Flowers On A Saturday..{PROJECT P.I.N.K} & GIVEAWAY!!

Good morning lovely artsy friends stopping in today.. 
How's your Saturday so far..? I didn't get to go out this morning for 
a fun capture for my normal linking to "Flowers On A Saturday". Sia's not 
so well, so I've been in the nursery pretty much all morning playing with her.
We read a lot.. She loves BOOKS!!
We played a lot.. She loves to ride her horse and pooh train.
We watched a movie.. Shark Tales..She loves to dance to the tunes..
...Here's a lil glimpse into the nursery and a favorite book of ours...

Linking with my pixel friends...
and then, she {snapped}


*P. r. o. j. e. c. t  P. i. n. k*
{Painting The Blog World P I N K}

Are You Aware..? "Join us..?"
Over 40 blogger's and counting!
Go Pink October 3oth For A Cause.


Don't forget to enter my "Milestone Giveaway"
Ends Next Week.. Win a fun "Photographer's Treat"

Thanks so much for stopping in today!!
Wishing you a terrific weekend!!

~Stay Artsy~
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Go P. I. N. K For A Cause..{Awareness & Faith}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today..
T G I F WOOOHOO!! I'm LOVING that it's almost the weekend!!
*P. r. o. j. e. c. t  P. i. n. k*
{Painting The Blog World P I N K}
Are You Aware..? "Join us..?"
Pinned Image
One Day, as many blogger's as possible, painting our blogs P I N K
for an incredible cause "Breast Cancer Awareness". Sunday Oct 30th!!
{Project Pink} is a fun and touching day that I am putting together to
reach as many bloggers as I can to dedicate their blogs to Breast Cancer For A DAY.
I am hoping to recruit as many blogger’s as I can to simply feature a blog post
dedicated to the cause. A Fun Day Of Pink projects {Crafts, Food, Touching
Stories, Photography and Inspirations} ALL PINK ACROSS OUR
BLOGS FOR ONE DAY To raise awareness and show WE CARE!

"Every inch adds on to milestones of helping spread
awareness and standing to fight for this cause.."
...They Are Spreading The Word...
Vintage Breast CancerAwareness Book Wreath
Lana is part of  "Project Embrace"
by Etsy. She created these wreaths.
You can find these and more in her Etsy
Store. Her blog is amazing and filled with
ton's of fun findings and a creative space
you are bound to love.. Head Over!
To read more about Etsy's PROJECT

More Project 
Embrace Goodies

The proliferation of pink ribbons] to some 
extent puts a happy face on breast Cancer, …
We think breast cancer is taken care of, 
but that is so very far from the truth.
-Fran Visco

Women agonize… over cancer; we take 
as a personal threat the lump in every 
friend’s breast. -Martha Weinman 
Lear Heartsounds

Cancer is a word, not a sentence. 
 ~John Diamond
The most important thing in illness 
is never to lose heart.  ~Nikolai Lenin
The most important thing in 
illness is never to lose heart.  
~Nikolai Lenin
It’s called ‘pinkwashing,’ You say you care about
people’s lives but you’re doing things that make
them sick at  the same time. We’re saying clean
up your products or stop saying you care
about breast cancer. -Barbara Brenner

Show You Care...Reach out and touch 
someone..."Check Your Boobies" 

I am so grateful to the many blogger's who are participating!

Craft For A Cure
Share Your Stories For A Cure
Creatively Capture For A Cure
Please email me for more questions via 

Link your blog & sign up to go P I N K for a cause on October 3oth!!

>>>>>>>Grab A Button & Spread The Word<<<<<<
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Pin'Inspirational Thursdays {Linky Party Day}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today, it's officially another great
Pin'Inspirational Thursday Party Today!!!

I am excited to see everything you have created, and are ready to show off today!!
I'm in love with PINTEREST and can't wait to pin away and share in all your
creativity.. Remember, if you have yet to start adding a PIN IT button to your
craft, recipes, and photography per your blog, you can learn how to do so by
going HERE.. I'm going to start the linky off by sharing the favorites from
last week..Without further due, here the most viewed & favorite picks!!
***Grab a button, show off & spread the word***
Arlington Mama
Yellow & Grey Wedding
I can't stress how adorable all the intricate little details of this
incredible wedding features..A must see!! Pin Here..

