Sweet Sponsor's.. {I absolutely Adore..} Edition #1

Good evening lovely friends stopping in today.. 
I'm officially taking a minute to introduce a batch of my 
SWEET & Lovely 
       ........Sponsor's/ Bloggy Bff's!
I'm sure you've seen my side bar increasing with artsy and 
beautiful blog button's recently.. These are the awesome blogs featured...
{To advertise with me or be a sponsor, please email me with any questions
via Would LOVE to have you here}

Ginger is a devoted and spiritual wife, loving mother to five beautiful
children and writer of the amazingly crafty blogspot GingerSnapCrafts . Ginger is one of my favorite blogger's I can always reach out to for inspiration, spontaneous creativity and beautiful features all week long.

Christmas in a JarGINGER  loves to create. She writes "I am addicted to vinyl & chocolate. {Yum!} I love to organize.I love to paint. {Just ask my walls!}  I love being a mom. I love making memories with my family.  I love making my house a home...a heaven on earth.  A place where my family can feel safe & comfortable and most of all a place to have fun. My favorite crafting tools are my Silhouette, vinyl, wood, paint & fabric {I'm trying to learn to sew!}.{I buy my vinyl from USCutter, and you often can find me at Hobby Lobby with my coupon in hand!}.   
My blog is a place to find cute, simple & inexpensive projects...a place for fun ideas. I LOVE blogging.  I have met so many amazingly creative bloggers.  I LOVE featuring others on my blog. I love getting ideas & making them my own.  I hope through Ginger Snap Crafts you can all Share.inspire.create
craft competition projects 

Ginger Snap Crafts Is VERY inspiring.. Stop in and have a look. SO much 
burst of creativity and FUN findings.. I'm Really excited to have 
Ginger on my side bar!! A great blog to watch for ladies!!
Tweet Her * * * Facebook Her * * * Share in Blog Fun With Her!
The lovely Jacqueline has been a very great bloggy friend of mine for over a year now. She's a very sweet and honest person that you can't help but stay drawn to for SO many reasons. Her spirituality, her dedication to her family, her crafty nifty features and most of all, her one of a kind crochet skills will keep you yearning for more and simply inspired daily! . She's TRULY talented.. 
On Crochet
My friend Liza taught me to Crochet winter 2007. I made a lot of ugly 
things but I am so glad I never gave up. I love that with only $10 (or Less) I can make warm stylish hats for my entire family. If you do not know how to crochet I recommend you try it out. It is also mobile craft so you can crochet when waiting...wherever.  
If it is not your think you can buy some of my handmade item in my shop
Another reason I sincerely adore Jacqueline is her love for causes close to her heart. She has an amazing list of charities and causes that she crafts for alongside the many features on her blog. 
Stop in and have a look and be inspired!! 

Dress A Girl
Jacqueline features amazing sewing and crochet projects inspired by various causes throughout the year. I remain inspired by how crafty she is. She taught herself how to sew and now has a crochet cause series she started last week featuring "Simple How To" DIY weekly crochet series via her blog. I am A STUDENT and excitedly getting through along with her teachings. It's been challenging and FUN.. I can't wait to complete something of my own soon.. She's truly one of a kind, an advocate for SO much close to my heart and I simply have had an amazing time getting to know her more and enjoying the many sides to her experiences in life, family and faith through features in her blog world! Stop in and say hello.. You can find her via Chez Mukweto, on Facebook and on Twitter. I simply HEART her!!
Life In The Thrifty Lane
I absolutely ADORE Veronica. She has a blooming beautiful blog that promises SO many amazing features, stories and creativity beyond imagination. I love her craft's, her genius ability to re-create, upcycle and feature inspired items that 
are SO easy to do around the home. She's one of 
my favorites and you HAVE to stop in and 
have a look! SO much inspiration!
Hi, I'm Veronica and I blog over at Life In The Thrifty Lane. This is my first year blogging and I love every single part of it! (Well, probably dealing with HTML codes not so much!!)

