Fancy Facials With Cooking Goodies..*Birch Box Bash*

Great Day To Ya Friends...
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Today, I am participating in *Birch Box Bash* and will be sharing fun facial tips
and tricks, for easy and quick face cleansing /moisturizing using household kitchen ingredients..
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Quick & Easy Facial Scrub Recipe
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Lemon, Sea-Salt & Olive Oil Scrub!
One of my favorite homemade recipes for a quick, fresh and well worth it facial on
any given day within my home consists of  “Sea Salt, Olive oil 
& Lemon Juice"ALL found right inside my kitchen…

The Lovely Facial Ingredients
1 tsp olive oil
Olive oil is going to nourish the skin, leaving it incredibly soft.
1/2 tsp sea salt 
Sea Salt when applied softly to wet facial surface helps with 
the removal of dead cells and improves micro-circulation as well. 
Half Squeezed Lemon Juice Optional
Lemon juice is great for bacterial removal, removes 
excess oil, and a great complexion enhancer
{Increase quantity and store in a cool area for use within the week}
For use, simply wet your face with warm water (rinse any make-up prior to washing), 
apply scrub and gently scrub your face and leave on for about 15minutes. Rinse off
with warm water thoroughly. Finish up by splashing on some cold water and dry.
All Done.. Fresh, Clean, SOFT and Beautiful moist face!!!
Quoting The Cleansing Bible!
The correct way to cleanse and freshen up your face each day is to start with some warm 
water to help open your pores and allow easy access to removal of bacterial that 
could cause skin problems, pimples, and the likes. After washing thoroughly with 
warm water, and your daily additional cleanse agents, always splash / rinse your 
face with cold water to close in the end. This assists with closing off your 
pores throughout the day to prevent extra oil and bacteria from entry.
One Great Facial Must Have ~ Retinoids (such as Retin-A)
Removes the top layer of dead skin cells, generates collagen in skin..
I use ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream…
Hope you enjoyed my fun and easy facial scrub recipe here today. There are TONS
of easy homemade recipes you can find online using ingredients right from your kitchen!
I'm sure you have a favorite or two.. If so, please share them with me.. I LOVE brown
sugar scrubs as well.. So tasty ----oops, YES I tend to dip a finger in there and taste 
the magic.. lol.. Please stop in if you have some fun tips and share them in the bash!

Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. 

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