Thankful For... {Great Hobbies}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today,
hope everyone is well.. It's Saturday and I have a million errands to
run today.. "Pout".. lol. What's cooking around your way..? I am
participating in the lovely Ewa's Saturday linking this morning for
"Flowers On A Saturday"
Sharing my photo of the day, depicting a snow man and a rose..
........"COLD ROMANCE"
....One of my FAVORITE hobbies will certainly have to photography.. Thankful for captured moments...
Linking With Flowers On A Saturday
*Christmas Cheer's ~ Join & Share 
your creativity with us and some friends*
Myself and my awesome bloggy 
bff Jen from Vintage Gwen present
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Nov 20th - Dec 20th
Advent Calendar Or Ornament you created
Share Your Favorite Festive Holiday Recipe 
Capture Christmas Your Way - Santa Foto Fun
Reveal & Share Your Christmas Tree With Us..
Please Join Us.. We would LOVE to have you!! 
For more information or to join in, please email myself or Jen via

Share in some Christmas fun here and all around..

Thanks SO much for stopping in today.
Wishing you a lovely Saturday.
~Stay Artsy~

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Thankful For ..Veteran's &.{Great Neighbors}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today. T G I F!! 
Hope everyone is staying dry as the rain here in Boston is INSANE.. 
Not complaining though, it could really be far worse {SnOw}.. 
My Super Awesome Veteran... SALUTE
A hero is someone who has given his or her
life to something bigger than oneself..

"A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much 
as a good one is a great blessing."
Happy Printable's..
Spare a second to thank our neighbors for the comfort and peace
of mind they allow us to have in terms of our children and space.
I am wrapping up some hot cocoa dry mix in a jar with this
awesome printable tag I made today for my neighbors(the great
ones that Sharing my Holiday Cheer's with you.. Enjoy..
I think it came out great, hope it works for you..

I really have the best and worst set of neighbors all within stone throw distance. 
We will talk about the nice ones today. My neighbors next door are the sweetest
couple ever. They are very thoughtful, kind to the children and go out of their 
way lots of times to inform us of things, share stories and occasionally some
gardening when the weather permits. We've been neighbors for a few years now
and it's funny to hear them recap to Sia "we remember your mom bringing you
home for the first time, and now seeing you run and talk is just so amazing!" ..
Yes I really simply, adore and {heart my neighbors}. Today, I plan on showing
them a little bit of appreciation by simply stopping in to say THANKS, for
helping us try to maintain a safe, peaceful, quiet and loving environment
we share..Since I'm sharing next door, why not with you next door
in my blog world as well.. I {Heart} you neighbors.
A little Treat For Your 
Hallway This Thanksgiving!
I made this subway art for the hallway to frame up for thanksgiving
day. I'm sharing it with you to remind us all of the simple fun things
that thanksgiving season is really all about.. ~Enjoy..
Hope you get to step out and share your thankful spirit
with the neighbors you love the most this month..
Thankful to have you stop in today.
Wishing you an amazing start to your weekend.
~Stay Artsy~
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Pin'Inspirational Thursdays {Linky Party Day}

Hello artsy friends stopping in today..It's officially another beautiful craftastic 
Pin'Inspirational Thursday here today.. "Create, Link & Share"..
I am hosting a Three Weeks Of Thanks Projects...What are you thankful for?
Join me all month long in showing thanks and appreciation for the things
that matter most - Family{friends}, Frugal Crafts & Food!! Wanna join in?
please see here and link up all month long.. {3Weeks Of Thanks}

Join me and lots of bloggy friends all around capture Christmas in "12 Hours 
of Christmas Cheer!". Joyous photo memories to warm your heart this 
Christmas. 1Post - Photo Series {Capture 3things close to your heart this 
Christmas} & share a bit about those special moments featured.. 
It is Christmas in the heart that puts 
Christmas in the air.  ~W.T. Ellis
I am very excited to see all the crafty goodies, recipes and seasonal inspiration
you've all put together this past week in posts all around!! Woohoo!
What have you created this week..Care to share it..?
Excited to see all the lovely additions and creativity linked up.. 
Here are a few favorites from last week that I ABSOLUTELY adore!!
Remember, add a PIN IT BUTTON to your posts HERE!! Thanks
again to all who linked up as always.. It's really special to have you here!!
So many creative links and crafty goodies, I indulged in SO much!

Sparkle Boots ~ These will make a special
little girl SO happy this Christmas~ {Pin'It}
So creative!! Dollar Store Crafts ROCK!!{Pin'It}
How FABULOUS is this re-do?! Beautiful! {Pin'It}

Ode To Inspiration
What a beautiful and creative advent calendar?!{Pin'It}

Bliss Images And Beyond 
Frosted Candles!!*Totally reminds me of Christmas*
Dollar store crafts simply ROCK!{Pin'It}

Aren't these features SO creative and simply awesome..? I LOVE them!!
If it makes you smile at first glimpse, it's inspirational..........Pin It!!! 
L E T S  P A R T Y ~ SHOW OFF!!!

