Perfect Pixel Aisle Series IV

Perfect Pixel Aisle II
Congratulations again to Light Trigger on the 
last photo challenge *Playground*
& since she won, she got to choose the
theme for this week's challenge.
(As link tools have changed, I'll be updating this post 
with your pictures as posted for viewing while I 
decide which linky to go with- Thank You)


My sunset shot is from a little beach about a few blocks away from home,
"Malibu Beach", it's very small but promises a great view just either driving
by in the morning, or late afternoons each day. It's a relaxing place to go
for a walk and I try to never miss an opportunity to venture off in bliss..


The rules are rather SIMPLE...

1. Link in your fun pixels to match the theme chosen for 

your shoot focus for this challenge : SUNSET :
(ONE Entry per blogger only please, link 
to your blogger challenge entry post)
3. Leave a comment / your user info for questions.
4. Please Be A Follower :))
5. Explore your creativity TO THE M A X!!!
6. Winner picked via voting by YOU, & YOU get
to pick the next Perfect Pixel Topic To Link Into The Aisle!!!
Ready To Link...?
Lets Form A 
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Light Trigger


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Something To Talk About!!!

Hello artsy friends stopping in today...
How was your LONG weekend..?
Hope fun filled and exciting but most of all RELAXING!!!

I wanted to share a few things with you today that i'm LOVING!!
Please kick back and share in my fun!!!..
(What's brewing around your way..?
Anything you care to share..?)

WEDDINGS - Per Plush Events

I was asked to put another wedding together in another state today!!
I can't even express my excitement and joy that the couple randomly
picked me to plan and bring thier vision on this special day together
for them.. It totally made my July and kicked me up a notch in my goal
for the year per my business "Plush Events". This is my 4th wedding!!
I love doing parties for birthdays, engagements and the likes, but
weddings are truly my passion, I love the excitement a bride goes through
with her vision and seeing it all come to light, and going that extra mile to
make sure she has a complete peace of mind on her big day. I'm really
excited beyond words and have already started ming boggling
details to sprawl and get started!! Yaaaaay!!!

Sneak Peak "Baby Shower Favor" Tutorial
This week, I will be sharing a quick and fun baby shower
favor tutorial I put together for my cousin's baby shower a weekend
ago. They are so fun, delish and easy to put together! Can't
wait to share..Please tune in and enjoy tomorrow.. :))
IT'S A G I R R R L!!!
Here's a sneak peak picture..


** One Lovely Blog Award!!!!!**
Have you heard..? I was awarded a
"One Lovely Blog Award"!!!!!
Please make sure to visit and check out Perfectless World Blog 
for some awesome findings and lots of great things..
I promise you will love it... I DO!!
I remain truly honored...

Ahhhh, my darling lil Sia... She's been sick over the last few
days with a throat virus. It's a bit strange as I've never dealt with
this before, and it's been absolutely TERRIBLE!!!!. She's having
difficulty swallowing, and her gums are irritated, but she's been such
a lil cute trooper about it. She's up in spirits, a bit fussy but still
her berrry berry cute self with it all.. I can't wait for this to pass!!

I'll always hold on tight...
The Daily Wyatt

On another FUN note, she's seriously over diapers..
I think she's a bit little for potty training full on but we've
been trying and she's adapting!! She's used the potty a few times,
more so over her nanny's during the day, but at home, she's been
seriously taking her diaper off consistently ALL THE TIME!!!
I'm ready if she is, I'm OVER the $$$$$ spent on diapers and
if she's not liking the idea (which my son never really did either)
then lets hop to it.. YAAAYE TO POTTY TRAINING!!

I am a HUGE fan of The Kitchen and get really excited about
cooking whenever I recieve their newsletter via email.. I got this one
today and wanted to share.. Hop over sometime and enjoy all the
unique and refreshing finds around the site here ...
This post was about "Cool As A Cucumber"
10 Fresh Recipes For The Summer.. YUM!! Here's
a picture or two I'm loving.. Visit for more
and the recipes as well...Enjoy ...

~.....Salivating.... ~

That's a lot of fun in one to share.. It's a great day on this end..
Hope everyone is bouncing back from the weekend and getting
back into the groove of things.. Wishing you a HAPPY short week!!

Thanks as always for stopping in..
~Stay Artsy~
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Happy 4th Of July....

Hello artsy readers and friends....
Wishing you ALL a SAFE & 
HAPPY 4th Of July Today..

Took This Photo This Weekend Of Sia At The Beach :)))

Enjoy The Celebrations Of The Day....

~Stay Artsy~
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