Make Me Feel Your Love...

....I've been personally so devastated about the loss in Newton, CT.
So much so that I can't get through a read on the net about the story
without crying and feeling so much for the parents and families
that this unexplainable terrible tragedy occurred to this week. 
.........To The Parents... 
We mourn with you, we hurt for you, we hold you close
in our prayers and remain saddened in sorrow as we try to make 
sense of what's to come.. I wrote this poem today, just words 
and feelings I can't even imagine will make a slight impact 
on how you feel within these moments.. 
Make Me 
Feel Your Love

When the cold night falls
and the constant calls stop....

When their days turn to years,
and these times seem rather stale...

Your little finger prints, 
your smile, your spirit,
every little beautiful detail of you 

your intricate birthmarks, 
the sound of your voice 
your teeny bright eyes, 
your days of drools and coo,
the sound of your heartbeat, your kicks, 
silly years of musical laughter, 
watching you soundly sleep

our every days, 
this suddenly taken moment
my tears for years to come, 
my days of emptiness and sorrow

I hold you in the depths of my heart
and pray that we can share so much in spirit,
from little moments to come, millions of reminders
your smell, your memories, so much of you still here

My prayer remains....Please never cease to keep making me feel your love!
If you stopped in and took a moment to read this, I'd love 
for you to please please remain hopeful, please remain forgiving, 
please remain thankful and prayerful!

Wishing you a beautiful blessed day.. 
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  1. Love is always the best thing we can do. xo

  2. Marilyn, That is a beautiful piece. You need to copyright it- All you do is go to the bottom of it-hold down the ALT key on your computer and hit your keypad with 0169 one after the other. Lift your finger off alt and you will get this sign. © Then type your name and date after it. It is then copyrighted and will be attributed to you. Blessings- its a beautiful piece- xo Diana

    1. Thanks SO much Nana D, I will go ahead and do so ASAP.. Thank you so much for stopping in and your beautiful comment.. xoxo

  3. This is beautiful. We just need to keep praying without ceasing. I wrote a similar post today since those beautiful little faces haunt my thoughts.

    1. Thanks so much Melissa. Such a haunting tragedy ;((


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