Friday...Foto Fun & Wierd Facts

T G I F Artsy Friends....

Any fun plans for the weekend..? I'm officially
packing my bags for our D I S N E Y  Trip
this weekend!!! WOOOHOOO!!

I'm really excited to get away, the family as a whole just
simply needs a nice break away from reality, so
I hope the Disney "magic" does us good!

Could It Be Anxiety..? Hmmm..

I've been in such a weird space lately, I can't put a finger on what it is
no matter how hard I try. Maybe it's age..? OH NO, I'm AGING!! lol!!
I've had a LOT to do, and so many deadlines to make that I feel as
if I owe a bit of myself to everyone around me, and I really
really REALLY don't wanna share ME right now!!!  I hope
I really get some time to simply adjust my thoughts & get
back to where I can think clearly & focus.. *Sigh*

I just started singing this while I typed & it made
me smile so I'm sharing (HA - Mood Swings!!!)

Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana
Daylight come and me wan' go home
Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana
Daylight come and me wan' go home

Artsy Features --- ANYONE..?
While I'm away, I'd love to keep The ArtsyGirl Connection
updated with lots of fun stuff anyone wants to share. I have a few fun
features in the works, but please feel free to join in if you would
like something you have created recently to be shared.
It'll be a HUGE honor to have you here... <-ANYDAY.

Please feel free to email or leave me
a comment if interested.
Thanks in advance...


Sia ... My Lil Explorer...
D'Town jok·er/ˈjōkər
The funniest guy in my area, hangs around dancing
& telling jokes on the street. Luv him.. 

In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled.
(Took this on my porch..I love Spider Webs)

Always Close By.... Friends..
My Son Caley & Our Neighbors Dog Duschca
Hope everyone has some fun plans
for the weekend.. Looking forward to mine..

Thanks so much for peeking in today..
~Stay Artsy~

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Wordless Wednesday... Love Bug..

Flickr Inspiration I LOVE..

Love Crazed.. *My Take*

Flickr Inspiration ; ))

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A Trip With Tons Of Treats..
Hello artsy readers stopping in today, happy 
Sunday & thanks for stopping by.
  Today, I had a fun field trip with my great friend Kimba over
from We visited a very unique and 
amazing textile shop in our neighborhood for some fabric to put 
together a charming & beautiful no sew dress, alongside a very easy
and fun hobo bag made out of TANK TOPS!!! YUP!!!!!

Sewfisticated Fun Times...

We had such a great time fabric shopping together, grabbing ice
cream and hilariously putting our dresses together. The different
creative styles we came up with where super cool. I seriously
doubt I'll be buying dresses for $$$$ after today as
these where so much fun and creative to put together...
We found the BEST tutorial I'd like to share with you today
on how to simply create a dress with tons of different styles to
jazz up any event and trend in practically any fashion you are
in the mood for. We played around with various looks
from evening look to simply a summer dress. 

I'm in love with this tutorial, we tried to put together a
video of ourselves actually putting our dresses together but
that turned out not so great and very funny. It takes
a lot of patience and you might need some help with putting
your dress together but it's very easy and very fun to
see all the looks you can come up with. 

(**This Video IS the ROCKS!!!**)

The Artsy Items Needed To Create Your Dress
Fabric (preferably, something with some sort of elasticity)
Maybe a belt, a brooch, a flower, or whatever 
you'd like to add for sass!!
Safety Pins

Ready..? Lets create a stylish NO SEW DRESS!!!
(Follow the instructions per the
video accordingly - simple easy steps)

We went from
& pins.......

Posing With Our Fabrics.. : ) )

fabulous dresses!! 

The beautiful Kimba ...
Myself.. Marilyn : ) )

How stylish & fun are our dresses..? We toyed around with more looks 
and came up with other fun styles as well (The video shows more styles
you can get out of your fabric for varied selection of dresses!!)
Coincidentally, Kimba's dress actually matched the
hobo purse we made.. LOVE IT!
We put together a quick video on how to go about making your own
hobo purse with tank tops at home.. It's very easy and fun, especially for
those on the go days when you need something quick to pack up
light assortment of things you buy while you are out.. Enjoy~
(Video might be a bit dark so please forgive us..)
Lol, the bloopers for our video where super hilarious! After a whole day of 
mayhem, this is what we came up with, trying hard not to laugh!! 
Fun Day Full Of Fashion & Giggles... 
I really hope you enjoyed my post today. I absolutely adore
Kimba & really hope you check in with her for updates on
more fun and artsy adventures and tutorials as well. We will
be sharing more trips together again shortly.. It's always 
fun to get out and explore your creative, GOOFY, and 
artsy sides with your firends.. What are you waiting for..?
Grab someone & get going!!! Don't forget to share!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. 
~Stay Artsy~

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