Light Bulb Vases... {Upcycled Delicate Decor}

Good morning friends stopping in today.. Hope you are having a lovely start to your 
1st weekend of 2012! I am thrilled to share some fun decor I created for our kitchen window
with you today.. I have been admiring glass vases lately made using old light 
bulbs and LOVE the idea of Upcycling instead of simply recycling! :))
My Take On It..? I Created my own yesterday and would LOVE for you to
be the judge.. I personally ADORE THEM!! Here's the fun tutorial for YOU!!
Upcycled Light Bulb Vases
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These where a bit tricky to put together but after breaking one and walking on egg shells
with the other's I finally completed them with SMILES..I have to be honest, they were NOT 
fun in the beginning, but the hope of getting to decorate them after the fact was WORTH
me not giving up.. Want to give them a shot..? Here are the fun artsy items needed!
Lots Of Patience Needed...Payoff = Pretty Priceless..!!
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* Artsy Items Needed *
Used Bulbs
Floral Pieces Of Choice
Wire Color Of Choice
* Lets Get Crafty *
(Use this AWESOME CUTE tutorial HERE to open up the bulbs)
(SCAREDY ME -- I couldn't get into the tutorial so to open up my bulbs, I removed 
the little metal top piece using pliers and used a knife to carefully remove the top black 
cover. I then broke the inner piece with my screw driver and used the knife to carefully 
weave out everything! PLEASE make sure to wear gloves and protective glasses)
After removing the glass and opening the bulb, I took some wire and wrapped
it around the top of the bulb to create a loop for hanging. Be careful during this
process as the bulb is so fragile and can crack very easily.. Create a secure loop.
Once your loop is in place, it's time to have some FUN decorating your bulbs!
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I wanted something a bit coastal to match the theme on the kitchen pane. I placed
some sea shell's into the vase and added some bamboo and pretty flower's --TADAAA!
What do you think..? Hope you enjoyed this pretty and fun tutorial here 
today and get to add these fun upcycled decor to your lovely homes...
Wishing you an excellent and fun filled weekend!
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Fingerprints on the Fridge
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Artsy Guest ~ The Lovely Jane {Via Adventures In Dinner...}

Happiest of Thursday to you all stopping in today. I can't believe we are well into
the first full week of the year already. Hope everyone is having a terrific start to their
New Year's.. Resolutions..? None here.. I am kicking off the year right where 
I left off, with SMILES, and taking life on one day at a time.. 
I am Very thrilled to introduce you to another one of my FAVORITE blog bff's. 
Her name is Jane from the wonderful inspirational blog 'Adventures In Dinner'
I adore SO much about Jane. She's very down to earth, a great and straight forward 
blogger with SO much variety and LOTS and LOTS of Dinner time solutions.. You 
can always stop in and certainly sink into a thing or two you've yet to try, please stop 
in and indulge a bit, she's full of inspiration! Without further due, please join me in 
welcoming the amazing Jane sharing a bit of foodie goodness here today..!!
Artsy Guest My Lovely BFF Jane 
From Adventures In Dinner

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Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. #15 ~*Linky Party Day*~

Hello artsy friends stopping in today. It's officially the first great craftastic
Pin'Inspirational Thursday Linky Party Day
of 2011 and I'm VERY thrilled to get to indulge in amazing new finding's and
creativity from YOU.... NEED INSPIRATION..? Stop in and recap 
all the lovely features linked up per last week's amazing party..
SO many fun seasonal creativity and LOTS to see and be Pin'Spired about!! 
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Create, Share and Show Off!!
*~Here are the fun favorites from last week~*
Happy Pinning.. All Featured On My Pin Board.
The Little Brown House ~ Pin'It
Drop Cloth Pictures.. Super Crafty.. 

52 Mantels ~ How Unique and DELISH!?! 
Glazed Champagne White Chocolate ~ Pin'It

Ode To Inspiration ~ So Crafty! Beautiful!
Bloomingdale's Pillow.. Soo Pretty.. J'ADORE! Pin'It
Triple Chocolate Cheesecakes! Pin'It
Spruce Your Nest ~ Wall Piece From Hutch!

