Perfect Pixel Aisle Series II

Hello artsy friends stopping in today...

It's been super busy on this end and I haven't
had any time to check in and say hello..

NO FRET! ....Since this week's photo aisle was barely
full, I'll announce that BOTH links where super cute and artsy!! 
& both Momma Bird & The Daily Journal will get to choose
the next topic for captions for "the Perfect Picture Aisle"

I absolutely LOVED the fact that it stood for more then just the 
caption of "people" - but that the photography had SO much
to say.  It stood for generations of timeless history, forefather's 
and remembrance. Thanks SO much for tuning in, you get 
1st pick for the next topic for the "perfect picture aisle".

The Daily Journal
The second was also one of my favourites. The scenery captured
is so breath taking and beautiful. I loved how many people are
gathered to partake in fishing but more so the backdrop. Is it me or
does this make an AWESOME Father's Day Photo..? - It really looks
to me like a lot of gentlemen gathered for fishing bonding ;))
LOVE IT~ Thanks SO much for linking and sharing this
gorgeuos photo. You get the second pick for picture topic
per 7/27/2011 picture perfect aisle..

Once again, THANKS so much for linking in and I can't wait
to see what you come up with for photo link up next!!

Stay Artsy
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Twisted Fate Photography...

Another Photo Submission... 


Absolutely loving a chance to play again in this weeks

I took this picture driving in Lynn, MA one evening using my cell.
It's one of my favourites as I until then had never seen
the clouds in that formation ever.. Hope you love it
as much as I have been.. :)) Thanks for stopping by!!

Stay Artsy

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Another Wish Tree Request...

Stencia & Al's 
*Engagement Wish Tree*

I had an awesome chance to create another wonderful
wish tree for a beautiful couple I absolutely adore. Stencia & Al,
recently got engaged and celebrated their engagement with a
few close family and friends. Stencia asked me to create a
fun and colorful wish tree for their friends and loved ones to
send them off on a wishful and happy journey towards the altar
shortly in a few months. I was really excited an honored and they
enjoyed and loved their wishes and the tree as much as I did putting
it together happily with tons of love....*CONGRATS AGAIN*

Fun Spring Engagement Wish Tree

.....More FUN Details 

To create your own wish tree, 
please see my previous post here

Thanks SO much as always for stopping by..

Wishing Stencia & Al A Beautiful 
& Magical Journey To The Altar..


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Perfect Pixel Aisle Series II

Perfect Pixel Aisle II
Congratulations again to Destiny from
Twisted Fate Photography
& since she won, she got to choose the
theme for this week's challenge.

My people shot is of my recent trip to NYC in May,
and of the infamous "Times Square". My actual objective
was to get the crosswalk BARE without any people "HA" -
I eventually did and was so excited. Its rare to catch
any crosswalk in NYC BARE with no people or cars!! 


The rules are rather SIMPLE...

1. Link in your fun pixels to match the theme chosen for 
your shoot focus for this challenge : PEOPLE:
(ONE Entry per blogger only please, link 
to your blogger challenge entry post)


3. Leave a comment / your user info for questions.

4. Please Be A Follower :))

5. Explore your creativity TO THE M A X!!!

6. Winner picked via voting by YOU, & YOU get
to pick the next Perfect Pixel Topic To Link Into The Aisle!!!

Ready To Link...?

Lets Form A 
Featuring : People :

Excited To Hvae YOU join in.. ;)))
Stay Artsy
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