Flowers On A Saturday..{& Sweet Wishes}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today.
How's your Saturday so far..? It's windy and COLD here in the Bean..
Brrrr.. It felt SO fall like last night, it actually reminded me of Halloween.
Today, I am sharing my flowers on a Saturday photo and linking to a
few of my fun pal's around the photo blog world..I'll be back shortly to
share a fun "Photo Giveaway" for a great milestone. Please Stay tuned..

Flowers On A Saturday【ツ】
This lil beauty was on the deck this morning.. ♡ Pin Here
Linking With
and then, she {snapped}
~The Hollie Rogue~

{Sweet Wishes}
**Happiest Of Birthday To Two Awesome & Lovely Bloggy Friends**
My #31 ~ Kimba Via Kimbas 2Cents 
I {heart} Kimba SO very much!! Yes, in real life she ROCKS as a 
friend too. Can't wait to see you soon girlie.. *Maybe Today?* 
Hope you had a joyous day yesterday hon.. Wishing you many 
more blessed years to come..........Xoxoxo..
The Lovely Abby Via Dirt On The Rocks
Abby is the sweetest and caring person you'll ever bump into. I love her passion
for almost everything she takes on. Her lil guy Ryu is the cutest lil fella ever!! 
Wishing Abby a FANTASTIC birthday with lots of smiles this weekend!!

Thanks SO very much for stopping in today.
Hope you are having an amazing start to your Saturday morning..
~Stay Artsy~

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Pin'Inspirational Thursdays..{..Pin It}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today!! It's 
"Officially Pin'Inspirational Thursdays" Linky Party Day!!
I'm really excited to see all the wonderful, inspirational and
creative crafts and more that every one's put together and is ready to show off!
Last week was a big hit with TONS of fun link ups. Here's a few of my favorite
and most visited blogs out of the party below. I LOVED everyone's crafts, photo's
and went around to show love to almost if not everyone.. Thanks so much
again and I look forward to sharing in your creativity again this week.. 

A MUST DO for your blog is to help us all share your wonderful
features via a "PIN IT" button.  If you aren't aware, you can simply add a 
button to your blog photo's HERE! I will do my best to pin as many as I can and
 feature the top visited out of crafts, photo's and recipes that are linked up!! 
***Please grab a button and show off**
{From Last Week's Party}
Two Oh Two Seven
Pumpkin Owl
How creative and fun? I LOVE Owls! Pin Here

Life In The Thrifty Lane
Fall Mantle
I love the gold's and oranges!! So
festive for fall..Pin It Here

Project Queen
Pink Pumpkins For Cure
I LOVE the idea of thinking pink this month
for awareness of breast cancer! This is INSPIRATIONAL!
Pin It Here

The Lazy Hobby Hopper
Cup Cake Pin Cushion
I Wish I could Crochet This GREAT!!Pin It Here

Sound Activated Halloween Pillow
This is SUPER creative!! I love everything about this!!
Pin It Here
I was syndicated and featured on BlogHer <~WOHHOO!!
My Upcycled "Vintage Candy Corn Bottles" where picked and showcased
on the BlogHer network.. Totally made me hit a pretty huge benchmark on
my blog "bucket list"!! I am truly thankful and beyond honored!!
I was earlier this week featured as well on Squidoo..I owe the thanks
and sincere appreciation to all of YOU who continuously
encourage and inspire me.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
**Don't Forget To Enter The Upcycling Contest Happening NOW**

Can't wait to see.. Remember--If it makes you smile
at first glimpse, it's inspirational..........Pin It!!!

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Wordless Wednesday,Photoberfest

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today..
How's your day coming along..? Hope fantastic..
lol at the "Cat" comments I got from sharing my story!
Now, I have to look at each cat and think "can they tell??" SMH!
I am participating in my usual round of Wednesday photo linking today..