How creative and craftastic are these features..?!! 
So artsy and VERY beautiful.. 
THANK YOU ALL for LINKING and Sharing Your FUN Idea's!
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*Adventures In Dinner*.. {LOVE MY FRIENDS}

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#Please No Giveaways!!! Only Crafts, Recipes, Photography.
#Links to ACTUAL Linked Up Projects Pweease
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and be Inspired by friends!!
*Stay Artsy*

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Wednesday With Words...{Belly Time..}

Good day lovely friends stopping in this evening.. Hope everyone is getting
a great start to our first full week of the New Year.. It's been a JOYOUS 
start to the year here already as we officially have the first newest addition to our 
family 'Brittyn' ..Brittyn was born yesterday and is SO darling and beyond beautiful.
I had a chance to spend some one on one belly time with mommy and bean before 
she delivered. Here are some of my takes from my shoot that I absolutely adore.. We kind 
of went with the flow and had an awesome time.. Hopefully I can get to share 
HER with you sometime in the future soon.. Here are some my shots....
My Time With My 
....{Belly Bean Shelby...}
Can You Tell I'm Addicted To Word's With Friends..? {Me Either..}

I LOVE this shot.. It IS MY FAVORITE!!

This totally makes me smile.. It's Mommy's FAVORITE..

Love Bloom's From The Sound Of 
Teeny Heartbeats.. 

....A  D  O  R  A  B  L  E 
Hope you enjoyed some of my takes per my Belly 
Bean's photo session..Welcome Baby Brittyn..
Linking With
and then, she {snapped}
Wishing you a lovely mid-week!
~Stay Artsy~
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Introducing A Sweet Sponsor.. {Vanessa Via Nifty Thrifty Things}

Good morning friends stopping in today. Hope everyone is having a gorgeous day
so far. I am away today and visiting a great bloggy bff for a sponsor swap feature.
Wanna visit along with me..? Swing in Via Nifty Thrifty Things and Say HELLO!
I am VERY thrilled to introduce you to my  newest CRAFTASTIC Sponsor
Vanessa from Nifty Thrifty Things!.

Vanessa is really awesome, sweet and has a very inspirational blog filled with crafty
goodies to WOW you for day's. I am a HUGE FAN and absolutely adore her blog.
It's an honor to have her here today and I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit about
her and indulging in some of her favorite creations she is sharing with us.. Without
further due, please warmly welcome the lovely Vanessa here today.. 
Happy New Year, everyone! This is Vanessa from {nifty thrifty things} and 
I am really excited to blog swap with Marilyn today!
While she's taking over my place, I want to share 
a little about me and show a few of my favorite projects. :)
* * * 
My husband and I are currently living in northern Germany (where I am from), but we met, fell in love 
and got married in Houston, Texas. I love decorating, designing and most of all, being thrifty. I started my 
blog just a little over a year ago, but didn't make it 
public until the end of January. It has been the most rewarding hobby. Not only being a creative outlet 
for me, but also giving me the opportunity to meet wonderful people all over the world.

Here are some of my favorite nifty and 
thrifty DIY projects:

These cute sugar cubes are really easy and quick to 
make. They're the perfect gift for everyone with a 
sweet tooth (..and who doesn't have one?! ;) ).
Another quick and easy project for which you'll probably have all
"ingredients" on hand: Wrapping paper, tea lights and glass jars.
{Kimono Baby Shoes}
I made these cute kimono baby shoes for one of my oldest and dearest
friends, who had her first baby last year. She liked them so much, she requested
more of them after her little baby boy outgrew these. :)
I would love it if you to stopped by my blog and say "Hi"! :)
Thank you Marilyn, for swapping blogs with me today!!
HOW AWESOME..? Isn't She LOVELY..? Told Ya.. Please stop in sometime and get 
to know Vanessa and share in SO much inspired creativity via Nifty Thritfy Things.. 
I promise you will be HOOKED!!! You can find her via Pinterest, Facebook and 
Twitter.. Thanks SO much Vanessa, I sincerely appreciate you stopping 
in today and I look forward to SO much more fun blog shenanigans and 
creativity throughout the year.. Happiest Of New Year..
Wishing YOU all a lovely fun Tuesday...
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Inspire My Heart....{Life Blue's}

