Don't Just Recycle {UpCycle With Smiles}


I’m officially trying my hardest to go as GREEN as I can around here!!
Recently, I upcycled some Vodka and Izze bottles to create some awesome
Halloween decorations for my kitchen.. *Vintage Candy Corn Bottles*

I also created a *Book Page Pumpkin* usingan old tattered book that was in bad 
shape thanks to my lil daughter.. How darling..?!

I’m on the hunt to see how many of you have been recycling via UPCYCLING!!!! 
I figured, this month will be a great month to show your creativity and green miles by 
creating awesome OCTOBER projects (Halloween Décor, Party Favors, DIY around the 
house crafts and more) using RECYCLABLE materials available to you. 

This linky will remain open tonight till October 30th for you to link up your 
UPCYCLED projects for viewing and voting!YES – This wouldn’t go without 
notice!! Link up your projects, collect votes and win some sweet awesome prizes!!
*A $30 gift card to Michael’s & *A DIY Craft Kit
Kit sponsored by the lovely Kimberly via*

Are you Ready..? I’m very excited to see all the CREATIVITY!!! 
Who’s In?!???? Don't Just RECYCLE~~~UPCYCLE

*You MUST use something RECYCLED
*Link to your actual post not blog homepage
*YES - Upcycled "food" is acceptable
*Please display button in your post for link back
**Be a follower of Kimbas2cents
*Don't forget to COLLECT VOTES "Likes"
*Spread the word..Grab a button pweeease...*
(You can grab the code and display the blog hop as well if you would like)
Visit & share in everyones fun items linked of course :))

Lets Link Away...Lucky Winner Will Be Announced November 1st!!!!!

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Fall Crawl Day 13 & **BLOG PARTY**

Hello artsy friends stopping in today.. 
~** Are you ready to PARRTAY!?! **~
I absolutely enjoyed ALL our crawl stops this week!! Please be sure 
to stop in and get inspired per all the blogger's that hosted this week. 
Here's a recap of all the stop's we have visited along our crawl!! 
SO many inspirational crafts, inspirations & recipes!! I LOVE IT!!
Day 1 - ME here - featuring *Book Page Pumpkin*
Day 2 - Kellie - featuring *Yummy Meatloaf Recipe*
Day 3 - Letty - featuring *Pumpkin Inspirations*
Day 4 - Lorie featuring *Bird Tree Ornament*
Day 5 - Abby featuring *Baked Garlic Mac & Cheese*
Day 6 - Tracy - featuring *Time For Pumpkin*
Day 7 - Kimba - featuring *Spice Cupcakes*
Day 8-Jacqueline - featuring *Yarn Decor*
Day 9 - Jillian featuring *Pumpkin Whoopie Pies*
Day 10 - Kim & Lars featuring *Note Cards*
Day 11 - Deia - featuring *Pumpkin Craft*
Day 12 - MELI featuring *Fall Inspirations*
Please join us over to see the lovely Renee's today for day 13!!


Please be sure to share all your fun fall projects with us as we continue on our crawl! 

We will LOVE to see all your wonderful fall inspired DIY recipes, crafts and inspirations!!

The Rules Are Simple!!!

Follow / Leave a comment if you are new / 
Grab a button / Spread the word!!
1. Link your projects - recipes, crafts, all fall inspirations YOU CREATED!!
2. Leave a comment if you are new here and we will happily hop over and check
out your space <--LOVE new inspirational bloggers ALWAYS!!!
3.Pay my friends along the crawl a visit and share your inspiration with their
lovely readers.. There's a few of us so certainly go by and say hello!!
That's It ---LINK AWAY!! Fall in love with fall with us...
Thanks for stopping in!!
~Stay Artsy~

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Fall Crawl Day 11 & "Pinspirations"..

Good Morning Artsy Friends Stopping In Today....
Happy Thursday!! We are so close to the WEEKEND~Woohoo!!

It's officially the start to my "Inspirational Thursday's" here today!!
Every Thursday, I'll show my love for ALL the WONDERFUL & BUZZWORTHY crafts,
recipes and inspirational items you've created and shared with us all throughout the week!
The twist is, I will be pinning it ALL to to my PINTEREST Boards!! Super Excited..If you
aren't aware, you can add a "Pin It Button" to ALL your craft photo's HERE! If your
craft is picked, I would LOVE for you to grab a button and proudly show off!!

It's officially Fall Crawl Day 11!! I really hope everyone has been able to draw
some fall inspiration via all the awesome craft, recipes, and more that have been
featured along the crawl...If not, please follow along and enjoy!! We are headed
to see the wonderful and funny Love And Tangles via Deia today. I LOVE reading
her posts, she's just HILARIOUS!! Certainly stop in and say hello!!
~ Without Further Due.. I'm ready to snag some "Pin'Inspirations" ~
Via The Kurtz Corner
 * Cinnamon Cider *
I am absolutely, specifically trying out this recipe ASAP!!
How unique and over the top CUTE?!? "Pin it Here"

Via Happy Jax
...Simply because, her photo's make me smile!!

Via Lavender and Lemon Drops
I am loving this festive and creative gallery wall! How freaking CUTE!?!

