Crafty Lil Hearts...Feat Tricia & Bonnie..{Uncommon Designs Online}

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today, happy Saturday.
Hope you are all having a relaxing and amazingly fun weekend. I have enjoyed 
the lovely valentine series happening here so far with the loveliest of blogger's 
who have amazed me with their awesome stories and features.. So inspiring.. 
If you've missed the last few day's, please stop in and recap a yummy recipe,
  a cupid struck cupcake and a beautiful a love story. Thanks SO much to all the 
fun features...Sincerely appreciate it and truly honored to have you featured here.. 
Please join me in welcoming two lovely and inspiring women, Trish and Bonnie 
via the unbelievably craftastic and inspiring featured blog, Uncommon Designs Online.
The name says's it all, you are bound to be inspired by so many creative and unique
craft features, decorative one of a kind idea's and all things craft created extraordinarily
beautiful.. Please stop in and say hello. I am totally in love with all their inspired 
by love Valentine features.. Have you seen this beautiful feature below..?
Stop in and have a looksey.. 
Join in right now as they take us through an awesome Chevron Heart Plaque Tutorial..
Crafty Lil Hearts
.....Featuring Uncommon Designs Online!
Hi Artsy Girl Connection Readers!  We are Bonnie and Trish from
Uncommon and we are SO thrilled to be here today as 
part of the "Crafty Lil' Hearts" series. 
Today we are going to share our Chevron Heart Plaque tutorial with you!

Chevron Heart Plaque Tutorial

Supplies Needed: 
heart shaped wooden sign
spray adhesive
exacto knife
cutting mat
modge podge (opt)
Before applying the fabric, I cut the ribbon handle off of my plaque and coated the
plain side with spray adhesive.  Then, I laid my fabric (this one is a cool chevron
kitchen towel from Target) on top and made sure the pattern was going
in the right direction.  You will want to smooth from the middle of
the heart out to the sides until the heart is completely
adhered to the fabric.  Let dry 15-20 minutes. 
Carefully, turn your heart over and place on a cutting mat.  Now, trace the edge
of the heart with an exacto knife.  Be sure to use enough
pressure to completely cut through the fabric.
At this point you can add your ribbon for hanging or you can choose to seal
your heart with modge podge.  Since this was going to hang on my front
door, I decided to use one coat of modge podge for protection
from the elements.  Let this dry completely.
Add ribbon to the heart by threading it through a pre-drilled hole
and attach to your door with a thumbtack.  All done!
Thanks so much for having us today!  We'd love for you to
come visit us over at Uncommon!  Happy Heart Day!
*Bonnie and Trish*
I LOVE this tutorial, so easy, fun and beautiful.. THANKS SO MUCH 
Trish and Bonnie for being here and sharing at The ArtsyGirl Connection. I am
truly honored to have you.. Please stop in, say hello and join in the fun...You
can find them online via Uncommon Designs Online, Twitter & Facebook!
Plug in..Stay updated and Join in inspiring extraordinary features!!
Please stay tuned for another lovely featured Crafty Lil Hearts feature
from the lovely Maysem via Ode To Inspiration Tomorrow~!
Wishing you all a lovely and amazing weekend...
~Stay Artsy~
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Photo Fun....{Fat Mum Slim Series...}

Good morning friends, TGIF.. Happiest of weekend ahead to you all..
Any fun plans..? I'm only going to be watching my team play on SUNDAY
------>>I know you just screamed GOoOOo PATS!!!!!!!
If you didn't, you really should.. Cheers to some great sportsmanship
this weekend.. YES, I watch for BRADY 100%,
sad, but who doesn't? #TotalHotness!
My bloggy BFF(I said that in my head in a ROCK STAR voice as
Jane is REALLY that awesome!) made me aware of this amazing photo
challenge to hop into and although I'm a few day's behind, I am going to jump
in and catch up as best I can. If you are a photo junkie and have yet to join
in the fun, join us.. It's hosted by the amazing Fat Mum Slim and an excellent
incentive to learning more about your camera, angles, photo options and SO
much more.. Not to mention, you get to meet ton's of participating photo
addicts!! Very lovely series and I'm excited to kick off my journey
into this February series of *A Photo A Day Challenge*
Hope you enjoy my shots... (might dig into archives but if so, my
photo will certainly be rejuvenated and much so "anew")
Starting in order of list.....
My View Today
Hello,  my name is Marilyn.. This is my desk right now.. I've been living
on tea, theraflu and lots of emergenC the last few days! *Joy*

