FINAGLE A FOTO #1 {Black & White *Texture Shots*}

Hello lovely friends stopping in today.. Hope your weekend is swell.
Grab your camera's and show me your shots today as we kick off
F I N A G L E  A  F O T O #1
{Focus Shot ~ Black & White Texture}
This is a shot of dirt in the back yard. I was out playing with the kids
and loved the piles of sticks still around in the dirt..
Today's focal point is Texture (Black & White Photography). Shooting texture surfaces 
are a lot of fun. It's always great to see it displayed via an item, surface or through added 
overlay to a photo. Angles can add SO much life to texture shots. Want to read more 
to help in finagling the BEST shot you can achieve possibly..? SEE HERE!!!
I am VERY excited to see all the wonderful photography to be shared and the amazing
increase in photo knowledge /use of camera /focus over time!!! GOOD LUCK!
The ArtsyGirl Connection

*The Rules Are As Simple As Can Be....*
Feel free to show off shots that lead to your perfected photo of choice!
1. Please be a follower HERE and my Co-Host *The Foreign Domestic*
{Lets us know to follow YOU too so we stay connected!!!}
2. MUST be your OWN shot, please do not finagle other's work.
3. Please Link Back To Your ORIGINAL Actual Photo Post.
4. Please display Finagle A Foto button on your post.
5. Help Us Pick A Winner VIA LIKING YOUR FAV'S
6. Winner gets to help us choose the challenge themes..!!
7. Visit around and check out creative versions of the focal point of the week!
**Don't Forget To LINK Your Blog For A Free Review HERE**

Thanks SO much for stopping in and joining us today... 
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Sponsor Love... ~*The Turquuoise Piano~*

Hello friends..Hope you are all having an amazing start to your LONG weekend!
I LOVE ALL my sponsors and want to say SPECIAL THANKS
to ALL of them for being here and always keeping me INSPIRED!!!!!
 I am VERY excited to introduce you to one of my
newest sponsor's here KELLI via The Turquoise Piano! She's a creative force of 
nature and has the cutest, inspirational and amazing craft blog! She will be sharing a 
bit about herself today and some of her wonderful and favorite crafts.. Hope you 
enjoy Kelli here today and can stop in sometime and indulge or say hello.. 
Sponsor Love ~ The Turquoise Piano
Hello everyone at The ArtsyGirl Connection!  I am so excited to be sponsoring and 
posting on Marilyn's very inspirational blog. I've been a follower 
for a long time and I can't wait to get to know you all!
My name is Kelli.  I have a two year old daughter who wears me out every day and a 
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Beat The Winter The Blues.... By CRAFTING!!!

Good morning lovely friends.. Happy Saturday.. Its been
a weird winter on this end with far from any snow. NOT that I am complaining
but does this mean summer will be here in MARCH..? HA! THAT will be NICE!
I am co-hosting alongside Jane Via Adventures In Dinner Today!
How are you beating the winter blues where 
ever you are..? ME, I'm crafting for SUMMER!
Collecting idea's, pinning away and trying to stay sane till I can grab my beach chair
and hit snooze in the fun somewhere by the beach!!! Here are some great crafts
to help you prepare for the summer along the way.. Craft your blues away!
From the The long Thread ~ Kids Crafts For Summer!

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Healthy Quick Lunch Alternatives! ~ Salad In A Jar!

Good day lovely friends stopping in this morning.. T G I F ~Whew!
What's In YOUR Lunch Box TODAY..?

Lunch from home? Or hefty overpriced
cafeteria lunches around your office..?
If you are like me, you find yourself really pissed for paying $10 for a far from 1/2
star cafeteria prepared meal that you could have easily whipped up from home for
half that price! I always try to grab something from home but I really swear
ALL my clocks at home are set to work against me no matter how early I
start my day! {Joke was on THEM this week} as I managed to prepare
a lunch every evening before bed, to ensure I could grab it and
run out no matter how late I was running! HA!

Quick, Healthy, & Simple Lunch
Alternatives ARE the WAY To Go! 
Simple & Delish ~ Salad In A Jar!
Pin It
*Dressing Up Your Jar In Layers*
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Finagle A Photo ~*Starting This Sunday*~

Good day friends stopping in this afternoon!
I am VERY excited to introduce you all to a BRAND NEW
FUN Photography Challenge premiering this Sunday!!!
F I N A G L E   A  F O T O
"Photography Helps YOU See"
A weekly photo challenge hosted and brought to you by Kirsten
via Foreign Domestic and Myself (The ArtsyGirl Connection!)
The ArtsyGirl Connection

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Blog Loving ~* A Better Blogging Review Series #1 ~*