Via The Crafty Scientist
I love the creativity placed into making
this wreath!! *Halloween LOVE* "Pin It Here"

Via Food Folks & Fun
Her whoopie pie's EXCITE ME!! ~NOM NOM NOM!!

Please stop in and say hello to these lovely blogger's..
Thanks so much for tuning in today!! My "Pinspirational" linky Board will be
open to all starting NEXT THURSDAY!! Can't wait to see all the FUN and
CREATIVE crafts you have to show off.. Remember, add a "Pin It" button to
your crafts and give us all the opportunity to share it to all on PINTEREST!!
(Please feel free to send me recommendations for top picks next Thursday!!)

Please join us over at Meli's for an awesome fall inspired item as
we stop in for Fall Crawl Day 12 & All Things Fall Inspired
RECIPES and more.. See you tomorrow.. Super excited!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping in today..
Happy Thursday & Stay Artsy!!!

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Fall Crawl Day 10 & Photo Linking..

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today, it's officially
been a sleep filled night here with smiles!!! I feel so refreshed!! My
darling daughter is FINALLY back to sleeping on TIME!! *WHEW* It was
a long series of really horrid tear jerker days over the last week!! Thanks goodness
that phase is OVER!! Today, I will be linking to some photo inspired blogs
and would love to share my photo's with you.. Hope you enjoy.. We are also
headed on over to see the lovely Kim over at Kim & Lars Waldman for an
awesome tutorial on note cards!! Please join us in Fall Crawl Day 10!!!
Photo Linking :
Wednesday With Words!!
If Only She Knew How Much I LOVE her shoes, she'll stop wearing mine so much!!
Linking Up With :

Quotography at {My}Perspectivethe perfect lineand then, she {snapped}

Edit Me Week "20"
For most of you who read my blog (thanks so much for sticking around!! I luv ya).
I've been playing along the Edit Me challenges since week "13" It's officially week
"20" now..WOW!! I've really enjoyed these challenges & really hope you've enjoyed 
my edits.. Cheers to today's.. I'm LOVING the challenge photo~ So Sweet!!
My Reflection of Something 
*Edit Photo Of The Day*

*My Edited Version*

Thanks SO much for tuning in today.. Hope you enjoyed my photo's and get a
chance to pop in over at Kim & Lars Waldman for a dose of our FALL CRAWL!!
Please come back tomorrow and join us in day 11 of Fall Crawl
hosted by the wonderful and funny Love And Tangles via Deia

Fall Crawl Schedule 
Sept 19th - Marilyn -
Sept 20th - Kellie -
Sept 21st - Letty -
Sept 22nd - Lorie -
Sept 23rd - Abby -  

Abby's will also include our 1st blog hop Linky Party 
Sept 24th Tracy -
Sept 25th - Kimba -
Sept 26th - Jacqueline -
Sept 27th - Jillian - 

Sept 28th - Kim&Lars 29th - DEIA 
Sept 30th - Meli -
Meli's will be our Second blog hop /Linky Party 
October 1st - Renee -
October 2nd - Rachel -
October 3rd - Giveaway & thanks to all that joined us in on the crawl!

Thanks SO much as always for stopping in today!!
Have an awesome Wednesday!!
~Stay Artsy~

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fall Crawl Day 7 & Fun Award!!

Hello artsy friends stopping in today,
it's SUNDAY.... I'm not sure how I feel about the day just yet. 
Sia, my darling little daughter has a case of INSOMNIA!! (Long story! SMH!)
There's so much NIGHT time tension with whose turn it is to go in there
and try to get her back to sleep!! lol! Myself and my fiance pretend to be in 
deep sleep and eventually nudge each other to remind the other it's YOUR turn!! 
LOL!! I severely feel as if I am on the show punked and Aston somehow forgot to 
come back and END IT!! Please tell him the joke's old and he can come out now!!! 
NO FUN!!!! Days like these, I could sincerely appreciate the singing ghost in 
True Blood to Arlene's baby!! Saweee friends, I just HAD to rant.. I know us 
momma's all have had one of "these days" Whew! 
I Still LOVE her VERY much! lol!!

On another FUN note.. 
I was awarded a VERSATILE BLOG AWARD!!! Oh Yeaaaa!! 
**SMILES** Sunday's much BETTER!!
I feel truly honored and I'm VERY thankful to the Artsy Vava for taking the
time to enjoy my blog, and brightening up my day with this awesome surprise.. 
I continue to be humbled by anyone who has taking a moment to truly enjoy a post,
a rant, a photo or a craft that I spent sometime to put together. It means SO much and 
I sincerely appreciate and LOVE my blog family<--Yes, YOU reading, YOU :))!!

It's FALL CRAWL DAY 7!!! Woohooo! 
I sincerely appreciate everyone that has been following along our crawl and truly 
hope it's been inspiring and fun to see all the wonderful fall craft, recipes and more 
we have shared along the way.. It's Kimberly's turn today and we are headed over to 
her awesome blog to share in a delicious fall recipe!! Are you ready..? Lets head on over!! 

Tomorrow, please join us over the lovely
Jacqueline's via Chez Mukweto!!!

Grab a button & spread the word.. Hope you can tune in and fall into fall with all
of us as we usher in the season with our lovely crafts, recipes and so much more.. 

Wishing you an awesome Sunday..
Thanks so much for stopping in..
~Stay Artsy~
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