1st...{Photoberfest Contest}
*Pweease Vote("like") For My Photo Here*
My Princess & Her Cat
I am submitting my photo's for the second week of photoberfest in
you will all PLEASE VOTE for me.. "PWEEASE" I've
linking and seeing all the wonderful photo's submitted.
crossed I win this round! NEED YOUR VOTE
*Please take a teeny second and vote(like photo) for me via
HERE!! *I Sincerely appreciate it, SO very much.. ❤
♥I LOVE these two...
If you will like to participate in Photoberfest, please see instructions
via Katie's fabulous blog here...I SINCERELY APPRECIATE
EVERY "LIKE" you can give me!!! THANK YOU ROCKSTARS!!

{Will be linking with my usual for Wednesday Photo Fun}
Create & Share, The Perfect LinePixel Dust Photo Art
and then, she {snapped}
I usually play "Edit Me" but it's been cancelled and I'm super bummed!!
"Good luck with everything Branson"

Please come back tomorrow to join me in
 my second week celebrating YOU & Your Creativity!!
Pin'Inspirational Thursday's
"Linky Party
Hope you can stop in and link up / Show off!!
Thanks SO much for stopping in today..
I sincerely appreciate it as always..
Have a lovely Wednesday.
~Stay Artsy~
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Featured Guest {Photolife Site} & Sharing..

Hello artsy friends stopping in today,
it's officially Tuesday and I have a lovely guest stopping in to join us..
 The Awesome Martin from PhotoLifeSite..*My First Gentleman Feature* I stumbled upon his blog and absolutely love all his photography!! He cooks too, and today, I'm
excited to feature him here
for just that!! Yum!!


Martin is a husband, a Dad,
and really enjoys cooking.
He loves to travel and is
a rocking photographer
who never leaves home
without his camera..He will
be sharing a heart warming
recipe with us today that
I can't wait to try. Please
stop in and indulge in all his
really cool photo logs and
awesome recipes
via Photo.Life.Site.

Some of Martin's photography
Here's a few of his
beautiful captures. There's
so much travel photography
to dig into via PhotoLifeSite.
I literally browsed for a
while. "Made me want to
pick up my camera and
head off around the world"
Without further due,
his recipe below..
Hope you enjoy..

Recipe {Autumn Stuffed Peppers}
8-10 Green Peppers
1 ½ cups rice
17 oz ground meat
( I use 50% pork
and 50% beef)
1 teaspoon savory
1 onion (chopped)
1 teaspoon paprika
1 carrot (chopped)
3-4 table spoons oil
1 teaspoon salt
black pepper
15 oz yogurt
1 egg
1 table spoon flour
Heat the oil in a pan and fry the chopped onion and carrot for a
couple of minutes, add the cleaned and rinsed rice and fry for about 4-5 min. 
Add the meat and mix everything together until the meat is browned on
very small pieces. Add all the spices, mix and remove from heat. Clean the
green peppers and stuff them with the mixture. Put them in a baking dish
(best is if you have a big crock) and pour 5 cups water. 
Bake on 400F (200C) for 40-50 min.
Mix the egg, the flour and the
yogurt. After baking the peppers
for 40 min pour the sauce
over them. If it seems too
thick add some hot water.
Bring back to boil..
Serve the peppers
and enjoy!
Isn't this recipe so easy and
sounds really great..? Love
the photo's too. I will
certainly be trying it
sometime soon..
I sincerely appreciate
having Martin here today
and hope you enjoyed his recipe and photo's. You can always stop in and check out
his travels, photo log, and enjoy some of his delicious recipes via PhotoLifeSite.
Many special Thanks Martin..
(I LOVE having guests stop in, please email me via if you will like to stop in
as a guest sometime.. It'll be my pleasure to have you)