Fitting for the season... I took this as part of a wordless Wednesday series
late last year.. I'm addicted to words with friends!

This was a shoot I did to capture HANDS in a fun way.. The droopy faced
beauty here is my little Mimi who helped as a model.. I LOVE the face.. : ))
All caught up, although I'm pretty certain I'll be late again as I have a
loooong weekend ahead filled with activities.. Hopefully I can work
the challenges into my day. I am very excited about the "Stranger"
theme.. Should be interesting.. Hope you can join in..
LET'S CLICK AWAY...............
Wishing you an excellent weekend....Stay Artsy!~
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Crafty Lil Hearts.. A BeaUtiful Love Story Featuring Cynthia..

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today. Thanks SO much
for all the wonderful birthday wishes to Sia yesterday, we had a wonderful
fun day and she thanks you sincerely for the hello's and wishes :))
Today, I am truly honored to have an amazing bloggy bff stopping in to share as
part of my valentine series happening and well into day three. Cynthia is a beautiful,
inspiring and very motivating bloggy friend that I would LOVE to really meet someday,
(I swear I planned on saying this before I read her post and she said THE SAME! HA!)
. . . .
I am always so moved by her posts, her features and her stories relating to married life,
faith and living her vows. She totally adds on to many reason's I look forward to 
marriage. Her love story is BEAUTIFUL and one you have to stop in and read all 
about in her featured posts not only pertaining to her, but lots of couples who stop in 
and share SO many breathtaking and electrifying life journeys. I am thrilled to share 
the wonderful Cynthia here with you today.. Please welcome her.. Enjoy~
Crafty Lil Hearts.... 
A Love Story By Cynthia..
Thank you lovely readers of The Artsy Girl Connections!
I am so excited Marilyn invited me to be part of her LOVE series.
Honestly Marilyn is one of the most creative bloggers on the web and i am so 
grateful she asked me to be part of this.  I really do hope to meet you someday
 soon Marilyn. I will make sure our paths cross one of these days. 
On my blog, Adventures of Team Pancakes, I blog about my 
married life with my hubby and always encouraging others to live, love and laugh 
because at the end of the day...that's what it's all about.
I also truly believe those three things sustains my relationship with my husband.
Now onto why i am here today, to share my love story with Mr. Pancakes (my hubby).  
And a perfect month for me to share this story because we met in February...

