Caley's Travel Fun Corkboard...

My son Caley sings and travels a lot with his group. Most recent 
this past Saturday was his performance with the Boston POPS!
I can't even put into words how proud we where of him. He 
takes SO much pride in his performances and his group and it's 
truly amazing and makes us all so happy to watch his indulgence..

Caley ends up with a lot of travel trivia items from his ins and outs with
traveling around various states to perform, so I decided to create a fun
travel board for him to place in his bedroom and have space to stick 
and hang up all his little collectibles over time or notes to remember. I 
came up with this awesome simple fun travel cork board that took 
less then 30mins to create.. Hope you enjoy this fun EASY tutorial.

Lets Hop To It~
*Artsy Items Needed*
Cork Board (I used an old one)
Some fun decorative paper of your choice
Travel Trinkets
Glue Gun
Thumb Tacks

Ready To Craft..?
To begin, I simply cut out the decorative travel paper to fit the part of 
the board I wanted to cover. I then slipped it into the sides to they where tightly 
underneath the edges all the way and neatly tucked away. After that, I cut out 
some neutral paper and simply glued it unto the edges to cover up the paint 
from the board itself all around. Feel free to get as creative as you will 
like with this part. I measured the sides and glued the boarders all around. 
After covering up all sides of the board, it's time for some FUN. 
Add all your trinkets you have and collectibles to the board!

I added a signed copy of Caley's last performance brochure / post
card signed per the Boston Pops and some other fun travel
significant items representing various things special and close to his
heart. He's currently hoping to make it to Hawaii to visit our cousin
who was just here not too long ago, so I'm hoping to add certain items
to the board to motivate him to keep him close to heart and hopefully
go and visit sometime soon. The board was so simple, fun and creatively
unique to put together.. Really hope you find a moment to create a lil 
travel fun cork board of your own or for a special lil traveler in your life.


Quick & Easy...
Thanks for stopping by as always..
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