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Summer Foodie Fiesta

*~ Jerk 
......Beef RIBS ~*

Hello artsy friends, enjoying the summer yet..? Well apparently 
it's NOT summer yet BUT this heat wave has got the folks 
screaming SUMMER NOW saying WAIT!!! 
Lets playback to spring for a sec! HA! 

I'm REALLY enjoying the summer foodie fun that's swaying
in around here lately, ESP my all time fav JERK! I could
really JERK anything you give me and have you in LOVE! 
(No Pun Intended - LOVE Jerk Sauce!!)

Today's recipe I'm sharing with you is REALLY simple and EASY
to pop into the oven OR the grill now that it's nice and have
yourself a Delicious sweet BBQ rib fiesta at home!! Hope
you enjoy it and get to try it - It's ONE OF MY FAVS!


Artsy Ingredients
Jerk Sauce (Grace Jerk Seasoning ~ Your choice per heat)
BBQ Sauce (Something sweet and spicy) *Not Pictured
Onion Powder
2Tablespoon Of Crisco Oil
Salt & Pepper For Taste
*Beef Ribs* 
Lets Cook!!

To begin, wash the ribs and dry them lightly with a 
paper towel to drain all excess water.

In a bowl, season and mix all the ingredients together over the ribs.
Stir until properly mixed and meshed well.

In a pan, layout the beef ribs spaciously and spread 
on the rest of the sauce with a brush.

Place in the oven at 410 and let cook for 35mins straight.

*Mix a bowl of BBQ, jerk sauce and a teaspoon of oil
and set aside for brushing unto the ribs as they cook*

After about 35mins, pull out of the oven and brush on your mixture
(the more, the juicier your ribs) SMELLING YuMmY!

Place back in the oven and cook for another 30mins (or until 
the meat is tender to your liking.) At least a total 
cook time of about 50mins for properly cooked ribs 
soaked in sweet BBQ jerk sauce.

*(I love a lot of sauce on my ribs, so about another 
5-10mins before I pull them out the oven, I repeat the 
brushing on with my bowl of sauce)*

Take your ribs out and SERVE! It's all done,
ready, JUICY & YUMMY all around!

What are you cooking outback on the grill this summer..?

Share your fun *SUMMER FOODIE FIESTA* with MOI!!

Lets ALL Enjoy Together...YUM YUM YUMMY!!

Stay artsy... & I hope you enjoyed
my recipe as much as we did!

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I'm Playing Again....

TwistedFate Photography Challenge 
:: S I G N S::

Beach Sign about 10mins from home!!
Loving the beach weather lately~



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