what a terrific month to meet the potential man that would become my husband.  
This month we will celebrate four years of meeting and finding each other.
I hope you enjoy and a learn take something away in the process.
But before i get to that...i want to take you back a little bit...maybe a few weeks before
we met. And i will be doing this with journal entries from the month we met.
Journal Entry from Feb. 11, 2008 @ 6:05AM (yes i wrote times on my journal entry):
"i don't want to make any more mistakes where i do not listen to 
God's direction to my life.  I need to pray always and ask for 
guidance. I am thankful that God allowed this moment for me to 
come to him with an open heart and ask him to guide me always."
I was very intentional during this period in my life, specifically my r
elationship with God so i was very meditative.  I had no idea it would
help me so much in my meeting and falling in love with Mr. Pancakes.
Journal Entry from Feb. 12, 2008 @ 6:12AM:
"For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of 
love and of sound mind.  The last few days i have 
been at peace and feel great."
I was completely at peace with myself during this period and i believe 
because my heart was open, i was ready to receive love...
the right kind of love anyway
Journal Entry from Feb. 14, 2008 @ 8:04AM
"I am thankful that today is V-Day because more than anything, 
i am understanding that God's love is the most important thing and with 
that i will be loved regardless of what happens."
At this point, i was accepting of all that could potentially happen in my
love life. I was again ALL BY MYSELF for Valentine's Day and
although i was a little down...i definitely learned what was more
important in my life...the love of God.
Journal Entry from Feb. 25, 2008 @ 10:26AM
"i met a guy last week and i must say i am smitten.  Spoke to 
him for about 3.5 hours closer to 4 hours and the whole
entire time we were laughing and just having a good time. 
 More about him later."
 In between the 2/14 and 2/25...i MET my future husband 
and life has not been the same since.  
Journal Entry March 1, 2001 @ 9:10pm
"...i do believe sometimes making 
one decision can change your life 
for the better and i am hoping that this is it...
that meeting of a lifetime."
 As you can see, the month of February is a very special one for the hubby and i because 
reflecting through my journals, i realized that Life has NOT been the same since meeting 
and falling in love with him.  Our love story is definitely one that begins with a Higher 
power and how being in the right frame of mind and heart can and 
did open doors i never thought was possible.
Every one's love story is special but i do believe my love story is the best because it 
is mine and ours alone! For this lovely month...i wish you NOTHING but love and 
happiness always. And don't forget when love presents itself, 
open your heart and mind and accept it!
Thank you Marilyn and your lovely readers for allowing me 
to reflect today on our love story. Wishing everyone a lovely 
and safe Valentine's Day!
Isn't she lovely..? TOLD YA.. As your journey through life, love and the daily in's and out's,
reading a blog you can relate to in many way's really makes life just that much enjoyable.
It's always nice to know the real person behind the blog and Cynthia makes this SO
easy and fun to be a reader, and be able to share in the many curves we are hit with
each day. Stop in and get your fix sometime.. Totally worth it! Thanks SO much
again Cynthia.. Wishing you all an amazing weekend ahead. Thanks for stopping
in today. Please come back tomorrow to join the lovely
Tricia and Bonnie via Uncoomon Designs Online ...
Happy Friday ~ Stay Artsy~
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Our Little Pea Turns TWO...{Letter To My Daughter}

Good morning friends stopping in today, it's a VERY HAPPY day here
within the Moon house.. Our little pea SIA PIE turns TWO TODAY!!
Hoooorrraaaaaaaay!!!! I am very excited and ready to have a fun day
planned to the aquarium and lots of cake and ice cream later!
My Dearest Sia,
I always wished for a daughter, and to be blessed with a beautiful, spunky
and amazingly smart one is truly an extra  rewarding gift each day spent
with you. Word’s cannot express how much I love you to pieces.

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Crafty Lil Hearts...Feat. Trish Via The Lovely Sweetology 101!

Good morning friends, it's almost Friday.. I am very excited and looking forward
to the weekend. We get to celebrate a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY >>>SIA'S 2ND!!
Very exciting.. Today is her actual birthday and we are off to the aquarium!
Crafty Lil Hearts Featuring 
....Trish From Sweetology 101!
Today marks day TWO of Crafty Lil Hearts and our special guest sharing
today is the lovely and craftastic Trish from Sweetology 101!
I TOTALLY envy Trish's skills at sweets! She's fantastic in the kitchen and I wish I
could bake half as good as she does. Her blog R O C K S! Please stop in and be blown
away and inspired to get down and bake a thing or two with her awesome and beautiful
recipes and features. Her tea parties are amazing and her sweet boutique features LOTS
of baking fun...Please enjoy this sweet feature here with Trish today and stop in and
say hello sometime<--Very worthy blog to visit!! Aren't these tempting?
Some SWEET Features from Sweetology 101!~
A Cupcake Struck by Cupid's Arrow!!
Hi! My name is Trish and I blog over at Sweetology.

