Fall..{Photo Ramblings..}

Good afternoon artsy friends stopping in today.. How's your Saturday
afternoon coming along..? Today was a fun day, Sia had her real first play date
with her darling little friend Amelia. We took the girls to the Children's Museum
and BOY although they had an amazing time, I have to admit, it was exhausting!
So, I didn't get to sleep in as I wanted to, I guess there's always a next time. I'm
happy it's a beautiful sunny day and I got to have a little fun with my camera.
Here's a few things I captured through my lens view...
Fall..{Captured Around My Home}
...."Pumpkin Place Cards"..
Add some letter's to your pumpkins as I did & you have some creative place
cards for your dinner table.. I used some self-adhesive letters for these..
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Out On The Porch.. I {Heart} Red Leaves..
Trails Of Halloween Still Lingers..

"seeing Autumn through your eyes makes 

each day a discovery of something new & beautiful. . ."

Thanks SO much for stopping in today..
Wishing you a wonderful Saturday evening.
~Stay Artsy~

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UpCycling With Style...{Re-Do It Up}

Hello friends.. How are ya today..? It's almost FRIDAY & I'm
really excited about {Finger's Crossed} getting to sleep in a bit!!
LOL - Sad when the one thing I anticipate is SLEEP sometimes..
 I  U P C Y C L E D {With Style}

Have you been upcycling..? I have.. I've been trying to find ways to kill that 
annoying sensation of throwing things out or simply recycling when I can "Upcycle"
into better trinkets and goodies to jazz up the house.. Well, I've been up to just that 
lately and it's been really awesome creating fun and creative touches to add to our 
home. What do you think..? Those bottles above are actually a champagne and a 
vodka bottle I upcycled to add festive fall touches to my bedroom dresser!!❤ 
Wanna Create Your Own..? Here's how below.. So easy & stylish!
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*Artsy Items Needed*
*Glue Gun
*Driftwood - YES! I LOVE Driftwood!!
{Go out back and grab LOTS of funky driftwood!}
*Some ❤ Krylon {White Krylon Spray Paint}
{flower if you prefer, these where left over from a party}
*How To*
To begin, I simply spray painted the bottles I had for use. Spray
paint white until you have a satisfactory texture. I used two coats.
After drying, I gathered up some driftwood from the back yard. I tried
to collect some funky dried ones with little branches and character. Once
you have the driftwood you need, simply glue on the wood in a creative
form to get the look you want. {Yes, it's really that simple!}. After gluing
on my driftwood, I wanted to add a hint of girlish feel, I grabbed an off white
flower and some dried babies breath to add some clean and classic look to
my bottles. Use a bit of glue to place the flowers where you will like them
to go along with the flow of your now upcycled driftwood bottles!
SO  D A R L I N G ..I {Heart} ❤ Them!!
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I came up with this idea on a wimp trying to figure out what to do with ALL
the bottles we have piled up! The is SO much to do with the little bit of nature and
what you might consider "trash" around your home. Before you dump anything
out, take a second and think of creative ways to go green by Upcyling in style!!
Really hope you enjoyed my simple and fun tutorial here today! These beauties
are now on my dresser and look so stylish! I tend to think I could really see these
featured in a Pottery Barn magazine.. Yaaaye to me! RE-CREATE Always!!
*Three Weeks Of Thanks*

Are you in..? Three weeks, three projects focusing on the things we love
the most. Our Families, Frugal Crafts & Food! Join me in giving thanks 
and appreciation to the simple things that bring the biggest joys within our 
home! Hope you can join me starting November 6th!! Give Thanks & Share..
Take a look around and join all the lovely and wonderful things
happening in the blog world focused on the seasons..
Crafting for a Cause
I am participating in LadyBrille's "Operation Cards For
Soldiers" Its for a wonderful cause to help the soldiers abroad feel the love
and appreciation we have for them by sending them cards! How sweet!
Stop in and have a look and certainly join in if you can! LOVE IT!
Ornaments Exhange

I am also participating in an ornaments exchange project via the lovely
Eisy Morgan! It's such an awesome and creative way to come up with a
lovely ornament to exchange with a lovely bloggy friend. It's a great way
to also meet new blogger's and introduce yourself to a whole new audience..
I can't wait to see all the lovely ornaments featured!! Join in the fun! 
Linking Today Via
Bff open House ~The Answer Is Chocolate
Feature Yourself Friday ~ Fingerprints On The Fridge
WhiperberryTatertots And Jello

Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. 
It's always lovely to have you here.. Wishing 
you an amazing start to your weekend.. 
~Stay Artsy~
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Pin'Inspirational Thursdays {Linky Party Day}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today.. 
I can't believe how far into the year we are already.. It's 
ALMOST Christmas.. FUN FUN Winter Wonderlands.. I Love it!! 
THANKS again to EVERYONE that participated in Project Pink,
I am still seeing more posts and it's SO inspiring and moving! TY.
Enter & join me in THREE WEEKS OF THANKS starting Nov 6th!
3 weeks, 3 crafts focusing on Family, Food & Frugal Gifts!! One item
each week dedicated to the month of thanks and appreciation for the 
things we LOVE the most.. Hope you can join in pweease!!!
It's officially another beautiful craftastic day here as we get into
Pin'Inspirational Thursday Linky Party Day.
What have you created this week..Care to share it..?
Excited to see all the lovely additions and creativity linked up.. 
Here's a few favorites from last week that I ABSOLUTELY adore!!
Remember, add a PIN IT BUTTON to your posts HERE!!
This living room is SO unique & CUTE! 
I LUV the oranges!~(Pin Here)
So creative and festive!! I {Heart} This! ~(Pin Here)
Vintage Charm Rolltop Desk 
Via Designpardeux