Spooky Halloween Wreath
This wreath is super festive and the details are unique, playful 
and perfect for Halloween. Pin It Here.

Mrs Fox Sweets
Monster Halloween Brownies
These lil monsters look simply stylish but YUM!!
LOVE IT!! Pin it HERE!!

Lauren Spired
Owl Fall Wreath
This lil cutie owl totallllllly is irresistibly amazing!!
So creative! Pin It HERE..
Life In The Thrifty Lane
Halloween Frappe Bottles
I love the festive scary treats in these bottles!! Take
a closer!! Pin it HERE!!

How fun and exciting are these awesome projects?? Certainly stop in and say hello
to these lovely bloggers and indulge!!! I found so many exciting projects from
every one's link up's last week!!! Really awesome party!! Thanks everyone!!

 **Don't Forget To Enter Upcycling Contest Happening Now

Can't wait to see.. Remember--If it makes you smile
at first glimpse, it's inspirational..........Pin It!!!
Please BE a Follower {LOVE MY FRIENDS}
Please feature my button on your post/somewhere on your blog
Please No Giveaways!!! Only Crafts, Recipes, Photography
Links to ACTUAL Linked Up Projects Pweease
Browse around/ Spread the word/VISIT & be Inspired by new findings!!
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Scribblings { l .o . v . e }

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today,
how's your mid week unfolding..? it's raining and cold here in my neck
of the woods.. Hope you are all staying warm as I swear it's feeling like
spring around here.. (Too many SHOWERS!! Brrrrrrr). 
Scribblings { l. o. v. e. }
...I Scribbled this at my desk a few minutes ago..Story Below..
 {12years after I met Takeyon, we got engaged, have two children and even on
our worst of days, I couldn't choose for a better man to cherish this lifetime with..}

I wasn't going to participate in "Wordless Wednesday" or my usual photo
linkings today, but a chance to not share and indulge in photography kind of
made me sad. As I sat at my desk a few minutes ago, I thought about LOVE {Smiles}..

I am doing an engagement shoot for a dear friend of mine since high school in a few
weeks. She wanted some photo inspiration so I went on pinterest and indulged
a bit.. You can see my engagement shoot inspirational board HERE . It brought me
to think of my own engagement and my love story with my husband to be.. I HAD
to add in my own photo inspiration somehow and the first thing I thought of was the
photo above.. I took it with my phone so pardon the not so great everything BUT
the lil note totally made me smile.. YES "I'm in Love ღ..."  Share your story..

Linking With My Usuals..
U CREATE , The Perfect LinePixel Dust Photo Art
and then, she {snapped}Quotography at {My}Perspective

Thanks for sopping in as always..
~Stay Artsy~
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Pun Intended...& {Apple Pumpkin Spice Jello Shots}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today.
I have an {adult} fun treat to share that I'm very excited about..
A Fall Festive & Fun Crush!
I doubt Life Can get any better..!!!!
Some of my favorite things about fall really simply is the FOOD!!!
I LOVE TO EAT & Really Just Be Merry!! So CHEERS!!
Apple Pumpkin Spice Jello Shots..

I have been on a quest to attempt as MANY different and creative ways to serve fun
treats when we hang out with friends and family around the house. Lately, I've been
drawn to stuffed goodies. Stuffed fruit, stuffed vegetables, and as of yesterday
these awesome fun filled treats ~ "Apple Pumpkin Spice Jello Shots"..
Stick around, I'll share as many fun treats served to please the season
as I can when I succeed at them..LOL.. Without further due...My recipe..
Artsy Items Needed
***These might not all sound like they will mesh
together, but don't fret, they REALLY DO!! ***

Pumpkin Spice (Liqueur-Hiram Walker) ~Goodness.ORG
Apples (I used 5 Green Apples, but use more per your guests)
1/2 Cup Water
1/4 Cup sugar
Lemon Juice
1/2 Cup Coconut Milk
1 Envelope Knox Gellatin
2 Drops Yellow Food Coloring
An envelope of (Land O Lakes Caramel Hot Chocolate or regular)
Lets Whip Up Some Shots!!
To begin, hallow out your apples carefully, this is the hardest part besides, waiting
for your shots to be ready.. lol!! I used a SPOON to get this done, go easy
and try not to punch a hole on the bottom as the apple thins from hallowing.
You can use a melon baller as well. Squeeze some lemon juice on
your apples after to keep from browning up too quickly.