Good morning lovely friends stopping in this morning..
Hope you are having an amazing start to your day.
*Blog Loving ~ A Better Blogging Series*
the artsygirl connection
Join in for a free blog review / a chance
to help review a blog!!!Your reader's
insights are key to successful blogging!
Ever wanted to know what your reader’s thought of your blog..? I DO, who doesn’t…? ..
Although we get awesome, creative cute comments and inspirations to tweak things to
meet periodic creative goals, at times I often wonder, what else do YOU think..?
What would you say I needed to improve upon or change..?
What would you like to see more of, or recommend
to improve upon YOUR visits here..???
Well, I figured NOW is a great time with the new year in full swing to
What's Your Take On It..?
I am co-hosting this awesome series 'Blog Loving' with some lovely ladies
who will all be joining in to assist with feedback's, successful blog tips on engaging
your reader's, tips on maintaining a healthy and effective blog schedule and a great
chance to get your reader's personal perspective in helping you mold the best blog
space you can for your content, and who it's reaching creatively and as
effectively as possible! Want to join in.? Hop along...
Yesterday's focus was STATS, in case you missed it, HERE is the LINK!
** The Lovely Blogs Hosting **
* * *
How The Series Works
1. Enter in your blog to join into the series by responding, leaving your
blog name and displaying the Blog Loving button per your own blog.

2. All blogs entering will be assigned 1 random blog to creatively review
and a free blog review in return as well from an anonymous source.
(We will email you the blog info, you review and email back your assessments of
what  you loved the most,what you think could be improved upon, and what you
didn’t like upon your visitor could be changed from a reader’s perspective)

3.. As an incentive to YOUR own reader's to take advantage of the series, we ask that
you freely by choice if you see it fit, blog about it and link back with ONE (or two)
blogging recommendations you would LOVE to see more of, OR not (this also
adds to engaging your reader's. By posting, your reader's can join in the series,
and leave you their feedback on your thoughts pertaining to your blog and
give you their own recommendations!). The List will stay open
for entry for 6days and only one entry per blog is required.
(List Closes After #60 to ensure everyone gets a great review timely)
4. You wouldn’t be given any info as to who critiqued your blog. Everything will
remain anonymous and private. Your email will only contain what was said
pertaining to the reviewers respective and private insights. We ask that
you keep your reviews private as to what blog you do review.

5. To help us all gain awareness and take notes as to what our blog communities
perspective on things are as a whole, each of us will post a variety of great
tips received from assorted anonymous reviews that could help us
all maintain the best creative content, reader friendly, easily
assessable info and functional blog space we can. 

*Helpful Hints To Help With Blog Critique*
Upon arrival at a blog, how does the layout suit a reader? Is it easily
User friendly and assessable? , can you navigate and find content
you will like to read more about easily..?
Are there any bandwidth issues causing you to wait long to view the blog?
Is the font easily readable? Are the colors too bright or not?
Is content,posts, photo’s etc engaging..?
(A photo can say a million things in just one view, I know personally that I
am engaged immediately upon seeing a fascinating or great image
 within a post to happily dig in and read more about it)
That’s it… How exciting..! I really look forward to learning and picking up
great blogging tips and more from ALL of us together…
{Please be sure your email address is listed on your blog for contact)
Hope you can join in....I am VERY excited to learn new bloggy tips,
insights and SO much more! Wishing YOU all an amazing day!

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Pin'Inspirational Thursday #21 ~*Linky Party Day~*

Pin'Inspired Lately..?
Hope so, it's Thursday and my FAVORITE pinterest party is H E R E!!!
Pin' Inspirational Thursdays ~ Linky Party Day
where YOU are allowed to create, share and HAPPILY S H O W  O F F!!
The ArtsyGirl Connection

Be Sure To Join In Blog Loving Series Today!!
Sign up HERE to join in on the fun!
If you missed all of last week's inspirational links and features, catch up
now and snag some inspirational creative features shared!!! Here are your
favorites and most visited from last week's Pin' Inspired series..
You Totally Pin' Inspired Me
~ Last Week's Top Links~
Via I Can Find The Time ~ I A D O R E This creative
Fabric Silhouette Nursery Wall Art ~ Pin It Here!

Via These Wing Loft ~ Pin'It HERE~
The most adorably CUTE ~ Candy Love Letters
LOVE this Cheesecake! Yum!
Via De-Gulle-Aarde Pin It Here!
Another AMAZING Cheesecake Via Hungry Happenings
LOVE LOVE these "conversation hearts" ~Pin It Here!
Aren't these ALL simply amazing..? LOVE all the features from last week. So amazing!
Ready To Show Off Today..? Link AWAY!!!

**Teeny Rules To Please Observe**
1) link your great projects
2) follow myself and co-host JaneArtsy
3) grab a button from myself and Jane
4) link to an exact post and not your general blog url
5) link up photography, recipes and crafts ~ No giveaways/businesses
6) have a fab time exploring other people's great ideas, leave lots of 
comments and meet someone new
7) tell a friend so they can join on in

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Blog Loving 101 ~ KNOW YOUR STATS!