Please BE a Follower {LOVE MY FRIENDS}
Please feature my button on your post/somewhere on your blog
Please No Giveaways!!! Only Crafts, Recipes, Photography.
Links to ACTUAL Linked Up Projects Pweease
Browse around/ Spread the word/VISIT & be Inspired by new findings!!
Thankful to have you here today. Wishing you an awesome day..
~Stay Artsy~

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Thankful For {Artsy Guests} ~Danielle

Hello friends stopping in today. It's Wednesday and SUPER lovely outside..
So weird! I have a feeling the last two days are prep for a storm of some kind.
lol.. I live in New England and lately, the weather has been very FAR off then what
the season calls for. Not complaining though.. I'm going for a walk at lunch for sure!
Blissful and Domestic
I have a lovely and very talented crafty bloggy friend stopping in today. She's
the super sweet mommy Danielle from Blissful and Domestic. I absolutely
adore how creative and crafty she is in all that she does. Stop in sometime and
leave with thrifyty, fun and creative inspirations on so much from food, home
improvement to seasonal crafts and more.. She SIMPLY RoCkS!
......& YES.. She's actually one of my new sponsor's that I {Heart}
Little Glimpse Into Her World.. Stop In And Visit For More..
Without further due, please join me in welcoming Danielle...

 Hello Lovelies! I am so excited to be here at The Artsy Girl Connection!I have
a fun recipe to share with you, which will get you in the red and orange, fall mood.
But before I get started...let me introduce myself. I am Danielle and my home
is over at Blissful and Domestic. I love to blog about sewing, crafts, recipes,
home-school, etc. Basically anything that allows me to use my creative gene.
I love thrift stores and re-purposing, which is mainly what you will see from me.
I love taking some one's cast offs and make them into something fantastic. So
in a nutshell I am a crafting Mom, who loves to blog and share with all
my blogging friends. Now that you know a little about me lets move onto
some yummy food, to keep us warm as the temperatures keep dropping...
I found a recipe for Pumpkin chili in the Smith's add.Well I decided to
build upon that recipe and make it my own. So let's get our
crock pots out and lets make some Pumpkin Turkey Chili.
Here is what you will need..
2 cans kidney beans (undrained)
1 can tomato sauce
1 can diced tomatoes
minced garlic
(I used the jar ones)
2 cups of pumpkin
1 lb. ground beef
1 green pepper
salt & pepper
chili powder
Here is What you do
Begin browning your turkey in a pan.
I like to add Lawry's and minced onions to my meat.
Once your meat is cooked, add all ingredients to the crock pot.
Don't forget to dice up your green peppers.
and sprinkle generously with chili powder, pepper, and salt.
We like our chili spicy!
I Let sit and "Get Happy" as my dad would put it for about 4 hours.

Serve with some corn bread and top it with cheese and sour cream.
It is DELISH! I hope you all get a chance to try out this recipe.
Stop by and tell me how you and your family liked it.
Blissful and Domestic {Where to find and link with Danielle}
Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Browse my Pinterest 
Follow me with BlogLovin Send Me an E-mail Link up at My Party
Thanks SO much for stopping in Danielle.. Really have to try your
recipe sometime soon! Y U M !! Hope you all enjoyed having my lovely
friend Danielle here today as much as I did. Stop in and say hello sometime!
Super thankful for awesome bloggy friends stopping in throughout the year!
Don't forget - it's the season to be thankful and appreciate all the little things.
*Link & Share your thanksgiving creativity with me all month long here*
My three weeks of thanks continues next week with "FOOD". Would LOVE
for you to stop in and share your favorite thanksgiving recipes with me.
SHOW OFF tomorrow at my Pin'Inspirational Thursday's Party..
Can't wait to see all you've created this week.. Wooohoo.. Super
excited & thankful FOR Y O U!! Have a wonderful
and craftastic day today!.. CIAO Friends..
~Stay Artsy~

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Thankful For {My Little Moments}

Good evening lovely friends stopping in today. How was your day..?
Today, I came home a bit early before everyone else and had a really quiet
and nice moment all to myself. The house was clean and nothing timely
needed to be done <--JaCkPoT!! I LIVE for these moments as I rarely get
anytime at all to simply even think when I walk in the door after a long day
of work.. Can you relate.? Heehee! I can't express how joyful I was to be
able to kick my shoes off, relax a bit and uuum INDULGE in a warm cup
of hot cocoa all to myself with no one around to say "Can I have A Sip!"
Yum!...Here's how I indulged..ALL BY MYSELF.. 
............. Simply Thankful 
{For My Little Moments}
                      Stop, Sit & Sip With Me..Yummy..

