Glimpse Of Christmas...{Fun Inspirations}

Good evening artsy friends stopping in today. Hope you are all having an
amazing and FUN weekend..I spent the last 24hours CLEANING {Insert FACE}.
My sister, nephew and a few cousins are staying over for thanksgiving this upcoming
week, and we have all been BLEACHING DOWN THE HOUSE!! YEP! I 
went through SO many old but happy findings, moved a lot around and actually 
got around to bringing up our Christmas decorations to start adding a glimpse 
of Christmas around in bits and pieces.. I am SO excited and absolutely 
ADORE the season. How are you decorating..? Here are a few inspirations 
I pulled together, all borrowed!..Indulge With Me~
A Little Glimpse Of Christmas.{Inspirations}.
DIY Covered Christmas Board Tree's
How festive and creative are these..? LOVE.
Christmas Decor Frame {I HEART THIS!}
Yummmmy.. What a fun way to warm you up!!
Holiday Stenciled Sign ~ I Would LOVE one of these!!

Little Scandinavian
How darling is this advent Calendar..? I LOVE it..
Hope You Are INSPIRED!! I AM!! Monday, I'm featuring my 
first DIY Christmas Feature.. Can't wait to share with you!!
Create & Share via these awesome projects!!
  • I am a huge pixel junkie and what's better then sharing
  •  my photo's via The Little Joy's Of Christmas..!?!
  • Join me and a few fun blogger's in a special
  • 12 Hours Of Christmas Cheer!!
  • A Fun Christmas Photo Series..(Over 15blogger's so far!)
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  • your creativity with us and some friends*
    Myself and my awesome bloggy 
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    Nov 20th - Dec 20th
    Advent Calendar Or Ornament you created
    Share Your Favorite Festive Holiday Recipe 
    Capture Christmas Your Way - Santa Foto Fun
    Reveal & Share Your Christmas Tree With Us..
    Please Join Us.. We would LOVE to have you!!
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Thanks SO much stopping in.
Wishing you an amazing Saturday evening..
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Thankful For... {Service}

Good evening artsy friends stopping in today, thanks SO much to all 
the wonderful hearts that stopped in to share all the lovely features they 
created in their blog world here today. I have so many fun findings to
indulge in and can't wait to share some of my favorites with you all shortly.
Did you PIN today? Here's a host of inspirations to get your crafty bones 
going.. Create, Share and stay inspired via Pin'Inspirational Thursdays here.
Operation Card For Soldiers
         ...........{Crafting For A Cause}
*  * So Thankful For Men & Women In Service *  * 
A little while ago, I joined in with LadyBrille LN & Someday Crafts to participate
in a heart warming cause - *Operation Cards For Soldiers*. It's a project dedicated to 
sending wonderful heart felt cards to the ones protecting, serving, gone from home 
and their loved ones to make sure we are safe and sound each day within our country.
Ordinary men, women, mom's, sister's,
daughter's, son's like you and me...
Leave their trusted safe and sound homes, children and
loved ones each year, deployed to serve and protect...
Fight for strangers, Fight for their families,
All behind the scenes we tend to forget.
I am thankful for J E N N!! She's a soldier deployed right now away from home,
she has a lovely blog that is really worth checking out Via Jenn-Mcclure.
We love, care and are sincerely thankful for her service each day!!