I'm a SAHM of two, my daughter is 6 yrs old and my little boy 3 yrs old. I was born in Dallas, TX but 1 month after I was born we went back to Italy (my mom was Italian and mt dad Mexican). I moved back in the States 5 years ago (today!) with my husband and our than 18 months old daughter. We really like it here plus we are not alone because my brother with his family are
5 minutes away from our home!!
I enjoy  crafting and I recently opened an Etsy shop, Nikycole
Isn't she AMAZING and LOVELY..?
I've been a faithful reader for almost 7months now!
I've featured some of her creative and artsy items here throughout the year and would LOVE for you to stop in and visit the lovely and beautiful Veronica sometime.. I promise, you'll be just as hooked and remain WOW'D as I have been!
You can also find her here:

I'm really excited to share my sponsors with you all. I really hope you can find a new fun 
inspirational blog and some fun seasonal findings and more.. I will be featuring my second 
set of lovely bloggy sponsors in the upcoming week as well. Please help me welcome these 
lovely and craftastic ladies here. It's been SUCH A PLEASURE getting to know 
them and I am truly honored to have them here within my side bar.. 
I sincerely appreciate you stopping in today.
Wishing you an amazing Saturday.
 * ~STAY ARTSY ~ *
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A Special Christmas Soiree..{ Featuring ~*Mrs. Fox Sweet*~ }

Good morning artsy friends stopping in today. It's officially FRIDAY! Yaaaye! lol! I really
need a day OFF from everything and I think tomorrow *finger's crossed* will be IT! I've
had the busiest week EVER!!. Thanks SO much to all who came by yesterday to link to
Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. Another GREAT and CREATIVE party!!
I'm always inspired and SUPER thankful to have you take a moment
to share your fun creations and seasonal craftastic specials here!
17 Days Till Christmas
* *~ At Christmas, all roads lead home. ~Marjorie Holmes ~ * *
*Special Guest Feature *
The Talented &Amazing Mrs Fox Sweets
Hope everyone is having an amazing start to their weekend as I am.WHY...?
Because I have a SPECIAL and LOVELY guest here today to share with you! The amazingly
talented  Mrs Fox Sweets ~ Christina!!! If you haven't met
Christina, you are certainly missing out on A LOTof creative foodie fun and MUCH more
she shares with her bloggy bff's over in her part of the blog world! I REALLY wish her blog and
ALL her amazing treats came with "Scratch and Sniff" patches as I'm always drooling
and day dreaming when I visit her!! SERIOUSLY!