In a medium saucepan, mix up a 1/2 cup water with your envelope of hot
chocolate, and whisk to ensure it's well stirred up and all is dissolved. Add a
1/2 a cup of coconut milk and whisk it well into the hot chocolate.

While simmering, sprinkle on your gelatin and allow to sit for a few minutes
before stirring into the chocolate and coconut mix. Stir well and make sure the
gelatin is well mixed with the cocoa and coconut milk mixture.

Add 1/4 cup of sugar, stir and allow mixture to simmer for about 2mins. Add in your
food coloring (maybe two drops or a few more to get that caramel color you desire)
Mix well for about two minutes and set aside for mixture to cool. When mixture is
cooled, pour in about 1/2 cup of your pumpkin spice and mix well.
Arrange your apples in a tight fit baking pan so they aren't able to move around too
much and supporting each other side by side (less wiggle room is great!).
Pour in your jello mixture, cover and allow to refrigerate overnight.

When your apple jello's are ready, cut the halves in quarters and those
quarters into halves again... You are ready to serve if you can get past
not devouring them before your tray is filled!! *Try to serve
as soon as possible and don't allow to sit out for too long.

You are ready to get your night started with these
Festive, Fun and very much so FALL!!
Having My Fill LONG before the girls arrive! LOL!! Shhhhh..
Hope you enjoyed my treats and can try this recipe sometime..

**Don't forget to enter my "Milestone Giveaway"**
Linking Today With 
Tempt my Tummy Tuesdays

Thanks so much for stopping in and wishing you all a happy,
fun and festive fall season.. Have a great day..
~Stay Artsy~
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Milestone..{Photo Giveaway}

I thought it was only fitting to post the winner here!!
**** BRIANNA ****


Hello artsy friends stopping in today..
Hope you all had a terrific weekend. It was a bit chilly around here, but
nonetheless, I had an awesome weekend. Great night out with a few
friends and celebrated a good friend's birthday.. Great times...
**I am heading over to Blissful And Domestic for the day**  Joining
the lovably fun and creative Danielle for a fun feature on my DIY
Book Page Pumpkin Tutorial - Please stop in and say hello :)) TY


I am officially celebrating hitting a few blog milestones via an awesome giveaway.
Hope you can all play along for a chance to win some awesome prizes.
I was syndicated on BlogHer which was a pretty big deal for me!!
I was also featured on Squidoo which totally made my month!!....and lastly,
I am truly honored to have all you newest reader's here with me, and thankful for all
the ones that have stuck around since I started blogging. You guys truly are always
so encouraging and motivate, inspire and allow for so much excitement in sharing
creative perspectives on life and home improvement projects from crafts, photography,
family fun, trials, and so many beautiful moments and more.. THANK YOU!

I heart photography.. My giveaway today is for a little photo fun package..
I am giving away a Canon lens camera 24-105mm
hot/cold coffee/tea mug perfect for the seasons coming up..

...and a brand new Canon Camera Gadget Bag {Black}
Some pretty sweet photo addict treats!!! I personally LOVE the mug!!

Entry Rules
To enter, please follow these simple rules for a chance to win..
You must be a follower here at The ArtsyGirl Connection 
(otherwise how are you going to know if you win? ;)) 
For entries, you may leave an extra comment for each of 
the following :tweet, blog, and/or facebook about the giveaway
*Like my facebook page (or tell me you already do so)
*Follow me on twitter (or tell me you already do so)
*Tweet about the giveaway for extra entry
*Follow Me on Pinterest for extra entry
**5entries if you are able to Upcycle something for my
 upcycling contest going on now, that will give you a 
chance to win BOTH this giveaway and the contest!**

*This giveaway will end sometime next Tuesday 
when I announce the winner (chosen via 
Please make it easy for me to contact you via email 
or I will be forced to choose another winner.
Really excited for all those who can join in.. Can't wait to see who wins.. 
Hope you like the items I have to give and one lucky winner gets to enjoy 
them, and celebrate these amazing happenings with me.. Best of luck to
all those participating.. Please certainly spread the word!!!
{Take a moment to celebrate all the little 
things for those too are wonderful blessings}

Thanks for stopping in today...
~Stay Artsy~
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