Its The Little Moments That Make Life B I G ❤

All Done.. I am actually not only thankful for my moment, but loving
that this totally put me in a joyous Christmas spirit as well.. : ))
Oh Boy....{I hear K i d S..} Off I go!!
Wishing you a lovely Tuesday evening.. 
Hope you come back tomorrow for a lovely guest feature..
The Lovely Danielle From Blissful & Domestic Is stopping in!
***I am co-hosting "A Special Christmas Soiree" With Jen Via Vintage Gwen
& I can't wait to share all about it coming up! Christmas warms my heart***
Hope you can join us.. Announcing it shortly.. Please Stay Tuned.. : )) 
Linking With 
 project aliciathe paper mamanaptime momtog

and then, she {snapped} 
~Stay Artsy~
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Three Weeks Of Thanks..{Thankful For..}

Hello friends stopping in today, how are you all on this lovely Monday..? 
I am starting my "Three Weeks Of Thanks" project today. It's a project to focus 
on giving thanks and appreciation to the things that matter the most within our 
hearts...Family{& friends}, Food, & Frugal Crafts.. I am really happy and hope
my features reach you warmly and add a loving touch of "Thanks, love and 
inspiration to your season of giving thanks all around this month.."
I'm Thankful For.. {Frugal Crafts}
...........Yarn Turkey
*Artsy Items Needed*
Yarn{Brown & light brown}
{For my dark brown ~I found yarn with speckles of color} 
1 9inch & 1 4inch Polystyrene Balls
Wooden Craft Sticks{Wood Skewers}
Assorted Colorful Craft Paper
Felt {wattle & yellow triangles for beaks}
Eyes - Plastic Eyes From Michael's
*How To*
Grab the kids & have some fun!!
To begin, cut a 1-inch sliver off the bottom of a 9-inch polystyrene ball. This 
will allow your turkey to stand flat. Carefully wrap up the sphere neatly in thick 
dark-brown yarn, covering surface completely. {Be aware at all times to try to 
keep the bottom flat to enable your turkey to stand flat at the end}. 
Tie a knot on the bottom to secure it into place tightly. 
Create a 4-inch ball from your light-brown yarn. Once you ball is fully covered 
in yarn, take both yarn balls and carefully attach your light ball yarn to the 
dark one using a craft stick (I tried using a craft stick but actually prefer 
wood skewers much better). It was much easier to insert and I noticed 
could move the turkeys head around a bit more. Once your turkey is in 
place and both yarn ball's attached, it's time to give your turkey a face. 
Create fun facial features using felt. {Yellow and Red Felt}
Trinkets Needed For Facial Parts Of Turkey
Glue on your eyes where you want to the light brown yarn ball.
Cut out yellow triangles for the beak, and long red felt teardrops as the wattle
and glue them on to add to the turkey's facial features. . Cut out your feather 
shapes from colored craft paper and bend in half lengthwise to create seam. Take a 
moment with the little ones and write out some fun things close to your heart that 
you are thankful for this year. Carefully glue wooden craft stick to the bottom 
third of your thankful feathers and insert in a fan shape on turkey body. I 
found some fall stickers at Michael's that I added to the mix (Scarecrow head, 
leaves & fall cut outs.). It really jazzed up my feathers and brought an all around 
fall feel to the turkey. I added some yellow felt buttons to give my turkey a 
a fancy little look and a touch of color to the brown. Turned out really cute.
The kids had a wonderful time writing out their notes of thanks!! 
I got some thankful for loving parents, thankful for candy, & uuum thankful
for awesome video games!!! LOL.. What are you thankful for...???...Insert all 
your lovely notes of thanks all throughout the season of Thanksgiving.. 
I even added one for a few fun bloggy friends around.. Did you notice..? 
Take a peak.. : )) YES - I'm thankful for YOU!!
 I am sharing my thankful turkey with my friends and family this thanksgiving.
I placed it in the welcome hallway we have, along with a pen and some 
more cut outs for everyone to have a moment to share a thankful message 
with us as they come along and visit throughout the season. I can't 
wait to sit, reflect and read all the amazing thankful notes 
left at the end of November..Super Excited...

How are you showing thanks and appreciation throughout the month of
thanksgiving this year..? Care to share with me..? There's a linky below
to allow for you to please showcase all your lovely thanksgiving crafts
you have created this month all month long.. Can't wait to see.. Please 
take a moment to stop in and visit these lovely ladies sharing some 
awesome projects in various ways to give thanks throughout 
the month.. Grab a button, spread the word.. 
The Letter 4
Jane ~ Adventures In Dinner
........& Many many more..
I Am VERY Thankful For YOU.. Thank You~!
Next Week Will Be Week TWO of Thanks ~ "Food"
Join me next week and share your 
favorite thanksgiving recipes..
Linking Today With 
Ladybird Ln
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Made by You Mondays at Skip to my Lou
Strut Your Stuff at Saturday Mornings
DebbieDoos Monday Newbie Party

DIY Club
~Stay Artsy~

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