Pinterest Inspirations.. ~*Valentines I DIG*~

I am TOTALLY ecstatic to see all the amazing valentine crafts, photo inspirations and
SO much more all around the blog world. It's been so lovely and amazing! I had
a minute today to splurge a bit and goof off on pinterest and some blogs I LOVE!
Here are my findings... V'Day Inspirations I DIG!

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Crafty Lil Hearts..{Featuring The AWESOME Daneilla~Anchors Away}

Happy weekend friends. I am continuing in my Crafty Lil Hearts
series today with a fun feature from an amazing bloggy friend I adore. *Daneilla*
She is a great person to get to know and truly terrific at heart. I adore her humour, her
easy going personality and her wonderful blog via Anchors Away... 

I admire Daniella not only because she is a military mom but she is creative, features
SO many inspiring posts from crafts, to real life touching and amazing stories totally
relatable to anyone. Please stop in sometime and join in on the fun. YOU are missing
out if you aren't a friend yet.. Please welcome Daniella here today~
Crafty Lil Hearts
Daniella Via Anchors Away

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Beating The Winter Blues.... {Co-Hosting Via Adventures In Dinner}

Good morning friends stopping in today.. It's another fun
Saturday with creative idea's to Beat the Winter Blues...I am
co-hosting with Jane again and would LOVE for you to join in the fun!
*Beating The Winter Blues ~Linky Party!*
Today, I am guest co-hosting an awesome new linky party with my lovely
friend Jane from Adventures In Dinner. She's such a wonderful person at
heart, a GREAT mom and one of the B E S T cook's I know!

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Linky Tool's ~ Follower's Fest... Hop Along & Spread The Word..

Hi folks, happy Friday.. I am very excited to host a lovely
linky party dedicated to "Linky Followers Tool"..
It'll remain open till next friday and available for you to link
your blog, follow other's and build up your linky follower's tool!
**If you aren't aware, GFC tool will become limited to blog's that are
not google based such as wordpress and the likes as of MARCH 1st!**

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Photo Challenges... ~*Edit Me / FatMumSlim ~ SUN!*~

Good morning friends.. Continuing in Edit Me
and February Photo Challenge *Sun*
My Edited Version Of Selena from

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Crafty Lil Hearts... {*Featuring the lovely April Via Gingerbread Blog*}

Good morning friends stopping in today, it's finally FRIDAY<~Yaaaaye!
Any fun weekend plans..? I'm hoping to get out with my friends and celebrate my
birthday a bit, cheers to some fun and mommy time out.. Today marks day 9th
of Crafty Lil Hearts.. I've been enjoying all the fun in the series and have SO many
fun idea's of Valentine crafts and SO much more.. Hope you are finding inspiration
and enjoying as you follow along.. Today, I am loving the opportunity to introduce
you to the lovely April from the GingerBread Blog! April is also a lovely
sponsor here and I adore all her fun creativity featured on her blog. She will be
sharing some of her favorite Valentine crafts with us.. Hope you can take a moment
to get to know April and visit her sometime. SO much FUN and Inspiration!!!
Crafty Lil Hearts Featuring
April Via Gingerbread Blog!
Hello! My name is April and I blog over at Gingerbread. I'm so excited that Marilyn
invited me to share a few of my Valentines Day crafts here today! I have to admit
that Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays, even as a girl I loved making
heart paper valentines and taping little candies to them. I love being able to tell those
around them how much they mean to me. It also gives me an opportunity to
cover my house with all things pink and red. Ha!Here are a few
of my favorite Valentine creations:
Pipe Cleaner Trees
These little mini trees are my favorite decoration in the house right
now. Its like having a little pink and red forest  at your fingertips!
You will need:
* Pipe cleaners
* Wine cork {cut in half}
* Scissors
1. You will need to cut some of your pipe cleaners in half and some in fourths.
2. Take one of your half size pipe cleaners and make a loop at the top,
this will make your heart on the top of your tree.
3. Take your pipe cleaners that are cut in fourths {the smallest ones} and
start wrapping them around your looped pipe cleaner, this will be the "trunk"
of your tree. Repeat this with your pieces until half of your tree is full.
4. Then take your half sizes and start wrapping those around the trunk.
5. Poke a hole in your wine cork and stick the bottom of the trunk into the trunk.
6. Bend the top loop of your tree into a heart.
Heart Pipe Cleaner Glasses
My boys thought I was super goofy after we made these glasses
 and I wore them around the house. Don't they know me already? 
These are super easy and fun!
1. Make two hearts
2. Connect hearts with small piece of pipe cleaner
3. Cut a long piece of pipe cleaner in half and make two ear pieces
{or whatever the real name for them is} ha!
Can you tell that I have some serious love for pipe cleaners? They
are just so fun and easy for little ones to create with. Loves.
I hope Valentines Day is sweet for all of you friends! 
Awww, how cute are those glasses.? I ADORE them.. Looks SO much fun and something
my kiddies will LOVE!! Thanks SO much for sharing April.. I sincerely appreciate these
fun and festive Valentine tutorial's... I am LOVING your Key to my heart Necklace
featured today.. SO pretty and darling.. Stop in and have a looksey everyone..!
Hope you enjoyed my lovely guest April here today! Thanks SO much for
stopping in.. Don't forget to link up and join Follower's Fest TODAY
to celebrate and Linky Tool's and add some friends to your list!!
Wishing YOU all a lovely start to your weekend!
~Stay Artsy~
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Blog Loving ~ Better Blogging Series #1