Today, I stopped by my local CVS and used up my CVS bucks I had saved up to 
splurge on some awesome Christmas cards to send abroad to the awesome men and
women of  "Camp Phoenix" in Kabul Afghanistan. Although hardly enough to 
show how much appreciation, gratitude and respect I have for their service, I
hope my thoughtful words and warm wishes of thanks, season's greetings and
love reaches them with smiles, and remind them that we all care and keep 
them close to heart and in our prayer's  here at home all through the year.
         .......A lil twist to my cards!
I decided to write them thank you notes and Christmas wishes on little Christmas
wish tags. I then placed the wish tags within a Christmas card that I left blank for
them to be able to send to someone close to their heart here at home. I thought it'll
be nice to send them a blank card they can write out for their families here at home.
I mailed my cards off this evening with lots of smiles and a happy feeling
of warmth. I wish I could do more, but knowing I sent a thoughtful wish
and a BIG THANK YOU totally made my day. A little went a long way. 
Crafting for a Cause
Have you spread any thankful cheers so far this month..? If not, here's a great
way to send someone a piece of seasonal warmth and gratitude they more than
deserve. Take a moment and check out Operation Card For Soldiers! What a great
cause I am more than thankful to have participated in.. I {Heart} Our Soldiers!..
No amount of medal's can show our gratitude and sincere *Thank You*..
Few Tips To Participate
-do NOT seal the envelopes
-only write supportive and encouraging notes
-you may include email or mailing address
-stickers and glitter are OK
-envelopes may be decorated
-if mailing large quantities please ship in bulk. Its cheaper for you
and easier for them.
-Please include the total amount of cards you send if mailing multiples. It helps greatly!
You don't need money for postage, Operation Christmas Cards ships the letters in bulk.
Shipping can be expensive, so if you wish to donote to shipping, you can do so on the website.
The cards are needed by 28 November!
Operation Christmas Cards
PO Box 102
Shrewsbury MA 01545
 If using UPS/FedEx/DHL etc.:Liberty Churches
ATTN:Operation Christmas Cards
495 Hartford Turnpike
Shrewsbury MA 01545
**     **    ***  ** **
Pin'Inspirational Thursday's is still open ~ You can still link HERE!
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Delightful Order
The DIY Show OffDIY Club
Thanks So much for stopping in today.
Wishing you an amazing start to your weekend.. 
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday..

Hello artsy friends stopping in today..It's officially another beautiful craftastic 
Pin'Inspirational Thursday here today.. "Create, Link & Share"..
Thanks to all who linked up last week, SO many great features!! If you 
missed it, swing by and take a look and share in some awesome findings.. 
Take a minute and join in some fun projects around here.. 
I have a creative co-host for Pin'Inspirational Thursday's starting next week.
Please join me in welcoming the lovely Jane via Adventures In Dinner!!
She will officially be joining Pin'Inspirational Thursday's here and I can't wait 
to share all her fun finding's and creative artsy features with you. Please stop in and 
say hello.. Her blog is REALLY awesome!! SO many great features I {heart} her.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** 
Here are some of the favorite findings 
from last week I pinned...{Love It!}
So delicate, LOVE the intricate details and colors!! ~{Pin Here}

**So festive, creative and reminds me of Christmas** {Pin Here}
Twirly-Whirly Apple Girls {I Heart them}
These skirts are soo creative and the models Adorably DARLING!!

Changing My Destiny ~ DIY Thermostat Frame
I love this one of a kind creativity! Its a 1st for me! So pretty!~ (Pin Here}
Thermostat Frame
Christi Cox1979 ~{Pin Here} 
Frozen Peanut Butter Pie
Words cannot express how much I WANT A PIECE~YUMMYNESS!

Aren't these features SO creative and simply awesome..? I LOVE them!!

If it makes you smile at first glimpse, it's inspirational.....Pin It!!! 

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Thankful to have you here today. Wishing you an awesome day..
~Stay Artsy~

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Photo Linking..{Edit Me Is Back}

Hello artsy friends stopping in today, I am happy to announce that I'm jumping
back into "Edit Me" Challenges. I was off for a while as the site moved, things
changed but all is settled now and I'm super excited to be able to each week share
my edits and join in photo linking..
** ** ** **
EDIT ME ~ Week 26
Original Version Of Photo