I've learned a lot of tricks and creative way's to
get DOWN in the kitchen from reading her tutorials and fancy fun idea's made SIMPLE for us all to share in recreating her AWESOME array of goodies! She's WONDERFUL, talented, and most of all a FUN and easy going friend, you can always reach out to for idea's. I absolutely LOVE and adore her blog and hope you can stop in and stay as inspired as I ALWAYS am when I visit. Take a look, stop in and snag up some inspiration.. BEWARE -- DROOL ALERT!! Without any further due, please give a warming welcome to Christina.. "I'm SO excited to have her here"!!! "Squeaaallls" --> Yaaaaaaaaaaye!!
Hi There Artsy Girls (& Guys- don't want to leave anyone out!)
In case you haven't met me yet, I'm Christina, from Mrs. Fox's Sweets!
That's Me and my BFF (my Kitchen Aid) and yes, my hair is pretty much always pulled 
back in a mess! I am a wife and a mother of 3 ranging in age from 3 to 16! Life is crazy, 
but as the title of one of my all time favorite movies says "It's A Wonderful Life!"
I met Marilyn towards the end of summer and I am sure glad I did! Marilyn is such a talented 
and sweet girl, not to mention an Artsy Girl, and I just love her! I am glad to be here today 
meeting all of you too! I had originally planned on making cake pops for you today, but 
with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I have decided to go with something that 
can be made in about an hour (not including cake time) and something that is also a little 
easier than cake pops to make. Today, I am going to show you how to make Cupcake 
Bites. You may be thinking..."Whatever, I have tried making cake pops and it didn't 
go so well, no way I am trying this!" Well, if that is what you are thinking, let me 
tell you this is much easier! If you are already experienced with making cake 
pops, these will be a breeze for you! If you would still like to learn how 
to make the cake pops, I have quite a few already posted and I 
will be making them again very soon too at Mrs. Fox's Sweets!
  Here is what you will need:
A Candy Cup Mold (mine is by Wilton)
2 or 3 colors of Candy Melts (also by Wilton)
Freezer bag (to make drizzle) or sprinkles of your choice
First you need cake! You can buy a cake, make a cake, use left over cake, whatever you 
desire! I made a 6" cake for these and used the leftover batter for cupcakes. You can also 
make a cake in a 8x11 pan and cut it it into 4 pieces, using one for cake pops or cake bites 
now and wrap and freeze the other 3 pieces individually for future cake pops or bites. 
Each square will make 8 to 12 cake pops or cake bites depending on the size.
Once the cake is cooled, I always cut off the ugly parts, to avoid darkening the inside. Don't 
worry, these pieces won't go to waste, leave them out, someone will snack on them! Break 
up the cake with a spoon and add about 2 tablespoons of icing, this will vary depending 
on how much cake you are using, this amount will work for 1/4 of a box mix cake 
or a 6" cake. I always test roll a ball before adding more 
frosting to see how well it will hold together.
These cupcake bites are an easy alternative to a cake pop. The ball is a little smaller too, but 
there is no risk of them falling off of the stick when you dip them since they have already 
set up in the chocolate base! After the frosting was mixed into the cake, I decided to add 
some sprinkles before rolling (not pictured). To determine the size of ball I needed I simple 
rolled a ball and measured it to the mold. Once your balls are made, put them in the 
refrigerator about 10 minutes to chill. Heat your candy melts in a microwave safe bowl 
or cup for 45 seconds to 1 minute. For 10 cupcake bites you will only need about 1/3 of a 
bag. Using a small spoon and working one cavity in the mold at a time, fill the cavity about
2/3 full with your first color melts, I used Mint Dark Chocolate. As soon as you put the
candy into the cavity, gently press in the ball just until the candy comes to
the top of the mold cavity. Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes, longer is fine.
Once chilled, these should pop right out of the mold, if they don't they aren't ready yet. Once the
cupcake bite bases and cake balls are ready to unmold, melt up your second color in a microwave
safe bowl or cup, enough that you can dip the cake ball. Dip. Gently shake off the excess candy
and if you wish to add candy or sprinkles, do so at this time. After they are dried you can also
drizzle the tops with melted candy using a different color. For these I decided to drizzle.
To drizzle you can use a spoon or piping bag. I find more control using a bag, but instead of
wasting a piping bag, I used a cut in half freezer bag. Unless you have an extra set of hands it is
 nice to have a small baby cup to hold your bag when filling. You will only need to put about a 
spoonful of your melted candy in the bag. I like to fasten with these black office clips. Snip a
teenie tiny corner off and begin your drizzle, swirls, or whatever pattern suits your mood!
 So there you have it....cupcake bites, easily customizable to any occasion or holiday!
They are great for parties and gifting too!
To find more yummy sweets visit me at Mrs. Fox's Sweets!
You can also link up your yummy sweets running Wednesday thru Saturday at:
Link Up At:
Thank you Marilyn for having me over! I have had a wonderful time!
Move OVER Betty ---- There's a NEW Girl In Town --- Christina!!! How AMAZING
and TALENTED is she..? TOLD YA!! I'm SO thankful to have had Christina stop in and
share with myself and you lovely folks here today! Hope you enjoyed these lovely and festive
treats fit for the season as much as I did.. Y U M !! Aren't these photo's JUST to DIE for..?
I WANT SOME!! Christina, it was SUCH a pleasure and really hope you can stop
back in sometime soon for more blog fun with us here.. "I want to be her kitchen helper
simple as a SAMPLER!!" Heeheee!!~ THANKS SO VERY MUCH!
***Join Her Fun Linky Party as well EVERY Wednesday OR Link up
with her on Twitter and facebook ....She's Loads of FUN and Inspiring. ***
Thanks SO much for stopping in today everyone. I sincerely appreciate your visit.
Wishing you a HAPPY Friday and a lovely start to your weekend..
~Stay Artsy~
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. #11 ~*Linky Party*~

Hello artsy friends stopping in today. It's another awesome
Pin'Inspirational Thursday Linky Party
here today and I'm VERY thrilled to get to indulge in awesome new finding's and
creativity from YOU.. NEED INSPIRATION...? Stop in and recap all the lovely
features linked up per last week's amazing party.. OR hop along and join in at my
"Special Christmas Soiree" happening here all month long.. SO many
fun seasonal creativity and LOTS to see and be JOLLY about!!