Good morning friends stopping in today. It's 2012 and HAPPIEST of NEW YEAR
to YOU all. With all the fun resolution's, and changes happening all around, I've been 
feeling rather indifferent about a few things in my life. I have never been a resolution kind 
of girl, I sort of pick up where I need to and try to steer focus on changes I need as they 
come along. I'm not far off course of where I want to be but I have to admit, I've been 
FAR from motivated lately to really execute the things on my "Bucket List"
I can't pin point what it is, maybe Birthday blue's..? Maybe deeper 
issues that I can't seem to figure out and resolve? 
Inspire My Heart
...Therapeutic Posts To Inspire Changes!
Inspire My Heart is a series I am going to be sharing with you all this year. It's 
simply a session dedicated to {Reveal & Heal} seeking resolution and help for little life 
issues, road blocks and inspiration for growth in everyday life. Sort of a Heart Therapy to 
inspire changes, "Get Things Off" and share a bit of where I am within my life. The first 
step to seeking change and getting all your ducks in a row is pin pointing the main issues 
and always figuring out way's to overcome..As I share with you, I seek fun inspirational 
way's YOU think could possibly help overcome, concur and trigger a change where 
needs be. I've found MANY great resolutions and solutions to various issues by 
sharing a lot with you all, and I absolutely remain thankful for your thoughts, 
idea's and advice in various situations. I sincerely hope you can 
journey on with me through these sessions as well... 

.....Life Blues!
.....That's Me, feeling MUCH better already.. SMILES!!
Today, I started to list all the simple things that I think have got me feeling a 
little down and under. I figured it will be a great way to pin point 
and try to resolve my mood to lift up my spirits..
Home Sick & Really Miss My Parents
{I haven't seen my mom in a while as they both moved back home to Liberia. 
I dearly miss my grandmother who has always been my rock and comfort in 
SO much as I was growing up. It's been ages since I've seen her but I stay in 
touch and call very often to keep them close at heart}

I ruled those out as my issues for these blue's. Then it hit me, I have been feeling a bit out of 
sync in terms of being a mother. I believe I am a great mom, but at times I get caught up in 
wanting to give more and more than I think I am capable of giving my children. I panic 
over things I really need to start realizing is nature and that each one of my children will 
"Get There" when the time is right. Potty training has been a task in it's own and trying to get
  Sia to rid of her BINKY has been a MAJOR stress factor as I tend to think it's hindering 
her speech and causing her to not want to talk much more then she's likely capable of. 
I get worked up with plan's, with future goal's and what ifs pertaining to the children, and 
while all of these are great things to think  about, I WORRY myself beyond words instead 
of simply taking it a day at a time and loving/allowing life to take it's course as God
 has it planned. YES! That's IT!! That's what it's been all along...

I have been consumed with the feeling of FEAR. Instead of simply loving my children 
today and with the simple things that REALLY matter, I have been consumed with all the 
OTHER things that life has yet to throw my way that I can still plan for, and not drive 
myself insane. I re-focused a bit by reading through a few fun passages and inspirational 
parenting quotes online and totally bounced back quiet a bit. I even picked up a few of 
these "31 way's To Tell Your Child I LOVE YOU"Instead of worrying 
about ALL the things yet to come, trying to simply stay focused on the little things that 
LOVE is really about that counts to help with tuning in and loving your children without all 
the stress of things out of your control. Steal ALL your moments today, after all, children 
grow up FAST and before you know it, the opportunity to put things on the back burner a 
day or two can pass swiftly and these day's to love in all the simple way's will be far gone and 
not as easy to come about again.. Inspire your heart, inspire LOVE, try to not complicate your 
feelings more then they already are about a million things in our daily life's. I'm learning 
today to worry less and tune in to the little things that LOVE is really all about.. 
What's your take on it..?....
How do you deal with these little life blue's..?
Inspire My Heart On The Little Life Blue's
Thanks SO much for stopping in today. Any fun tips and advice you have
to share will more than be received with love, smiles and a BIG THANK YOU!
Wishing you a perfect start to your New Year..
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