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Moving up & New Beginnings..

Hi Artsy Friends Stopping In Today...
It’s a very GLOOMY day here in the Bean!!

TGTomorrowISFriday!!!It’s been raining for the last 3days!!
I’m praying for some pockets full of sunshine over the weekend!!

Today was a rather BIG BIG day for both of my lovely lil Moon’s..

Caley officially started FIFTH GRADE TODAY!
(YES – You Guessed it!!! – I’m Feeling RATHER OLD!)

I was soo impressed at how cool and collect he was this
morning getting ready.. I felt so silly for being the only one a bit
nervous about the 5th grade. I tend to think boys have a tough
time in school with fitting in and having to deal with all that
testosterone surrounding their species. I get so nervous of
all the "things" that could happen in school, ie. peer pressure,
GIRLS, G I R L S (I have to share his BUS STOP STORIES
someday!! SMH!!I have issues already, everyone wants to "sit
and share with Caley" & I SERIOUSLY SIDE EYE THEM
ALL!! lol!!) gradually forming into his own man, picking friends,
behavior, grades …oh the list is endless!! With all of that on my
plate this morning, I dropped him off and before he got out to hop
on the bus, he said "thanks mom", I looked at him and said, "for
what hon..?" a bit confused, he smiled and said "for staying up and
helping to get everything ready for me today, and stop worrying,
I’ll be just fine, it’s just the 5th grade!!!".. I just LOVE MY SON!!

Cheers to the all the FIFTH GRADERS
Hope your lil ones have an amazing school term!!!

New Beginnings….
Sia also had a very BIG day today!!
She entered the "Primary Education" school world TODAY!!
She’s officially 18months now!!! It was so exciting to see
her in her little uniform and all dolled up for school this morning.
Getting her ready was a BIG DEAL for the whole house.. Hahaa!

We where all soo anxious to see how she’ll adapt to her new
surroundings and mingle with all her lovely new little peers within
her classroom. SHE DID GREAT!!! I went in with her for a little
over an hour, played with the class, did some creative art time,
and sung with them for a quiet sometime. They made it a point to
make sure I didn’t sneak out but instead say bye to her properly!!

This was EXTREME!! Sia HATES when I pick up my bag & keys,
she automatically always associates it with leaving, and the minute
I did that and went down to say goodbye to her, ALL HELL

Her teacher took her a min after, and I walked off and STOOD
at the door for about five minutes (listening to her cry – SO SAD!!)
and then gradually walked away.. I called ten minutes later and she
was laughing and playing around with the class!!! KIDS – They
bounce back so quick!! Her new teacher Ms. Brown said"I told
 you she’ll be fine in about five mins or so, see..? now don’t
become one of those every hour calling in parents.. lol, she’ll
be just fine with us here, I promise!" Well, that helped a billion..
It took forever to pick a school for her, and I can’t express how
much I am SO comfortable knowing she’s in great hands, and
will be picking up new and exciting things within her fun
adventurous school days ahead!! Yaaye!!

What A Day!!! Great Accomplishments & Big Steps!!
Are your little ones back in school..? How was the transition from
summer to school days..? What fun grades are you in this year..?
Any fears or worries about the new grade this year..? Things you
look forward to..? SHARE PWEEASE!!

Hope you are all having a terrific day and
thanks so much for stopping in as always!!

~Stay Artsy~
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Birthdays & Playdates...

~ Wordless Wednesday ~
Some fun shots I took over the long weekend!!
Its The Birthday Boy!! ;))
Sia's 1st Playdate With Skylar.. Super FUN!!

Birthday Cake.. YUMMY!!
My Handsome Nephew Harry turned ONE!!
Colorful Fun Day...

Linking With
5minutes For Mom
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Edit Me Week 17

Hello Artsy Friends Stopping In Today..
How is your "Mid Week" Coming along..?
Today, I'm jumping into "Edit Me" Week 17 over at
My Reflection Of Something's Blogspot.
Hope you enjoy my edits and photo's as I
go on & play with the lovely other bloggers!
My Reflection of Something

The Edit "Picture" Of The Day

*My Edited Version*

What do you think..? ;))

Join In The FUN --Link Today!!

Photographers who Tweet
Thanks So much for stopping in today!!
~Stay Artsy~
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Thrifty Tuesday ~ Fall Inspirations

Hello artsy Freinds Stopping In Today!!!
Hope you all had an amazing long weekend.
My lil nephew Harry turned ONE & his birthday was SO much fun.
I never knew I'd LOVE a bouncy as much as I did on Saturday! HA!

---It's almost that time of the year again---
I am totally inspired by fall!!!
I LOVE Candles in the fall & scented oils..
Warm Smells
*Amber candles
*Spicy cinnamon
*Pumpkin Innards
*Apple Cidar
What are your favorite fall smells..?

I've been blog hopping around to pick up some FUN fall projects
to sink into,to get the shift from summer to fall full swing around the
house.. Here are few fun DIY fall crafts I found and LOVE!!
I hope to get a few done soon and can't wait wait to get started..


Via Thompson Family - A Blog By Danielle Thompson
These pumpkins are SO pretty and chic for fall!! I love the
warm colors and the different fabric patterns all around!!
I seriously can't wait to get started on this for fall!!
Aren't they so darn adorable & darling...???

Another set of fabric pumpkins I'm loving are via
I LOVE how playful these ones are. I adore the ruffles!!

I LOVE fall signs, burlaps and frames!! Here are a few of the fun
findings I discovered out there to hopefully recreate myself..

Fall Subway Art

There's an unsaid "something" about a warming
welcome fall wreath. I love to drive around and look at all the
different wreaths around in the fall! Very creative and fun!!

Felt Rosette Wreath - LOVE IT!!!

Fall Yarn Wreath - SO creative!!
02 Make a Fall Wreath    20 Fall DIY Wreath Tutorials!!

Fabric Leaves - How FUN..?
16 Make a Fall Wreath    20 Fall DIY Wreath Tutorials!!

I am SO in love with pinboards lately!!
I found a host of them browsing around and here are a few I LOVE!!

Swatch Portraits
heading pic 25 Projects using Embroidery Hoops!

Do you have a favorite fall project you will like to share with me..?
Please feel free to link up & show your stuff..
Fall, Halloween, Recipes, Crafts,
everything that simple screams ---
Falling into FALL!!

Hope to soon share some FUN DIY projects with you soon!!

Thanks SO much for stopping in today!!

~Stay Artsy~
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