Don't forget the Upcycling contest going on now..
Don't just recycle, re-purpose and win a gift.. --HERE
I recieved two lovely *Versatile Blogger" awards thanks to the lovely
*Bonnie* and *Rhonda*, I love reading your blogs and I am so honored..
Please stop in sometime and check out all the creativity and fun.
They are truly some kind of wonderful!! LOVE them..
The rules for this award are:
1. Thank and link back to the person
who gave the award to you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Send it along to 15 other bloggers and
let them know you have awarded them!
I’m officially playing along…
Here are 7 things about me:
1. I have so many reactions when writing, you’d think the
person reading after could see. LOL, I think it’s so bizarre!
2. I practice my arguments!!*Yes, Institutionalize me NOW*
I hate to argue and always brush things off, so most times, if I know
I have to say anything unpleasant to someone, I rehearse(SMH)
what I’d like to say before hand on my way to say it. Funny
thing is, 90% of the time, I end up saying the
exact opposite.. Grrrrrrrrrr.. lol.
#ThatIsAll (Please don’t repeat to my diet!! TY)
4.I HATE doing laundry…I really do!!
5. If I could get paid to blog everyday, I truly will QUIT my day job!
6. I’m from Liberia – (Squint NOWà ) but I’ve had Cat meat before..
(I didn’t know till after, and IT WAS MY CAT! Life time Shame on
my Nanny!! I can’t forgive her, but it totally tasted like chicken..
Brrrrrr) *Oddly, it's NOT the worst thing I've had!
7. I am addicted to EBay.. *The 1st step to recovery is
admittance ppl.. #Don’tJudgeMe .. HA!
Now that I’ve told you a few bizarre but fun facts about me, I’m
passing on the award to the 15 bloger’s that inspire me and truly are
very talented, funny and deserving of it and more..
In NO particular order (I totally just went
off – ooo, her, and oooh wait her too.. lol!!)
BLOGGERS I'm Sharing With..
I truly have a LONG list of blogger’s that inspire me. WAY more then 15 to
list and really hope this award comes around again to share it with you all.
Hope you pass it along to those that inspire you. I LOVE to see the lists and go
blog hopping and enjoy finding new friends.. Off you go ladies..
Show and tell us a bit about you and your bloggy friends..
Thanks for stopping in as always..
Have a lovely Tuesday..
~Stay Artsy.

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A Feature, UpCycling & Photo Ramblings {Day Out}

Hello artsy friends stopping in today. 
It's been such a beautiful weekend here in Boston.. I can't even
complain. Such perfect long days, warm evenings and cool soft breeze..
How was your weekend..? Hope it was really lovely and festive..
Squidoo.{Recyclye, Repurpose}.Upcycling

I was featured on Squidoo today for my .Book Page Pumpkins.
I am very excited and LOVE that Lynn randomly found me and added
me to her "Hand. Made. Halloween". page for this months edition.
You can read the article and find awesome other hand made halloween
goodies via Squidoo - Handmade-Halloween
Thanks SO much again Lynn..

Upcycling Contest 
Contest Still open till October 30th.

If you have yet to enter and have some awesome recycled crafts and more,
please make sure to add your goodies to the linky HERE ...

A $30 gift card to Michael’s & *A DIY Craft Kit

Kit sponsored by the lovely Kimberly via*

I featured my lovely sponsor Jennifer from Vintage Gwen the other day,
and Jen had a cute post about me today.. Would LOVE for you to check it out!
She's such a charmer.. Totally made me smile.. Please certainly add Jenn to
your blog reads, she has SO many awesome happenings!! Thanks Jenn.

Newport, RI..{Photo Ramblings...}
Sia In The Courtyard At The Breakers Castle :Newport. RI:
I'm sharing a bit of our trip we took to Newport RI yesterday..
Cliff Walk View
The Breakers is a Vanderbilt mansion located on Ochre Point Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, United States on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a National Historic Landmark, a contributing property to the Bellevue Avenue Historic District, and is owned and operated by thePreservation Society of Newport County.

Glimpse Of Fall..
.. The. Gang..

The Breakers Castle..

Cliff Walk..

Thanks SO much for stopping in today..
Wishing you all a great start to your week.

~Stay Artsy~
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