Drift Wood Nursery Mirror...

Hello Artsy friends stopping in,
~Happy Thursday~
Fun MUGGY day here in the Bean today..
We are all patiently waiting "the storm"..Hope it
passes while everyone is fast asleep and quietly..

It's Thrifty Thursday!!!
Here's my nothing to something creation!!!
Driftwood Nursery Chime Mirror!!

Today, I'm going to share a quick project on how to either 
re-vamp an old mirror or put one together using drift wood and
or twigs. I've had this old mirror for a while now, it's sort of been
taking up space in my closet until I came to find time to simply try to
make something of it. I finally got a chance to take a moment to spend
some time putting it together  & decided to turn it into a driftwood
nursery chime mirror for my pregnant girlfriend Shevy...
It's a surprise... Shhhhhhhhhh..She has no clue & I'll be
giving it to her this weekend at her baby shower..
HOW FUN! & $$$$$$ Saver!
I think it'll be perfect in her new baby Skylar's nursery!!

Here's what I came up with...

Hope you enjoy my tutorial..

Artsy Items Needed
*Assorted dry twigs or driftwood 
(Free from yard)
*Spray paint
*Hot-glue gun
*Assorted items for hanging
(I have flower, ballet flats, & butterfly)
Ready..? Lets Get Artsy
1} Cut twigs or driftwood into 3- to 5-inch pieces, depending upon 
size of mirror. You can pick whatever wood pieces you will like, 
it really depends on the design you have in mind. (As you can
see, I used thick wood and some stems with branches as well)
2} Place wood on newspaper; apply several light coats of paint, 
lightly repeatedly and allowing them to dry, repeat spraying until 
you have the perfect coat you desire. (I wanted to leave a bit of a 
natural feel to the wood so I sprayed it very lightly and left traces 
of the natural color wood all around the driftwood I sprayed)

3} Glue twigs to mirror, starting about 2 inches from outer edge (if 
mirror has frame, be sure to cover frame); apply twigs in overlapping 
layers as you work toward outer edge. The is no special sequence to
do this, so totally have FUN with it!! I certainly did. I however chose to 
only cover half of the mirror, but you can cover yours entirely in 
driftwood to your liking. I stopped halfway around.
 *Press down steadily when gluing to ensure 
that wood is properly held tight!*

4} After gluing on my driftwood, I decided to jazz it up using a flower, 
some hanging ballet flats and a butterfly as my "chimes". I have an "S" 
to add that I'm not totally done decorating. I can't wait!!! 

Close Up...
How easy & fun is this revamp..? I LOVE to gift
old to new and better improved things around my home!!
I hope baby Skylar & her mommy love it!!!

That's All For Today!!!
Hope my tutorial finds it way into your craft log..

*I Absolutely Love My Mirror / Shower Gift To Give*

DO YOU..? 
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Thanks SO much for stopping in today.

~Stay Artsy~

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♥ The Buzz About Me {3} ♥

Hello artsy friends stopping in today,

Saweee for the changes in appearence, I'm officially under
construction! I need a blog face lift and that's just what's
happening right now!! (Let me know your thoughts as
I construct & make changes pweeease!) :)

I'm a FAN of "From Mommy To Calm Insanity"
and I'm taking part in her "Buzz About Me Link"
Hope you enjoy my answers to her questions!!
Totally join in as well!! Lots of fun bloggers
to meet & get to know!!

This Weeks Questions:
1. What was the first concert you attended?
I’m not a huge concert fanatic, mainly because most
concerts are HUGE! I love intimate settings hence, I’ve been
to a limited amount of concerts BUT altogether have
had great concert experiences. My 1st was Damien Marley
(Jr Gong) feat K’naan. SUPER LOVED IT!

2. Who was your celebrity crush{es} when you were younger?
Hmmm, tough one & prob far from most responses..
Maxi Priest <-I’ve loved Reggae forever! & maybe his
locs had a lot to do with it, I used to love locs..

3. Who is your celebrity crush{es} now?
I’ll have to say a great race between Maxwell -
he's so darn charming with ridic sex appeal! "Sing to me
anytime" lol...Damien Marley(he's so mysterious and something
about him excites me! When I met him, I was literally
star struck & thangs - mmmm!  & Vin Diesel , Oh Vin!

4. What is one of the strangest/unique things about you?
LOL – I have a million strange things about me, but I
have to say the strangest is my obsession with license plates.
So Weird. I’ve linked a lot of numbers and try to associate
how states tag plates in various unique ways. Oh! & ppl find
it irritating that I like to pick things up with my toes
instead of bending over! Lol.

5. What are three fears you have?
S N A K E S (I just shivered)
Dying Alone
I HATE DRIVING! I come up with the strangest
concepts of "what could happen" (Don’t laugh world!)

6. What is one question that you have been asked so much
that if you are asked one more time, you will punch someone?
WOW - You are really Liberian born..? Y E S!! YES!!!

7. What nationality/nationalities are you?

I’m 100% Liberian. I claim Ghanaian as well simply
because some of my family have ties to the
Volta Region, but I’m Liberian Born.

8. What is one physical feature you like about yourself?
I have to say my neck! I love how long my neck is…#JudgeMeNot

9. What is/was your favorite three reality shows?
*Shhhhh*, I do indulge at times!
The City (Olivia is stuck up but for her wardrobe <--I love her! lol)

RHWives (almost all of the series) - Yack Yack Yack
Thanks to TJ – Jersey Shore

10. What three celebrities are you guilty of liking that
everyone else seems to hate?
*Hmmmm.. Solange (I love that she’s owned her trendy
persona without falling under Beyonce’s shadow)
*Mike Tyson (Regardless of his wishy washy ways, his
story is pretty rough but very unique)
*Gone but her spirit still lingers – Amy Winehouse!
(I don't know if ppl hate these 3 for sure,
but they always have "some sorta not
so GREAT press about them)

That's all folks... Head over and join in the fun! I'm linked - Are you?

Thanks as always for tuning in... I have some fun artsy creations
to share this week... Can't wait..

~Stay Artsy~

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Dear artsy friends stopping in today, how was your week..?
I've been far away, over the moon, in a magical mouse world!!
A bit bummed to be back BUT reality's not so bad!! 

I have LOTS to tell and share with you and will be settling in soon
to do just that. I fell in love as always, Disney is just so over the top
and the BEST place to experience with the family. 
Shhhh.. Don't tell Teej..I'm in love with Mickey!!
As you all know, I'm in love with props and Disney offers 
TRILLIONS of props that just tickle my fancy and excite me!!

I took TONS of fun photography and saw more shows this time
around then ever before. I even went on daring water rides and 
explored parts of Disney we never knew existed!! LOVE IT!!

Stay Tuned... I am slowly putting together a superb post focusing
on fun findings I stumbled upon and got to see on my vacation 
at the "Walt Disney World Theme Park In Fl!~"

Thanks so much for stopping in today..

~Stay Artsy~

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