Hello there, thanks SO much for joining in on the series,
it opens up tomorrow but please feel free to go ahead and sign up! This
list is the official list that will be posted alongside the official post tomorrow!
Coming THIS Thursday
Blog Loving ~ A Better Blogging Series!
the artsygirl connection

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Photo Challenge & Linking... {Fat Mum Slim/Edit Me}

Hello lovely friends stopping in today.. I'm VERY late at posting but nonetheless
I am excited to share my photo's as part of the FatMumSlim February photo a
day challenge.. I'm SO bad at editing once I shoot so it takes some time to
get it all in per day. I apologize but better late then never... Here WE go!~
 10. A.M
....Usually TEA Time~!

Chicken Finger's & Ketchup
Sia's FAV!~

I really LOVE buttons.. I have lots and lots 
of them.. These two are few of my FAV!
Till Next Time... SNAP SNAP AWAY~!
~Stay Artsy~
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Crafty Lil Hearts.. {Featuring the lovely Ashley Via Cherished Bliss}

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today, thanks SO much for all the
wonderful birthday wishes yesterday, It made my day even THAT MUCH
MORE SPECIAL!! Very lovely day overall. Staying on the subject of
special, I am very thrilled and excited to introduce you to my NINTH
guest here sharing in the Crafty Lil' Hearts Series..
Cherished Bliss
Have you met Ashley..? If not, what are you waiting for..? Head on over
and enjoy SO many creative and inspiring adventures in crafting, motherhood, and
sewing pictures 3so much more.. Dive into her amazing list of tutorials and projects for DAYS!! I absolutely LOVE her projects, how cute are these craft room framed art and adorable wooden spools ribbon storage?
  Wood Spools Main

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Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. #20 ~*Linky Party Day*~

 Look whose Pin'Inspired again!!!!! I AM!!!
What have you crafted this week..? Care to share..? I am very excited
to indulge and be inspired BY Y O U!! .. In case you are wondering
what this thrilling feeling is I get every Thursday, have a looksey.. It's my Pinterest
boards and the love of having to save, pin and be inspired by bloggers like
YOU and YES YOU each day, anytime, all year round.. YES you are featured!!!
If I've featured you HERE as a favorite any Thursday, then you are on my Pin 
board and hope you get a chance to see how many other people your
craftiness has inspired.. LOTS OF RE-PINS and LIKES!!!!
I want to follow YOUR party..
Have you Joined in Linky Followers..? I would LOVE to
stop in and follow your party!! Lets Follow each other!

