Savory Sweet Delights...

Hello artsy friends stopping in today, 
Any fun plans for the weekend..? 
Hmmmm I'm still figuring that out too.

I love making quick snacks for the children, especially on the 
weekends. Whats more fun than chips & chocolate..???! YUM
Choc Monster S I A 
Here's a quickie tutorial on whipping up a quick 
summer snack for your family over the weekend. 
Lets Hop To It..
Artsy Items Needed
White Corn Tortillas
Chocolate Chips 
Cool Whip
Brown Sugar
*Spice (Cinnamon OR Pumpkin pie spice options)*
*Ice Cream* (Optional)
Ready To Whip Up Your Snack..? 
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 
Cut each tortilla like a pie into 8 wedges. 

Place tortilla pieces in single layer on baking sheet and use pastry 
brush to coat top of tortilla with butter. Sprinkle top with sugar/spice 
mixture covering entire tortilla surface. 
Place in oven and bake for 8 minutes and check to see if lightly 
browned and crisp. If not, return to oven for 1-2 minutes more, 
keeping an eye on them to ensure they don't burn. 
(They can go from golden to burned quickly so keep a close eye 
on them.) Cool your baked snacks completely before jazzing 
it up with your chocolate & cool whip. 
To jazz up your baked treats, melt up some chocolate chips, 
whip evenly throughout. Layer your plate or bowl with your 
tortilla baked chips and serve with a side of cool whip, and 
You can add ice cream to the mix if you'd like as well ~ Y U M!!

That's it.. Your chocolate & chip snacks should take no more then about 
25mins to whip up.. *The kitchen smells heavenly YUMMY!!!* 
I LOVE IT!!!!! The kids had a sweet time 
munching these down with JOY!!

YES - We even took a minute to have chocolate tip pacifier!!! 
OH SIA!! Heeheee...

Thanks SO VERY much for stopping in today.. 
Hope you get a moment to whip these up & you enjoy your treats..

Combine brown sugar and cinnamon spice in shaker or bowl. 
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Thrifty Tuesday..Lots For A Day

Jazz Up Your Headbands

Hello artsy friends stopping in today.. Happy Tuesday..!!!

I LOVE HEADBANDS, especially now that I have a lil pretty
girl to make them for. I wear them all the time and faithfully find 
every chance I get to spruce up an outfit for either of us with a 
unique and fun headband, to add an artsy fun touch to it.. I love that 
you can wear them all year round, in different textures, colors and get 
pretty creative in the process of making one to suit your need 
and fancy.. Have you made a headband lately..? Care to 
link up your tutorial..? I'd love to see what fun bands you've
made of your own lately.. Share Pweaaase...

I created a series of very easy headbands for Sia this week and wanted
to take some time to share the easy tutorials with you all. Hopefully, you
get a chance to create these fun headbands for you or your lil princesses.


Above is the first headband I created. It's really simple and fun. I made it from 
left over craft scrap I had from a shower I created decorations for. The band is 
a polyester band I found for about $2. I chose this because it was soft and the 
tan color I wanted the for the band. It came in a pack at 4yrds. The flower lace
is actually an adhesive border I used for a craft project for the shower. It's
made by K&Company and can be found at Michael's for about $3. 

Artsy Items Needed
Glue Gun
Headband of choice 
Adhesive Fabric Border
Craft Fabric Butterfly(Or item of choice for added touches)
(Needle & thread IF you choose to sew instead of glue)

The steps are SUPER easy..
1. Measure out your band according to head size for fitting.
2. Lay out your band and measure on your adhesive border & cut.
3. Glue on OR sew on your adhesive border. 
(If you choose to glue, take a moment to make sure the entire
adhesive fabric is glued down properly and press to ensure)
4. Pick a spot for your butterfly & glue or sew it on.
5. Make sure everything is tightly secured to the 
headband and allow to dry.
6. GO ON - Try it on.. Isn't is beautiful..? 
 THAT'S IT!!! Should take about a 
good 10-15mins & Tadaaaa!!
It's one of my favorites I've created in a while & Sia loves it too.

The second headband is super cool and made out of YARN!!
YES - Y A R N!! Its one of my favorite fabrics to work with.

This headband is very easy and simply involves braiding.. 

Artsy Items Needed
Rubber band
Hair Clip Of Choice

READY..? ; ) )
Step 1. To begin, measure the yarn accordingly.. Cut it by multiplying the 
strands to get a series of about 7-10 strands depending on thickness 
of yarn together for one strand of the three part to braid.

Step 2. Once your strands are all set, rubber band one end to help keep
it in tact as you begin to braid. Braid the yarn to full length.

Step 3. After braiding, secure both end with a clear elastic or use a piece 
of yarn to secure the ends to blend accordingly (even better)

Step 4. Once your braid is done, I simply in order to mix and match clips
per Sia's outfit, used one of her hair clips to add a fun flowery touch
to the mix. Clip on your hair clip and remove or add to match any outfit.


I have a few more great tutorials on other headbands I'll share again shortly.

REALLY hope you enjoyed stopping in today. 

Thanks as always for stopping by..

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Monday Musings...

Brothers Building..(Took This At The Beach This Weekend)
Fun Photo's This Weekend..

Hi artsy friends stopping in today.. Happy weekend..? 
Any fun plans for the week..?

Here's a bit of my weekend recapped.. Enjoy.. 
Few pics from our days..

Took This At The Beach This Saturday...Love Beach Birds.. ; ) )
Beach Clouds...
Sia Playing In A Dug Out.. 
Lastly, I am blogging to win a blog makeover from the lovely 
She has the BEST and prettiest blog designs and layout and is 
having an August freebie right now that you can subscribe 
to win in her giveaway post.  Please stop in and take a 
look for yourself, lots of FUN and artsy posts & things to 
read up on.. Be sure to add her to your blog roll.. : ) ) 

*Wish Me Luck*..

Thanks so much for stopping in today..



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