I am a working wife and mother who loves her sweets and always has time
for a Tea Party!! I have a special interest in cupcake art, fondant
and whimsical edible crafts.
Me with the sweetest treat ever, my daughter, Sophia Rose!
I am very excited to share a fun cupcake for Valentine's Day
here at Artsy Girl. I always find so much inspiration here!!
While on Pinterest, I saw this idea for a fun cupid's arrow paper cupcake topper
for Valentine's day and thought I could make one that was edible!
This cupcake design is made by using melted white chocolate.
I piped the arrow's shape onto wax paper.

I was careful to make the end that would be placed into the cupcake a tad thicker
and longer so it would be sturdy and not break, it worked very well!!!

Once dried and hardened completely, I added some disco glitter dust
and attached the Wilton Sugar Hearts with a dab of clear karo syrup.

Next I baked up a batch of vanilla cupcakes and using my favorite
buttercream and I piped on the ruffled swirl using a Wilton 2D tip!

For cupcake and buttercream recipes click HERE!

Next, place the arrow into the cupcake as shown above!!
For cupcake and buttercream recipes click HERE!

I hope you get struck with Cupid's Arrow this Valentine's Day and
find lots and lots of LOVE!

Feel free to stop by my blog Sweetology 
Say Hi on Facebook by clicking HERE.
~Thank You~

Thanks SO much for sharing today Trish.. Isn't this BEAUTIFUL..? I am
bound to try this and hope to get struck by Cupid's arrow : )) I LOVE this idea!
Please stop in and say hello to Trish sometime.. I am TRULY HONORED to
have had her share here today. Super sweet idea! Hope you can add this
lil lovely cupcake to your Valentine's line up this February..
Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. Wishing you a perfect day.
Please stop in tomorrow for another awesome craftastic feature
from Cynthia via Mr & Mr's Pancakes.
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. #19 ~*Linky Party Day*~

Good Day Lovely Friends Stopping In Today,
Is anyone else LOVING all the LOVE all around the blog world as I am..? 
SO INSPIRING! I am VERY ecstatic to see more fun projects today and THANK
you sincerely for linking up last week. If you missed all the lovely inspiring 
features last week, hop on over and snag something for yourself! 
*Pin'Inspirational Thursday Linky Party Day*
* * Learn To Add Pin It Button To Your Post's HERE * *
Create, Share and Show Off!!
 *~Here are the fun favorites from last week~*
Happy Pinning.. All Featured On My Pin Board
This Will Melt Your Heart Box Via Late Young Family
How flipping CUTE & CRAFTY! Pin'It!! 
I Can't Stop Crafting ~ Easiest Baby Blanket
Very Lovely And Adorable!!  Pin'It!! 
YUMMY! Great Foodie Gift Idea~! Pin'It!

Book Page Hearts Canvas ~ Twigg Studios
Craftastic and Awesome.. J'adore! ~ Pin'It!!

Share in my Pin'It fun by simply clicking Pin'It!!
#Please BE a Follower of me and my co-host Jane
*Adventures In Dinner*.. {LOVE MY FRIENDS}
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#Please No Giveaways!!! Only Crafts, Recipes, Photography.
#Links to ACTUAL Linked Up Projects Pweease
#Browse around/ Spread the word/visit and be inspired!! 