Show, Share & Join Me & 
My Lovely Co-Host Jane..
Remember, if you have yet to start adding a PIN IT button to your
craft, recipes, and photography per your blog, you can learn how to do so by
going HERE.. .Without further due, here the most viewed & favorite picks!!
Uncommon Designs Online ~Pin It
Letter's To Santa Party.. **SO ADORABLE & CUTE!**

Y U M M Y! {Scratch & Sniff Please..?} Pin It
Star Of Wonder Burlap Bags ~ How creative..? HEART IT!
I've seen a few of these in the blog world & I WANT ONE!!
It's Over Flowing ~ LOVE LOVE!~ Pin It
Snow Globes ~> I LOVE how simple yet creative these are!
More I {HEART}.. 
{I wish I could feature everyone}!! So much creativity last week!
Stiriz Sisters  ~ DIY Wall Art ~ LOVE This!!
Serenity You ~ Wrapping Idea's ~ SO ADORABLE!! MUST SEE features..
TEENY RULESPlease BE a Follower of me and my co-host Jane
*Adventures In Dinner*.. {LOVE MY FRIENDS}
Please feature my button on your post/somewhere on your blog
Please No Giveaways!!! Only Crafts, Recipes, Photography.
Links to ACTUAL Linked Up Projects Pweease
Browse around/ Spread the word/VISIT & be Inspired by friends!!

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A Special Christmas Soiree..{Guest Feature *GINGER*}

Good morning friends stopping in today. I am VERY excited to introduce you
to one of my favorite bloggy bff's / sponsor GINGER, via Ginger Snap Crafts!
If you aren't familiar with Ginger's blog, you MUST stop in and be WOW'D as much 
as I have been for over a year now!. I've been following Ginger for sometime and have to say
she's one of my absolute FAVORITE blogger's. Not only is she humble, she's a dedicated 
and very spiritual mother and wife, who is ABSOLUTELY CRAFTASTIC 
at all she does! Her featured post here today SAY'S it ALL!! I am always inspired and
hope you are too by the beautiful and awesome Ginger's feature below.. Without further 
due, please join me in welcoming GINGER! {I just Squeealed!! -Woohooo}
* 18 Days To Christmas *
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold,
everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale
*** *** **** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Hi! I'm Ginger, & I blog over at Ginger Snap Crafts
It's a fun place where I share my easy, simple & cute crafty ideas & projects. 
{Would love to have YOU drop by sometime!} 
{Ginger Snap Crafts}
It's such an honor to be over here
with Marilyn & all of YOU. So nice to "meet" YOU!
Today I'd love to share my cute & easy{lighted} Christmas block.
glass block
vinyl cut outs*
holiday ribbon
mini Christmas light set
*I made these using my Silhouette clip art & software.
Make sure you clean your block & remove any labels or price tags. 
Then you just start layering your vinyl. 
You put on solid red, green or white squares on first. 
Then add a decorative overlay, and finally you'll put the letters on last. 
Then you remove the cap on the bottom & put your mini Christmas lights inside. 
Leave the plug hanging out of course. 
Add a festive ribbon & then plug in!  That's it!  :)
Would love to have you over to Ginger Snap Crafts!
           On my blog you'll also find some more fun tutorials.
Like these:
I've also have a fun link party on Wednesdays...would LOVE to see what you're up to!