Pin'Inspired Highlights From Last Week
~*Creative, Fun and SUPER Darling~*
Via 21 Rosemary Lane ~ Sweetheart Paper Garland!
 Masses of decorative pillows because you like to change them often? 
The crafty and creative Her ballistic Garden 
has the best creative pillow accessories solutions!!
Yummy In My Tummy! Pomegranate Crepes!
How she does it..? Hop over to *Will Cook For Smiles*

Got a lil LOVE bug..? How ridicolously adorable are these cutesy ladybug
nails..? Lets paint with Fancy Frugal Life ..

So many inspirational features LAST WEEK HERE!!!
It's Your Turn Now To CREATE, SHARE & SHOW OFF!!
**Teeny Rules To Please Observe**
1) link your great projects
2) follow myself and co-host JaneArtsy
3) grab a button from myself and Jane
4) link to an exact post and not your general blog url
5) link up photography, recipes and crafts ~ No giveaways/businesses
6) have a fab time exploring other people's great ideas, leave lots of 
comments and meet someone new
7) tell a friend so they can join on in

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Birthday's In Itself Are Lovely Presents....{Live In The Moments..}

Sing A Song
Clap Your Hands
Bake Some Pies
and yummy cakes
for today my friends
I celebrate
a day of life
for I'm awake....
*~It's My BiRtHdAy Today~*

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Crafty Lil Hearts.. A BeaUtiful Love Story With The Cantelmo's..

Top of the morning to you lovely friends stopping in today, I am VERY 
excited to introduce you to the beautiful and loveliest heart Melanie  joining in 
to share a LOVELY Love story as part of my Crafty Lil Hearts Series..
Have you missed out on all the LOVE activities happening around here..? No
biggie, head on over and meet the wonderful blogger's involved. They truly are
the BEST and craftiest hearts out there.. Lovely and CREATIVELY Inspiring!
Janel Via Hating Martha / Trish Via Sweetology
Tricia & Bonnie Via Uncommon Designs Online / Myric Via Petites Passions 
Emily Via 52 Mantels Maysem Via Ode To Inspiration 
Melanie is a beautiful, wonderful mom and such a humble person. Her blog features,
Keeping up with The Cantelmo's prayer requests, real life
everyday stories we can all
relate to and SO much more.
Her faith is moving, she's
such a darling and truly a
blog to follow along and
get to know. Her LOVE
story is a beautiful fairytale
in itself and how she got to her happily ever after is inspiring. Please take a moment to
welcome Melanie here today and stop in sometime to say hello..
I promise you will LOVE HER as I DO~!
Crafty Lil Hearts....
A Beautiful Love Story .........
Keeping up with the Cantelmo's
Hi my name is Melanie Cantelmo and I have a little blog called
Keeping up with the Cantelmo’s. My blog is my place to share my 
memories, dreams, inspirations, and crafts. I desire for my blog to be an 
encouraging place and to document my memories for my children.
I am excited to share with you my love story with my husband Anthony. 
Our love story isn’t perfect. It wasn’t easy. And it was real life. Everyday 
my husband and I grow to love each other more because of all we 
have been through together. Seeing my husband grow as a man, 
husband and father makes me love him more each day.
I met my husband when I was 19 years old. We were both leaders in a 
youth ministry. I wasn’t interested in him at the time and he wasn’t 
interested in me. We both went out separate ways.
Years later we reconnected on facebook. I was a single mom with a little 
girl. He was a teacher. The connection was instant and I knew 
he was the one I wanted to marry.
Anthony and I had been dating for a few months when I found out I was 
pregnant with my second daughter Olivia. Anthony and I had talked about 
getting married before I found out I was pregnant with Olivia but once I 
found out I was pregnant I didn’t want to get married just 
because we were having a baby together.
Hormones, shame and stress of becoming a parent again lead Anthony and 
I to break up. Most guys would have left my side while I was pregnant. 
Anthony didn’t. We stayed friends. He came to doctor’s appointments, took 
me to lunch, stayed with me at the hospital when I had issues with the 
pregnancy, and took birthing class together. 
Anthony wanted to be involved in Olivia’s life.
When I went into labor Anthony drove me to the hospital and stayed with me 
throughout the entire birth. When Olivia was born Anthony and I shared a kiss, 
it was like we had never broken up. During our hospital stay Anthony never 
left my side. We talked for hours about life, family, dreams and our future.
When he drove me home from the hospital I had no idea if we were together, 
broken up or what our status was. The following days, weeks and months after 
Olivia was born Anthony spent every evening after work at my home. 
He ate dinner with my daughters and me. He read bedtime stories to 
my oldest daughter Grace and rocked Olivia to sleep. He started 
to refer to us as a family. Everything just felt natural.
A few months later Anthony asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!!
You can read more about our wedding here and here.
Anthony and I have had our struggles because we did things backwards. 
Despite all our hardships Anthony is the first man I truly loved.
My advice I would give someone who is married, engaged or 
thinking about getting married is to take advice from other happily 
married couples that have been married for over 20 years. Their 
wisdom is valuable! Spend time with their family and see how they 
made it work. Also premarital counseling is worth it! 

