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Good morning friends stopping in today.
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I am VERY excited to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggy bff's
Maysem, fifth guest host here via Crafty Lil Hearts.  If you aren't
familiar with Ode To Inspiration, you MUST stop in and be WOW'D 
as much as I have been for a lovely while now!.  Not only is she humble, 
she's an absolute creative genius at all she does! Her featured post here today 
SAY'S it ALL!! I am always inspired and hope you are too by the beautiful 
feature below and SO much more via Ode To Inspiration..... Without further 
due, please join me in welcoming Maysem!! {I just Squeealed!! -Woohooo}
Crafty Lil Hearts
Featuring Ode To Inspiration...
Hello Artsy Girl Connection readers! I'm Maysem from Ode to Inspiration, a blog 
about being inspired and inspiring others. Valentine's Day is just around the corner! 
Today I'm going to share with you a fun way to decorate cookies for Valentine's Day 
using scrapbook stamps. A friend of mine likes calling these cookies Love Notes
and I think that's a perfectly suiting name! Love Notes in Paris!

Let's get started!

These are the supplies you will need:
Rectangle shaped sugar cookies
Same cookie cutter used for cookies
Stamps (new and washed): scripted and Eiffel Tower
Gel paste food coloring (I used Americolor's black and warm brown)
Fondant (white and red)
Paint brushes
Pastry brush
Corn syrup
Tiny heart cutterRolling pin
Small bowlsCorn starch
Water in a small bowl

Step 1. Dust your work space with corn starch. Roll out your fondant and cut out a rectangle.

Step 2. Pour some corn syrup in a small bowl, and using your pastry brush 
apply it to your cookie. Then place your fondant cut out on top 
of your cookie. The corn syrup is your "glue".

Step 3. Pour 2-3 drops of the brown gel paste into a bowl, and using a small tipped 
paint brush, apply it to your stamp. Next gently blot your stamp on a paper towel to 
remove access. Then stamp your cookie without pressing too hard; just 
enough to stamp it and not necessarily imprint it.

Do the same thing with the Eiffel Tower stamp using the black gel paste.

Step 4. Roll out the red fondant and cut out your hearts. Using a brush, 
dab your cut out lightly with water and apply it to your cookie.

You are done!

I hope you found inspiration in today's tutorial:) Enjoy your Valentine's Day!
Thank you Marilyn for inviting me to share my tutorial with your readers!
I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful and festive tutorial here today as much as
I did. Please certainly stop in and say hello and LINK UP via her wonderful blog, 
facebook , and also on twitter... I can't express enough thanks to have you here 
today Maysem..! I sincerely appreciate my guests and I'm very thankful to have 
had a chance to share a bit on your wonderful creative world here.. 
Wishing you all a happy weekend..
~Stay Artsy~
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  1. Thanks bunches Marilyn! You are much too sweet!! It was an honor to be blogging here:D

    1. Anytime ladies.. I absolutely ADORE these beautiful valentines. SO unique and awesome.. : )) THANKS for stopping in.. Was truly an honor to have you here..

  2. OMGOSH! Cancel out any comments I have made about other cookies like these. These are above and beyond ANYTHING I have seen anywhere. LOVE them! xo Diana ps...I don't think I could bear to bite into one I would frame it first!

  3. These are so cute.
    The idea is amazing. So cute and individual.

    Peg x

  4. Amazing!!! I totally feel like I could do this!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. How could you bite into a cookie that beautiful? I like Diana's idea of framing it!

  6. WOW!! I would LOVE to receive such a beautiful basket!

  7. OMGoodness! These are so cool! I don't bake much but I just might have to try this. Thanks for sharing...I've pinned it!

  8. Holy moly! These look just amazing! I'm going to have to try out your technique really soon.

  9. I Love this idea! Love it love it love it!


  10. Thanks Maysem & both are my sweeties :) Keep rocking !
    Love ~

  11. These cookies are GORGEOUS! awesome tutorial!

  12. gorgeous! I am excited to try this technique!

  13. Love these! Absolutely gorgeous!

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