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Crafty Lil' Hearts ...Poor Man's Beef Wellington With ~Janel

Good morning friends, thanks so much for stopping in today. It's officially
February 1st and the count to Valentine has begin.. I am very excited to
introduce you to my first guest here today in my
Crafty Lil Hearts Series ~ Janel. 
I absolutely adore Janel, she has some crafty and inspirational features via her
awesome blog with the funniest and inspiring name ever--Hating Martha!
 (Don't we all at times..? Its like that pretty best friend that you simply love to see
ugly just ONCE in a while! LOL.). Stop in and say hello to Janel sometime,
I promise you, your visit will be BEYOND worth while.. She has a great
heart and is a wonderful bloggy bff. Without further due please join me
in opening up the Crafty Lil Hearts Series with Janel! 
Crafty Lil Hearts
............Featuring Hating Martha
This blog called ArtsyGirl connection just rocks! I love being here! 
Thank you Marilyn for having me, imperfections and all! You are one classy lady!
If we haven't hoo to you. Stop over to Hating Martha and say hello! 
It's about time! I love new friends, new readers, new followers and new shoes...
in that order :). If you are a new reader AND send me new shoes all the better!
Okay, moving on. I got off topic a bit there. This little party is Valentines Day 
related and I was asked to do something crafty, foodie, or lovey for it. I asked my 
H "what should I do"? He promptly replied that I should make Beef Wellington. 
His favorite dish that I rarely make. Cause I don't like to have to do an extra hour 
workout after eating. Since he pays most of the bills...he got his wish.
So ladies, instead of froo-froo cakes, cupcakes, candies and such, which we 
all know is for the girls anyways, make your man some meat. He will love 
you forever. And might I suggest...Poor Man's Beef Wellington?
Poor Man's Beef Wellington
(this recipe makes 8. 1/2 the recipe for 4)
2 beaten eggs
1 1/2 pnds ground beef
4 tablespoons crushed saltine crackers
2 tablespoons dried parsley
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon cream
3 tablespoons butter
1 small onion, chopped fine
4 cloves of garlic, minced
8 ounces baby bella mushrooms
1/2 cup red wine (or grape juice)
1 teaspoon basil
mozzarella cheese (optional)
2 sheets of puff pastry
Heat oven to 400 degrees.
Mix first 6 ingredients together well. Set aside.
In a large saucepan melt butter. Add onion and mushrooms. 
Cook on medium high heat until mushrooms sweat and onions are translucent.
Turn down to medium while you add the garlic, red wine, and basil.
Turn the heat back up to high and continue to cook
until reduced. Remove from heat. Cool.
Lightly grease a cookie sheet. On a lightly floured
surface lay out pastry sheets. Cut each sheet into 4 squares.
Spread mushroom mixture across each square.
 Top with thin layer of mozzarella cheese.
Put 1/2 cup of meat mixture (formed into flattened balls) on top.
Pull corners up over meat and pinch edges together.
(don't worry if this is tricky, it is for isn't just you!)
Put on cookie sheet with seam side down. Cut small slits
on top and brush with cream or beaten egg. Bake for 30-40
minutes or until golden brown and meat is cooked through.
Serve with brown gravy.. (I like to add 1/2 cup of red wine
to the gravy, it helps it match this recipe so well!)
Any man would say that mashed potatoes and gravy are what
should be served with these. The green beans...not so much.
And chocolate cake afterwards would probably seal the deal.
Thanks all for having me here...good luck on your Valentines
Day prep! Hope its a great day of love, laughter, and smooches!

YUMMMY!!! I am VERY excited to try this recipe hopefully soon. I can't
wait.. It looks SO delicious and easy as Janel writes it up... I am VERY
thankful and truly honored to have had you stop in today Janel, sincere
appreciationand thanks.. I hope you all enjoyed this amazing recipe and
can hop on over and visit Janel sometime via Hating Martha.
Thanks SO much for stopping in today.. Our series contines
tomorrow with a fun feature from the sweetest and lovely
Trish via Sweetology! Her name say's it all...!!
Wishing you a happy mid-week!
~Stay Artsy~

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My Heart To Yours..{13 Ounces Of Love Or Less!}