Anthony and I love going to counseling, it helps us communicate with 
one another in a way that speaks to the other person. I always learn 
so much about Anthony after counseling. I am so thankful that we 
decided to continue counseling after we got married.
Thank you for taking the time to read my love story.
Not all love stories are perfect but they all have happy endings. 
Melanie, I can't express how moving your story is. Really truly beautiful.. 
Your lil ones are SO adorable.. Sincerest thanks for stopping in and
sharing.. I love your blog and it's great to know a bit more 
about you. .....Way to GO Anthony!!! 
Please stop in sometime and Keep up with the Cantelmo's.
Melanie has all sorts of great features, life adventures, prayer
requests, parties and SO much more. You can catch her on
Facebook, Fast updates on her per Twitter, or stop in anytime 
and connect with her and her lovely readers!
Wishing you all A perfect Mid-Week..
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Crafty Lil Hearts..Sweet Sentiments..{Featuring..Emily Via 52 Mantels}

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today. 
We continue on to our 7th awesome featured guest here today as part
of Crafty Lil Hearts Series. Hope you've all been enjoying and inspired
by the lovely features shared so far. SO much creativity and love all around.. Today,
I am going to introduce you to the lovely Emily via 52 Mantels. 
A Bit About Emily...
She LOVES to throw parties....
Loves F A L L .....Pink Stuff......CHUBBY baby TOES
Target Dollar Spot.....bEauTiful phOtogRaphy...Traveling
Finding Her Calling & being a woman of God. 
About Me
Emily is SUPER creative and features SO many artsy inspirational crafts on 
her wonderful blog. Why 52 Mantels..? Click HERE to find out and join in her
  Mantel Countdown fun. Please join me in welcoming the lovely lady behind 
the creative and inspirational blog 52 Mantels sharing with us here today!
Crafty Lil Hearts
.......Emily Via 52 Mantels.
Hi, I'm Emily from 52 Mantels! I am so honored to be participating in 
Crafty Lil Hearts! What a fun series dedicated to the lovey-doviest holiday of the year!

To me, Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday for the handmade gift. Nothing 
says I love you like taking the time to create something sweet and sentimental 
for your nearest and dearest. My hubby and I don't buy each other 
Valentine gifts. Instead, we do sweet things, cook something special 
or give thoughtful, handmade cards and gifts.

This year, I decided to make my hubby a Subway Art style picture frame, listing 
every city the two of us have lived (both separate and together!). And, then I 
added a sentiment that could not be any truer: Home Is Wherever You Are. I finished 
the project with an old picture of us in the first city we lived together as marrieds. 
A sweet and sentimental gift for my hubby, don't you think?
I started this project with a discounted $0.99 frame, which I gave a quick coat of 
Pewter Ring paint from a Behr sample jar. Behr's Pewter Ring just so happens to be 
the color of our entry way, guest bathroom, dining room and living room. Yes, we 
like gray. After the frame was dry, I rough up the edges a bit with some sandpaper. 
Just enough to give it a slightly worn quality.
Using my silhouette,  I cut out the names of our cities from black vinyl, making sure to 
vary the fonts and sizes. I decided to leave two areas blank to handwrite our names and 
"home sweet home" in my own script. Just another personal touch! I kept the font and 
colors simple and without a lot of fluff. Since, you know, it is for my husband. 
Of course, he can decide where to put his new frame, but I think it looks pretty great as 
part of this gallery wall in our living room. It's extra at home among 
pictures from some of our favorite trips together.
I think my husband will like this sweet and sentimental Valentine gift, don't you?
Come visit me sometime at 52 Mantels, where I post tutorials for simple 
crafts and easy DIY projects. And, I talk a lot about mantels, too.
Thanks so much for hosting this fun series, Marilyn!!
I sincerely appreciate you stopping in today and it's been a honor to have you. I 
absolutely LOVE your story and this BEAUTIFUL frame art screams LOVE.. 
You two are SO cute together.. : )) LOVE it..I love the tutorial and certainly have
to give it a try soon. Thanks SO much for sharing... I appreciate you....
Hope you all can stop in and pay Emily a visit.. You can find her via
her blog, facebook and even on twitter for fast updates.. 
Wishing you ALL a lovely Tuesday...
~Stay Artsy~
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February Photo A Day Challenge...{Stranger}

