25
yesterday for a really sweet performance with his group LIVE!!!!

Lots of FUN and thrilling things happening around these parts..
What’s thrilling in your hood..? SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

Hope you are enjoying some
MUCH needed sunny days!!!

Stay Artsy~

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Tree Photo Challenge Participation

It's so lovely to be able to participate in
this week's photo challenge at The Trendy Treehouse
The Challenge : TREE

How fun..?! Have some awesome photo's of a tree or tree's you've
taken recently and would love to share..? Join in. Link closes soon ;))

~Wish US all LUCK in winning~

I took this photo on a lovely walk around my neighborhood.
It's truly one of my favs. I have a crazy obsession with tree's..
Don't ASK.. lol..
Stay Artsy...

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