Boo Hoo ~{What I Wore Wednesday}

Happy Hump Day Loves,
Really hope your day is breezing by so far, as mine FAR from is! lol..
This week has flown by pretty amazingly though, if I must say!!!YES!
I'm joining in the trending topic of the day for WIWW...
What are YOU wearing today?!?
PSA From Sia, before we move along...
Sia say's hello & to let you know her latest FAV word is BOO-HOO! lol!

what i wore wednesday
I've been doing a lot of #OOTD's lately and loving it.
More so due to the idea that I have a few IG obsessions with some of
the participants and feel as if the more I join in, the better I might get at actually
paying attention to what I wear each day which NEVER really
happens due to LATENESS!! So far, so good...
#OOTD Yellow Mesh
I've falling for yellow's this fall..
what colors have you discovered and love so far?
...yellow mellow jean day's..
Yellow Scarf $1 ~ (praise) via goodwill
camel low booties via aldo's.
leaves all around = priceless!
Washed jeans
So simple, comfortable and on the go perfection..
I really LOVE my yellow scarf..It totally MADE my outfit!
#OOTD Night Cronicles
Give me a sitter, and I transform.. "Bye Kiddies".
lol... I went out with the girls and decided to try my latest
liquid pants obsession.. I LOVE the trends that are out more
recently, so many funky fun ones.. I decided to not go overboard
but pair it with a black blazer, black tank and my most loved
booties from Aldo's.. I wear those ALL the time, so comfy!
My pink pendant charm is via {drum roooooolllll}
~ Ebay... I'm in rehab! Shhhhhhhhh... lol!
Kisses From The Stairwell..
.......How adorable are these two..?!?
& last but not the least.. A little behind the scenes from
thanksgiving.. I LOVED spending time with the family. It was
madness to plan, but we all survived.. My FAV moment was capturing
my nephew with my daughter Sia on the stairs! If I can dig up a photo
sometime soon, I will to show you why this moment meant so much.
I have a photo JUST like this with my son and my niece on these
very steps from when they where 2(same age as these two lil loves)!
So priceless.. They drove us crazy right after this shot, but it was
worth every minute of it..How was YOUR thanksgiving..?

Thanks so much for stopping in today.
Wishing you a beautiful day lovely's..
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  1. they are so cute! Love the yellow scarf- great way to brighten up winter!


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Christmas Family Gift. I so appreciate it. Thank you for having your link party each week. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas Celebration. Blessings to you, Jo-Ann

  3. absolutely LOVE your yellow scarf.


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