Good evening artsy friends stopping in today, I am officially knee deep 
in fun projects around the house for birthday's and so much more. 
February is a very busy month here for us. I have a SPECIAL birthday coming up 
and so does my darling little Sia.. Very THRILLING and so much to do. She 
turns TWO this year on the second of Feb and I turn ------(?) myself on Feb 8th!! 
BIRTHDAYS GALORE!!! LOVE IT!! {Can you guess my age..?!?!}
*~13 Ounces Of Love OR Less 
......A Mailing Experiment~*
I am embarking on a little experiment of my own to explore the mailing system. 
I read a concept of mailing that was SOoo exciting and fun and I have decided to put it 
to the test. I came across an AMAZING blog called Givers Log that I absolutely 
ADORE! It's inspirational, fun and has an amazing mailing concept that I am very 
intrigued by!!.  You HAVE GOT TO STOP in and meet the lovely Amberlee and her 
artsy crafty amazing talented concepts and fun inspirational posts. It's a beautiful blog 
to visit and I've learned SO much from her from being a reader for ONLY 2 months! 
LEVEL, I am really inspired, and admire SO much about her.. 
* *~ MY QUEST..???~* *
I will be mailing out (1 3) items to (1 3) awesome bloggy friends of mine. The random
13 will simply in return for receiving their secret item have to follow the fun instructions on
the item and BLOG about it.. Lets just say, it'll involve GOOD DEEDS!!! I am very excited
and have a list of things I am piling up to send out as part of my experiment. Please note, it
might not be anything BIG, but a small token of LOVE from my heart to yours this
Valentine season.. Join in, comment and link your email address and the first (1 3 )
will receive an email from me for more information and when their item is sent out..
If you haven't stopped in OR know about AmberLee, today's a great day to
head on over, visit and fall in love with the Givers Log....
This is JUST one of the many idea's she has to mailing out a little bit of LOVE to
family and friends all year round. You can mail out ball's, flip flops, pencils. and
so many random CUTE and crafty neat items to say I LOVE YOU in 13 ounces
or less without the extra burden or worry about hefty silly shipping costs!
Ready..? Join in... I am very excited and hope YOU are part of this
amazing fun experiment of LOVE... Thanks SO much for stopping in today!
Wishing you an AMAZING week.. Don't forget to join in Crafty Lil' Hearts
kicking off tomorrow with the lovely Janel via Hating Martha!
~Stay Artsy~
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From Our Crafty Lil Hearts To Yours... ~The A M A Z I N G Bloggers...

Good Morning lovely friends stopping in this morning.. I am really
EXCITED to introduce you all to the lovely and amazing blogs participating in
Crafty Lil Hearts starting on Feb 1st!!!
Please stop in and meet these amazing ladies. Truly talented, craftastic and
amazing features within their spaces in the blog world. I am VERY honored to have
them share in spreading love this valentine season with their crafty lil hearts here!
Without further due, please welcome and stay tuned for some lovely
and inspirational filled valentine features to come in two day's....
**Crafty Lil Hearts Bloggers
& Feature Dates**
Janel Via Hating Martha ~ Feb 1st
Trish Via Sweetology ~ Feb 2nd
*A Special Birthday Break In Between*
Cynthia Via Team Pancakes (Mr. & Mrs. Pancakes) ~ Feb 3rd
Tricia & Bonnie Via Uncommon Designs Online ~ Feb 4th
Maysem Via Ode To Inspiration ~ Feb 5th
Myric Via Petites Passions ~ Feb 6th
Emily Via 52 Mantels ~ Feb 7th
**Another Special Birthday Break In Between**
Melanie Via Keeping Up With The Cantelmo's ~ Feb 8th
Ashley Via Cherished Bliss ~ Feb 9th
April Via The Gingerbread Blog ~ Feb 10th
Daniella Via Anchor's and Away ~ Feb 11th
 Mally Via Sincerely Mally ~ Feb 12th
Danielle Via Blissful & Domestic ~ Feb 13th 
Can't wait for you to see what these lovely ladies have in store...
Stay tuned.. Love is in the air all around here...FEEL IT!!!
From Our Crafty Lil Hearts To Yours...
Wishing you an incredibly fantastic week ahead!
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