Thanks for having me over, Marilyn! I had a great time! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful and festive tutorial here today as much as
I did. Please certainly stop in and say hello and LINK UP TODAY {One of the
BEST party's} to WOW ME WEDNESDAY! I can't express enough thanks to have
you here! I sincerely appreciate my guests and I'm very thankful to have had a
chance to share a bit Of Ginger's world here.. THANKS SO MUCH!!
Stop in tomorrow for PIN'INSPIRATIONAL Thursday's & Show, Share & indulge
in some awesome craft features and so much more.. Would LOVE to have you share with me!
PS: Stop in for a chance to win and awesome Christmas
giveaway via Joy'N'Jesus blog today! Great selection of amazing
spools of Christmas ribbons FREE for your holidays!!
Wishing you all an amazing Mid-Week..
*~Stay Artsy~*
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Catch A Glimpse...{Captuiring Christmas}

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today. I am VERY excited to continue in
"Capturing Christmas" A Special Christmas Soiree series #3.
It's been really lovely to see all the fun and amazing creative links since myself and Jen started!
Thanks TO ALL the amazing blogs linked up.. Hope you are all staying inspired and JOLLY!!

                ...."TWEENS AT CHRISTMAS!!"
I can't believe it's almost Christmas! How are you dealing with the older children who don't
believe in Santa anymore and keeping them from ruining the magic for the little ones at Christmas..?
We still wrap mommy and daddy gifts but leave a heap of unwrapped goodies in huge stockings
from "Santa". Although I'm sure through reading and school, Caley figured it out and we
explained to him the idea behind Santa and the importance of being grateful and appreciating
the little things he got and wanted each year, it was nice to have him still believe
in Santa and the notion and magic behind it while it lasted!
Caley is now going on ELEVEN (tears) and really could care less now about seeing his
gifts. It's almost as if every opportunity he gets, he goes HUNTING to fish out something
and take a peak  **GRRRRR**.. It's been SO hard trying to go through pins and
needles in keeping some sort of element of surprise for him on Christmas!
His LAST Christmas as "The Only Child At Home" Last year he actually believed!
The other day, I asked my fiance' to hide some gifts since the kids weren't home just yet, I
cleared out the space, reminded him where to place them and the best time frame to do it before 
our son especially got home. WELL - I walked in to a W T H moment when I got home!!! I went
into the bedroom to a PILE of gifts heaped into the corner and COVERED WITH A
B L A N K E T!!!!!  Genius..? N O T!! I didn't know whether to scream or laugh! I resulted
to laughing as his response to my facial expression was "Whhhhatt..? You can't see it can you..?
See..? I hide them till you got home to HIDE them where you wanted!!!! L O L!!! I had
NO choice but to laugh! SERIOUSLY..?? Before I had a moment to place the gifts where I
wanted, Sia already grabbed one of her toy's and was happily singing and playing away,
Caley had the biggest smile on his face as he had seen one of his gifts already and
 I HAD THE CRAZIEST look of RAGE you can imagine! Have I you told you how much I
simply LOVE my fiance.? Life couldn't be any better.. I HAD to shrug it off.. Caley still
has to wait till Christmas to claim his gift, and Sia can simply have the toy (Not that we had
a choice, she SCREAMED when I tried to take it away!) UGH!!..Twas a long day,
I simply wanted to do nothing at that point but get into my pj's and BED!!!  "Is
Christmas Chaos happening around your home..? " I BET LOTS OF IT!!
Pregnant With Sia At Christmas (2009)

Gearing Up To Snag A Pic With Santa Last Christmas!
Another journey ensues, another phase for both my children is unfolding. I have to come to terms
that it's OK for Caley to move on from Santa, but has to understand and help me preserve
the innocence in Sia for a while.. I am looking forward to all the fun changes and new things
to come this coming year.. Caley turns 11 Christmas eve.. It's almost as if yesterday he was
a little baby boy, and now, he's blossoming into a handsome little man! He'll always be
"Mommy's lil Ace!".. Isn't it wonderful to reflect especially at Christmas..?