My Edited Version For Challenge

Linking Today With
Create & Share, The Perfect Line, Pixel Dust Photo Art &....
and then, she {snapped}Quotography at {My}Perspective
 Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. Please stop in tomorrow
for another Pin'Inspirational Thursday here -- with fun features and a surprise HOST!!
PARTY PARTY ON DOWN MORROW.. Share your crafts with me pweease!!
**Thanks SO much for stopping in today**
~Stay Artsy~
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Three Weeks Of Thanks..{Thankful For Food.#2.}

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today. Hope everyone is having
a lovely start to your morning.. I am continuing in my "Three Weeks Of Thanks"
project today with another feature of Food for "Food Week" this week. Please 
stop in and visit Adventures In Dinner & The Letter Four Blog's for fun 
thanksgiving features all week long and more.. Super Inspiring..
Today, I'm sharing a great appetizer my family really loves and we tend to have 
quiet a bit around here.. YUP - even on thanksgiving. It's becoming a tradition to 
add deviled eggs as an appetizer to special meals around the holidays. Hope you 
enjoy this rather very simple tutorial and are inspired to add it to your table.
Thankful For ....{Food}
.........Stuffed Deviled Eggs

Artsy Ingredients Needed
  •  1 dozen eggs 

    2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise 
  • 1/4 teaspoon Tabasco 
  • Salt and pepper
  • Paprika
  • (Garnishing of your choice)
  • HOW TO 
  • ............{Put your SOUL into it!!}
  • To begin, make some hard boiled eggs, peel and set aside. 
  • Grab a knife and cut off the top and a little of the bottom (To enable 
  • your eggs to stand on their own in the end, do this before scooping out yolk 
  • or else your egg might fall apart easily later when trying to cut off the bottom) of 
  • your eggs carefully. You should be able to see the yolk sticking out a bit. 
  • Carefully scoop it all out into a bowl.  Set your eggs aside. In your bowl with 
  • yolks, use a fork to mix up your mustard, mayonnaise, Tabasco, salt and pepper 
  • all together. Mix well until blended perfectly. (The Tabasco really adds that 
  • extra sass to the flavor!!). Once everything is blended. Use a teaspoon to 
  • fill up your eggs carefully to the top and a little over. Garnish with
  • paprika, chives, or anything fresh..EVEN B A C ON bits!! Yummmy!!
  • These will serve as a quick fix appetizer for thanksgiving.. It goes really quick and are
  • just so darn delicious.. Hope you get a chance to make some of your own! What are
  • you feasting on this thanksgiving..? What awesome recipes are you thankful for 
  • a chance to share with your loved ones this month..? Care to share..? Please 
  • take a moment and share your festive food via my "Three Weeks Of Thankslinky 
  • HERE all month long.. Can't wait to indulge.. Hope you find some goodies too!
  • I Am VERY thankful For YOU.. Thank You~!
  • Join me next week for "Family" features..It'll be the final
  • series in my three weeks of thanks project..
  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • I am a huge pixel junkie and what's better then sharing
  •  my photo's via The Little Joy's Of Christmas..!?!
  • Join me and a few fun blogger's in a special
  • 12 Hours Of Christmas Cheer!!
  • A Fun Christmas Photo Series..(Over 15blogger's so far!)
  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • *Christmas Soiree ~ Still Open ~ Join & Share
    your creativity with us and some friends*
    Myself and my awesome bloggy
    bff Jen from Vintage Gwen present
  • **A Special Christmas Soiree**
    Nov 20th - Dec 20th
    Advent Calendar Or Ornament you created
    Share Your Favorite Festive Holiday Recipe
    Capture Christmas Your Way - Santa Foto Fun
    Reveal & Share Your Christmas Tree With Us..
    Please Join Us.. We would LOVE to have you!!
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    For more information or to join in, please email myself or Jen via
    Share in some Christmas fun here and all around..
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  • Linking Today with
Wishing you an incredible and inspiring Tuesday!
~Stay Artsy~

