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Are you ready for fall inspirations, DIY full on
fall crafts, food & more..? I hope so!! I AM!!

I am super excited to be joined by some 
who will be journeying with me in a few fun days of
 artsy craft goodness & simply giving 
us all the essentials to get you to fall in 
love with the season again this year!!

I can't wait!! It kicks off Monday 

Please be sure to tune in & meet the lovely bloggers,
share in some linky's to show off your own fall
projects, and join us in celebrating one of the 
best season's of the year *FALL*!!!

See ya soon.. 

~Stay Artsy~
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Falling Into Fall...

Hello artsy friends stopping in today,
How was your week..? It's been busy with lots
happening around here.. I was going through some photo's
and found these from last year's apple picking expedition with the
gang. Here are a few I absolutely love and edited to share..
*Hurriedly Ushering In The Fall!!*
The Farm House At Lookout Farms.. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!
Sia Last Fall ...
Leaving The Farm After A LONG day of FUN & Treats!!
Are you ready for the FALL CRAWL..? I AM!!
The crawl kicks off September 19th!! SUPER EXCITED!!

Join me and some awesome and creative bloggers in tons of full on
fall craft, recipes and blog goodness.. Can't wait!!!


Happy Friday!!!

~Thanks for stopping in as always~
Stay Artsy

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Some Cushion For Ya Push Pins..

Creative DIY 
Push Pin Frame  & 
Pinterest ❤ linky..

Hello artsy friends stopping in today.. 

Hows your week so far..?
Hope awesome.. Mine is going well, a 
bit swamped but I'm far from complaining
Something brewing is always GREAT!

Today, I decided to jazz up my craft area and give my pins
some cushion for the pushing.. lol! Seriously, I have PINS
everywhere, from shirt pins, to dry cleaning pins,
to everyday pins EVERYWHERE!
I came up with a beautiful fun frame 
pin cushion wouldn't ya say..?
I'm happy to share the simple steps to 
creating your own at home!! 
Artsy Items Needed
Picture Frame 
(I found mine in the dollar bin at Michael's)
Wadding (Stuffing For Pillows)
Glue Gun
Tutorial /Steps
*Cut a piece of fabric about 2 inches or around 
there larger than your frame on all sides. 
Hello Sia : ))
Removed fiber glass from frame
*Remove the back and  fiber glass from the frame and 
lay the fabric over the back, making sure that the 
front of the fabric is facing out. 
*I centered the fabric to the perfect angle to show off 
the part of my material I wanted in the front.
*I then took the frame back off the frame and angled my 
fabric around the front and folded it back perfectly.
(At this point, you can cut off excess fabric if you have too much)
*Once my fabric was in place, I glued the two sides to the frame.
This left the top and the bottom of the frame still open.
*I used the opening to stuff the wadding into the pockets now
created to the perfect size I wanted. (Stuff according to the frame 
size so it's not too bulgy but rather fits the frame size) 
*Once you are done stuffing, glue the top and bottom openings
onto the frame securely. You should now have a cute padded
stuffed cushion, ready to mount to your frame.
*To mount your padded cushion, place the frame over the 
cushion and make sure it's in place perfectly. Place glue 
all around the sides of the frame per the four edges. 
*Carefully place padded cushion onto the frame and 
press until you are assured it's glued on tightly.
Let dry and stand!! ** TADAAA**
You are all done!! Gather up all your loose pins 
and get the pushing into your newly fancy 
framed cushion.. How lovely!!!

Hope you enjoyed my simple tutorial here today!!
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I would love to see & share your pins..
Care to link up..?
Pinterest ❤ linky Party 

Thanks for stopping in as always..
September Fall Crawl Is Next Week!!
Have You Signed Up..? Email for more info!!
Would love to have you join all the artsy
ladies participating in full fledged fun fall
creativity crawl - craft, food & tons more!!

~Stay Artsy~ 

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Wordless Wednesday...Furry Tales

The cat could very well be man's best friend but 
would never stoop to admitting it.  ~Doug Larson

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Hello Artsy Friends Stopping In Today..
How is your "Mid Week" Coming along..?
Jumping in on "Edit Me" Week 18 over at
My Reflection Of Something's Blogspot.
Hope you enjoy my edits and photo's as I
play along with the other lovely bloggers!
My Reflection of Something

Edit Photo Of The Day

My Edit

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Weekend Round Up..

Hello Artsy Friends Stopping In Today...

Its been a crazy weekend. How's yours thus far..? 
My Best Friend Got MARRIED!!! YAAAYE!!!
We where all so happy for her!! Congrats Court & Andre!!
Great Moments.. "Me on left, stealing a
moment with the new bride.."
I didn't wear white, I promise, my dress was a tan
brown but the light makes it look white.. HA!
& this was her second dress - Fancy Missy!!
Another friend of mine is expecting.. Her lil bundle's shower was 
also this past weekend. I had to put her tables together & these 
are a few of the fun things I created to add to her day!!

Centerpieces - Box, Flower, Wrapping Paper & Ribbons To The Mix!!!
I created some centerpieces for her tables using some boxes I found for 
cheap at Michael's. I carefully wrapped them up in wrapping paper,
(I used the silver underneath and found the flowery pink and silver one 
and some pink ribbon to add some fun texture to the mix. I 
glued a flower up top as part of the finishing girlie touch!!)
*Behind the scenes*

I also added glass baby bottles as part of her party favor with 
straws as part of the tablescape. I glued on lil flowers 
on to the bottles for an added fun touch. 

I also created some candy jars for her. I used huge jars 
enough to hold a few pounds of candy & added some decorative 
paper inside the jar & ribbon on the outside to jazz it up..

I wrapped up some silver in napkins with cute "its a girl ribbons" for the
table settings. I added all the little fun creations above and it turned 
out to be a very beautiful table setting for a cutesy baby shower!

Finding items for decorations can be really easy. With a little creativity, 
some paper, and fun findings around your local craft store, you can
put together wonderful settings for your events on a grand & money
saving budget.. I DO. ALWAYS.. : )).. Hope you enjoyed my
fun setting I put together over the last few days!! 

Thanks SO much for stopping in as always..
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Don't Forget To Sign In For The "FALL CRAWL"
There are still a few slots open ; ))

~Stay Artsy~
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Soundless Sunday (8th Edition)...My Story In Pixels - Travel

Silent Drifter
Disney's Animal Kingdom - Asia Prop
One Fine Day
Paris - Disney's Epcot - FL
Back Lot - Disney's Hollywood Studio's - FL 

Swamp Stop - Disney's Magic Kingdom 
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ten on ten button

"remembering a wonderful vacation"
The Paper Mama

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