Good morning friends...Continuing in my FatMumSlim's
February photo challenge with today's focus as "A Stranger".

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Crafty Lil Hearts..Coloring Valentine W/ Myric Via Petites Passions..

Happiest Of Monday's to you all stopping in today. What a game last
night huh..? I'm worn out and exhausted but work calls..Today marks day 
SIX of Crafty Lil Hearts Series and I am very excited to re-introduce 
you to the wonderful Myric via Petites Passions, with a beautiful feature
 to share. As you all know, Myric is the lovely crafty mind behind the blog that never
seizes to amaze me. She's a wonderful sweet person to know and has creative,
unique inspirations that are one of a kind and extraordinarily original..You also
have a chance to win the featured items here today, so head on over after
and join in the wonderful giveaway happening just for YOU...
Please welcome Myric here today and join in a fun tutorial she's sharing..
Stop in sometime and say hello.. Totally fall in love and follow along with 
Petites Passions.. This series has been truly amazing... 
Crafty Lil Hearts
Featuring Petites Passions ~ Myric
Hello beautiful bloggers and visitors! I am Myric of Petites Passions. 
I am and artist married to a wonderful physicist who I absolutely love
and adore. We are totally opposite but we share the same
faith which is the foundation of our marriage.

We were just starting our life together here in AZ. We couldn't afford house
decorations yet so I took the challenge of making decorations out of almost
nothing like dryer sheets lol! However I find the challenge very enjoyable.
Today, I want to share something I love to do. Graphic designing!
The reference of the images I used were from Graphic's Fairy
Coloring Valentines with Black and White
Pink and Red are colors often seen on Valentine's day. There are so many different 
meanings of these colors and the most common meaning known is they signify love. 
I remember I was told that Pink signifies the color of nurturing and unconditional love 
while Red is the color of passion. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.
I love graphic designing, so I thought I'd design something Valentine-y about simple 
things I love on my left-over blank tags, but all I had was black laserjet printer! 
I guess red and pink is out of the plan, but I did not let the lack of colors 
stop me from expressing things the that I love.
Number 1 thing I am passionate about is my faith in the Lord. I  believe that 
everything else in this world may fail me but His love will endure 
forever! I also love beach so I put the idea of a bible verse 
about love and beach theme together. This is the result!
This next tag to shows how I feel about boots! People who know me, knows that 
'I Love Boots'  is a common phrase they would hear from me. I made this to 
tease myself lol! I hope you all enjoyed my little projects and thank you for your 
time today. I am so thankful to Marilyn who gave me another great opportunity 
to be a guest poster here at The ArtsyGirl Connection. I always 
visit her blog and love her inspirational blogs, recipes and crafts!
THANKS SO MUCH for this inspiring feature Myric..
I absolutely love these tags. They are SO unique
and one of a kind.. Very beautiful.. 
Today, you actually have a chance to win these adorable tags from Myric.. 
Want them..? Stop in and be a follower and comment via Petites Passions
for a chance to have your own tags made by Myric.. 
Thanks SO much again Myric.. 
I can't express enough gratitude to you for being here again today.. 
Wishing you all an amazing week ahead.. 
~Stay Artsy~
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