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Thankful For... {FOOD}

Hello artsy friends stopping in today, I am continuing my 
"Three Weeks Of Thanks" series today and featuring Food!
What's more heart warming around the thanksgiving season then hearty food.?
Please join me by sharing your favorite thanksgiving recipes ALL WEEK LONG!
Mixed Berry Crisp
...............{Autumn In A Jar}
This recipe serves both as a quick fix dessert and a gift {A little piece of Autumn 
in a jar}. Jar up some of your favorite fruits, nuts and more and show thanks 
with a bit of the season in a jar to warm up loved ones day. I gave these 
jars to a few friends today. Here's how to jar up some autumn of your own.. 
Artsy Ingredients Needed
*A few mason jars for your crisps
*Mixed berries {I used blue and black berries}1 Cup
*White or brown sugar per cup of fruit - 1Tablespoon
*1 Tablespoon Of Flour (Sparingly depending on how much fruit)
*Cinnamon and Almond Extract (About half a teaspoon)
Topping Mix
Chopped Almonds
3/4 Cup Flour
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Cup Old Fashioned Oats
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1 Stick Chilled Butter Unsalted (slice into pieces)
To begin, wash your fruit or if thawed out fruit, give it a rinse and allow to sit
and drain for a few minutes. You can get as creative as possible with all sorts
of fruits available to you.. Peaches, cherries, raspberries and more. After draining
your fruit, add your flour, sugar and extracts all together and mix well. 
Once you are all set mixing everything together, scoop up your fruit mixture and 
place into your jars. Get as much fruit to measure up to the first line in your jar.
It's okay to splurge.. The fruit MAKES the jar, so add enough to each jar.
I started a separate batch for baking while making my jars : )) 
Mixing Topping
Mix all your toppings listed given above. It'll be a little workout trying 
to mix it together well but take a moment, wash your hands 
and dig in to mix very well. (Smells Amazing).
When you are done mixing your toppings, grab a handful and carefully press it down 
to top your fruit already in your jar. Pack it up and press down to have it evenly over 
the top. I LOVE toppings.. I actually added some thin cut almonds to mine 
as well. You can add nuts, or whatever else you like to jazz up your toppings. .
I topped my little stash I had going as well : )) 
Once you are all set with topping your fruit in your jars, seal tightly and it's all 
ready to dress up as a gift, or freeze for treats around your home. Since I was giving 
mine to a few close friends and neighbor's, I decided to decorate the jars a bit.
I took some craft paper, cut out some circles using the base of the bottle to measure 
the circle width. I cut out some circles that fit the top perfectly. I took some 
parchment paper, covered the top of the jar (I took out the inner piece of the jar 
first and covered the jar with parchment paper), I fit the pretty circles on top of 
the parchment paper and placed the rest of the lid back on the jar. It sealed pretty
 tightly and the new look was actually really pretty!!! Tadaaa.. It's ready to gift!
I popped mine in the oven for about 35minutes, added some whip cream and 
uuuummmm --- we all munched away.. SO yummy!!. If you freeze it, set it in 
the oven in the jar when you first start heating the oven, this way, the jar heats
up gradually as the oven gets hotter. I would be nervous about popping in a
frozen jar into an already well heated oven.. Cook on about 350degree's.
Great way to feast on a bit of the season on your thanksgiving day!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial here today.. I can't wait to see all the fun recipes you have
brewing in your kitchen this thanksgiving.. Care to share with me..? The is a linky below
open all month long for "FOOD" recipes for thanksgiving.. Please do join in and share!!
Linking With I Gotta Create

Very thankful to have you stop in today.. Next week's "Three Weeks Of Thanks" 
will focus on family..I can't wait to share all the many awesome reason's I am 
very thankful for the wonderful people in my life.. Hope you can 
join in and share with me!! Would love to see your thankful posts!
Wishing you a lovely start to your week..
*I will be delighted to share this hop - please grab the code and have your friends
share their thankful recipes or link it to your posts if you would like* THANK YA.
~Stay Artsy~

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