Double Take: Junior Rolltop Desk Before & AfterDouble Take: Junior Rolltop Desk Before & After
These are TOTALLY adorable!
~ So creatively awesome!!~(Pin Here!)

Sooo Many AWESOME & Creative links last week! THANKS
to all who came by and linked!! YOU guys ROCKED IT!!!
If it makes you smile at first glimpse, it's inspirational..........Pin It!!! 
L E T S  P A R T Y ~ SHOW OFF!!!

Please BE a Follower {LOVE MY FRIENDS}
Please feature my button on your post/somewhere on your blog
Please No Giveaways!!! Only Crafts, Recipes, Photography
Links to ACTUAL Linked Up Projects Pweease
Browse around/ Spread the word/VISIT & be Inspired by new findings!!

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S'mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies {Mouthful}

Hello friends stopping in today.. It's SUPER chilly here in Boston!
We even had snow this past weekend.. YUCK!! In a way, it's almost
as if we skipped through the "Thanksgiving" weather and moved on to
Christmas.. Never had snow this early before I don't think..Hmmm..
......I'm feeling like Christmas, Cocoa & Cookies.
S'mores Stuffed Chocolate 
Chip Cookies....{Nom Nom Nommmm!!}
{I googled a bunch of recipes- So many fun 
ways to get to the CoOokie}
Artsy Items Needed
*2 sticks (8 ounces) softened butter
*1 cup granulated sugar
*¾ cup packed light brown sugar
*2 eggs
*1 tablespoon vanilla
*3½ cups all-purpose flour
*1 teaspoon kosher salt
*1 teaspoon baking soda
*2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
*24 graham cracker quarters or 12 full 

sheets separated at perforations
*3 Hershey Bars, broken into rows of 3 bars
*12 large marshmallows cut in half lengthwise

(My girlfriend took a look at this list and resulted to 
baking hers simply using a pre-packed cookie 
package from Betty Croacker!) LOL
Recipe {I Followed}
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and line 
baking sheet with parchment liner
2. In a stand beat the butter and sugars until light and fluffy. 
Add eggs and vanilla, continue to beat until well combined.
3. Place flour, salt and baking soda into a bowl; mix to combine 
then add slowly to wet ingredients along with the chocolate chips.
4. Layer a graham cracker quarter with 3 Hershey chocolate squares 
and 2 marshmallow halves. Close with another graham cracker. 
5. Top s’more with a large scoop of cookie dough. Place in hands and 
place another large scoop on bottom then front and back sides as needed. 
Form dough around s’mores. Will get messy, but stick with it, it does
 not have to be perfect. S’mores will move around but it’s no big deal. 
6. Place large cookies onto prepared baking sheet and bake for 15-17 minutes 
or until edges are golden and centers are cooked through. Let cool for 
10 minutes before transferring to cooling rack or serving plate.
Break apart and enjoy all the yummy melted marshmallow and chocolate!!
What fall deserts are you obsessing over lately..? I have SO
many I want to try and hopefully will LOVE to share with you..
Linking Up With

I am hosting a THREE WEEKS OF THANKS SERIES starting
next week. A simple project to focus on "thanks" around the thanksgiving
season. "Family, Food & Frugal Crafts ~ starting the 6th of November!!
Care to join me..? Three weeks ~ Three Projects ~ Enjoying the spirit
of giving thanks and appreciation to those that matter the most..
For more info, please email me at


***Don't forget to come back tomorrow and link up ALL your goodies
at Thursday's Pin'Inspirational Linky Party*** I've seen a LOT this week
that I'm totally absolutely L O V I N G !! Love When You Share With Me!***

Have a FAB Wednesday...
~Stay Artsy~
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Upcycling Contest... {Winner Revealed}