How are you preserving Christmas through captured memories each year..? Do your children
still believe..? How do you get the older kids to help with Santa myths during the seasons.?
Isn't it exciting to see all the amazing changes as the new years unfold..? Link up, share
your Christmas stories and captured memories with us this Christmas!!
Thanks for stopping in today..Wishing you an amazing week..
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A Special Christmas Soiree..{Capturing Christmas Around My Home}

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today. I am VERY excited to
get to share little intricate pieces of Christmas features happening within our
home. It's the third week of "A Special Christmas Soiree" featuring 
"Capturing Christmas" I will be sharing a few of my favorite things around the home this week
depicting Christmas...If you've yet to link up with myself and my lovely co-host Jen, please feel
free to do so below.. You can link anything from crafts, to food to Christmas photography this week!!
Very excited to see all the fun captured via Christmas spirit in and around your home~
................Capturing Christmas With A Fun Twist!!
Below are photo's of a few fun Christmas treats within my home, also, within the post are
various FUN SIMPLE way's to gift this Christmas.. {ALL IN BLUE}.. Hope you catch a
fun idea or two for your loved ones this season. **20 Days Till Christmas**!!
Spray Painted Pine Cones..
I purchased a pack of pine cones at Michael's for about $2 and added a snowy touch to 
them.. I spray painted them white and they turned out very pretty and fitting for these boots!
Want a snow touch to your wood features around your home..? Add a bit of paint for Jazz!!
"Your friendship has warmed us the whole year through." 
Send with hot cocoa mix

I created some driftwood candles for the mantle
this weekend. Tutorial to come shortly..They turned out SO lovely..
"May your holiday's be sprinkled with love and laughter." 
Decorated sugar cookies or cookie decorating basket-sugar 
cookies, icing, cookie cutters, and sprinkles.

* * *
I LOVE WOOD PROJECTS!! They are my absolute Favorite..
I adore the little ribbon I found at Michael's - $2bucks!! Santa's Reindeer's!
It added a unique and beautiful Christmas feel to my candles.. LOVE THEM!!
"No one matches you as neighbors! Merry Christmas." Stick to a 
box of matches; include a candle or scented fire-starter pinecones.

Christmas In MY K I T C H E N!!
I figure, if one place Santa will LOVE to sit and take a warming break, it'll have to be my
favorite spot within our home.. The Kitchen!!.. Every year, I make sure to collect the tree
stumps and bring it home. I add a little touch of Christmas to it and always leave it on
the stove top. It's amazing the smell after cooking when the pine sets in - The kitchen
has a glorious sense of Christmas smell to it throughout the season!! I added some
rope and a little piece of red flowers to my stumps this year.. Very festive..
"I don't just leave Santa a glass of milk... 
I trail the cookies to SPIKED Eggnog as well!!" HA!!<--I Heart The Big Guy!!
(If you are wondering why Santa never made it over - LOL, I gave him
1 2 many treats and GOT ALL your presents as well!! heeheee! *Evil Grin*)
"Knew you'd need (or knead) a little extra 'dough' for 
Christmas." Tie to a tub of cookie dough or frozen bread dough.
**   **   **
Every year, we write letter's to Santa starting December 1st. The kids get to place their
list in this cute little "Letter's To Santa" mail box we keep in the kitchen on the pot rack!! 
"We whisk you a Merry Kiss-mas." Fill a wire whisk 
with chocolate kisses and attach greeting.
.....I'm still undecided on a few around here! LOL.. 
There's still time to be checked on the NICE list!!
"When Santa "Chex" his list, he won't find anyone 
nicer than you." Give with Chex mix.
** **   ** ** 
Mr. Sno'cums & Mrs. Hope
My Two Fav. Christmas Kitchen Buds
"You're getting 'muffin' for Christmas" 
tied to a box or jar of muffin mix.
"I hear you've been naughty/ So listen, here's the scoop . .
 . / I'm running short on coal this year, / Enjoy this 'Snowman Poop." 
/ Love, Santa Tape this poem to a bag of marshmallows sent along 
with hot cocoa mix. Or simulate a melted snowman by giving a bottle 
of water, two pretzel sticks, enough raisins for eyes, buttons, and 
mouth, and a handful of marshmallows in a reclosable sandwich bag.
Christmas puts me in a JOLLY mood.. I am grateful to have a
chance to share with you all today.. Can't wait to see
all the festivities happening around all over!

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