Top of the morning to you lovely souls.. How was your Halloween..?
I had an amazing time handing out candy and checking out all the lovely
costumes around the neighborhood. Fun times!! My two favorites where an actual
group of "tween's" all dressed up in black sweat suits with different color wrist bands
and calling themselves the "Jamaican BOB SLED TEAM!!!" Bwaahaaha! SMH & the
loveliest little corpse bride EVER!! She was soo tiny and so adorable!! Lovely night.
UPCYCLING CONTEST {Revealing A Winner}
THANK YOU to ALL that participated in my Upcycling Contest this past
month. It was really SO much fun to see all the amazing Re-Do's and creativity
placed into making so many item's just THAT MUCH BETTER!! I loved all
the idea's and wish EVERYONE could win something just for simply participating.
Again, thank you to ALL the lovely ladies that participated. You guys ROCK!!!
Here's the winner picked by votes and some of my favorite projects
featured along the way. Remember ~ don't just simply
....................WINNER BY "118 LIKES" IS
T'Muffin ~ *Quiet Books*
A bowl of cereal and milk. The colorful cereal pieces can
be hidden in the bowl or pulled out the bottom of the bowl.
 A quiet book is like a cloth activity book that is interactive, so it keeps kids busy (and quiet).
She Say's : What makes my quiet books different than many you see out there
is that I use fabric scraps from clothing, sweaters, blankets, and pieces from my
other projects. A lot of quiet books are made from felt. Using felt is easy; why
would I go the easy route?! Nope, I make it a lot harder on myself by using
fabric (some that frays), interfacing, and the almighty zig zag stitch.
The flower heads slip off the buttons and can be rearranged.
The cars snap onto ribbons so they don't get lost if you're
traveling, but you can remove them and drive them along
the roads or through the tunnel.
How ridiculously awesome and creative..? This is such a neat idea and
I LOVE it.. Very creative and an excellent way to recycle scraps of materials
and other goodies into upcycled adorable books that are interactive
and really lovable.. Thanks SO much for sharing your quiet books and
upcycling with STYLE!! ***CONGRATULATIONS***!!!
The prizes won today are a $30 Target Gift Card via
The ArtsyGirl Connection & an amazing DIY craft kit
from Kimba's2Cents. Woohoo!! Enjoy...;)))

Upcycled Goodies Submitted:
Dresser Turned Media Center
I LOVE THIS!! Such an amazing RE-DO!!!

Halloween Frapp Bottles
So creative, fun and FESTIVE for the season!!
Felting Gone Wrong!!!
After!!! "So super CUTE!!"

Are these ladies AWESOME or what..? I love all the awesome idea's I picked up
from all the entries and sincerely THANK you all again for upcycling with me. To
see all the amazing entries and where to find them, please see HERE..
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Happy Halloween {From Our Lovely Squiggy Pig}

Good Evening Artsy Friends
It's officially time to head out for some fun!!
* * * Off We Go.....Trick Or Treaaaaat * * * 
Happy Halloween From A 
Special Squiggly Piggy

Safe, Sound & SpoOootacular 
Evening To Y oOooou..
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Flash Back Halloween, 6 Wicked Day's Of Halloween PARTY..

                                       Good Morning Artsy Friends Stopping In Today!!!
SPECIAL THANK YOU to all that participated in Project Pink
yesterday. It was such an amazing and moving day and I have YOU all to
thank for making it a huge success. I can't express enough THANK YOUS.

F L A S H  B A C K H A L L O W E E N
It's FINALLY here ~**Happiest Of Halloween To You ALL**~
How are you celebrating your day today..?  can't wait to see all the lovely
costumes around the blog world..We are giving out candy today for a change IF
there's any left as I've seen a few naughty goblins digging in the bags already.. LOL
I can't wait to share a picture of my little sweet piggy with ya later on. Sia's going to
be a squiggly pig and Caley a SCREAM character! I think he's getting over the
whole hype about dressing up the older he gets, it's sad to say but I think this will
be his last year actually going out dressed up :(( How fast they grow... *TEARS*
I decided to have a little flash back fun with a few costumes from the last few years
for the day. I will be posting pictures of our day today on Wednesday :))
Sia's 1st Halloween
The Cutest Lady Bug...
Waaaaaay Before Sia came along, but well after Caley......
LOL - I was an 80's Chic..
Me & Caley (Pregnant With Sia) - 2009 I was Mrs Teapot (My belly was FULL!!)
HA - I have so many fun Halloween photo's and it's awesome to flip through and flash back to the wacky fun days.. Although Caley's much older now, I still look forward to
sharing Halloween "dressing up fun times" with Sia.. Cherish all the special little years...
~ 6 Wicked Day's Of Halloween ~
It's officially DAY 6 today and we are celebrating this Halloween crawl day
over at Jenna's Via Two Oh Two Seven with an awesome Halloween feature!
Halloween Luminaries
Incase You've missed the last 5day's, here's a little recap of what we shared!!
Me - Marilyn Via The Artsygirl Connection - (Day 1)
(heeheehee<~Scary laugh - Haaha!)
This Scummy goodness recipe (YUM) can be found HERE..

Jessica Via Hill Country Home Body - (Day 2)
How creative and out of this world unique!! I love it!!
Bonnie Via A-Wee-Meenit - (Day 3)
A MUST try.. Yummmmy!!
Rachel Via The Crinkled Home - (Day 4)
Creepily Awesome!!!
Laura Via Ms-Smartie-Pants (Day 5)
~"Witchie Hostess Gift" So Unique & fun..
Laura's Witchie Hostess Gift Preview
31st - Jenna Via Two Oh Two Seven (Day 6)
It's been really FUN and lovely sharing this project with such lovely and creative
ladies and I hope you all enjoyed our features and are able to indulge and pick
something up for your next Halloween coming up before you know it..
Thanks SO much for stopping in today. Wishing you all a
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