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today. Hope everyone is enjoying their
special day dedicated to love and appreciation for our close friends and family!
Anything special YOU'VE got planned..? I am really not a big V'Day fan, never
been but I did get my little ones some special valentines treat for the day!
*Spreading Some INFORMATIVE Love*
I wanted to take a moment to share some fun tips and bits of blog user friendly
information with you that I’ve discovered overtime to help us all enhance our
blogs, to create and advertise the BEST creative blog brands we have to offer!
Coming THIS Thursday
Blog Loving ~ A Better Blogging Series!
the artsygirl connection
I will be hosting a Blog Loving Series (A Reader’s Perspective) starting this Thursday
alongside 5 other lovely and experienced fun blogs if anyone is interested in joining!!!
 It’ll feature FREE BLOG CRITIQUING activities from anonymous reader’s of yours
to share their insights on your creative spaces and help you enhance your reader’s
overall experience during their visit to your blog! You can sign up HERE for now
but the series / post will be officially open and public this Thursday!!.

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Front Door & Self Portrait & Edit Me...*~{Feb Photo Challenge!}~*

Good day friends...Continuing in my FatMumSlim's
February photo challenge with today's focus as
 "Front Door" & "Self Portrait"
Front Door
When One Door Closes, Try Your Hardest To Pull The Next One OPEN!
Self Portrait
"Despair..?" ...........Hmmmm..
{Had to re-edit a photo I took not too long ago}
My Version Of The Edit Me Photo Of The Day
Photo Before My Edit Above
Linking With 
Edit Me

~Thanks For Stopping In Today~
~Stay Artsy~

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Happy Valentines Day From Our Crafty Lil Hearts To YOURS!!

Top of the morning to Y O U ALL & a
I would like to take a moment to thank ALL the blogger's that joined in
and featured a Valentine craft, recipe and love story during my special
Crafty Lil hearts Series. Hope you all enjoyed, where inspired and
made some new friends along the course of day's. I sincerely appreciate all the
time dedicated into making the series a splendid one and succesful. Please
take a moment to stop in and catch up on anything you missed here.
**Crafty Lil Hearts Bloggers**
~ Here's a recap of ALL the wonderful features ~
Trish Via Sweetology ~ Featured A Cupcake Struck By Cupid's Arrow ~ So Darling!
Cynthia Via Mr. & Mrs. Pancakes ~ A BEAUTIFUL Love Story!
Tricia & Bonnie Via Uncommon Designs Online ~A lovely Chevron Heart Plaque
Myric Via Petites Passions ~ The Sweetest Tags "Coloring Valentines"
Emily Via 52 Mantels ~ Sweet Sentiments Valentines Frame
Ashley Via Cherished Bliss ~ The cutest DIY Valentines Cards
 Valentines Day Cards Title
Mally Via Sincerely Mally ~Hot and STYLISH  Valentine FASHION 101
Danielle Via Blissful & Domestic ~ A Unique and awesome LOVE story!
Hope you enjoyed these lovely ladies here this month!!!!!
SINCERE THANKS for sharing and being featured here.. What an amazing series!
Can't wait for you to see more of what you lovely ladies have in store all year
round. Link up and visit! Totally amazing blogs!!!! Stay tuned.. Love is in the air
all around here..Wishing you an incredibly amazing day....
From Our Crafty Lil Hearts To Yours...
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Crafty Lil Hearts Feat The Amazing ~ "Blissful & Domestic" & A Love Link Party!

Good morning lovely friends stopping in today.. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
Today marks the last day of my Crafty Lil Hearts Series and although I'm rather sad it's
coming to a close, I am really excited to get to introduce you to my last guest sharing
a LOVE story here today. You might already know her, but if so, here's a bit more
about her and her beautiful family. Before I turn things over, please be sure to LINK
 up ALL your Valentine projects below and share in the Love Linky Party
as we countdown to Valentines Day tomorrow. SO MUCH LOVE IN THE AIR!
Please welcome the amazingly creative and beautiful spirit behind the blog
"Blissful and Domestic" ~ Danielle.
Blissful and Domestic

Hi lovelies! I am Danielle and I am visiting from Blissful and Domestic.
I am so excited to be here today. I get to take a break from blogging about
My Homemade Year and I get to gush about the greatest guy ever!
Yep that's right I get to talk about the hubbs. M asked me to
write a little post about my love story.

I was seriously tickled pink!
A whole post gushing about that man I love so much....
Sign me up!
So I know you probably don't want a whole post about how awesome
and gorgeous my Hubby is....

Really he is when he's not making pirate faces
See I told ya!
I will spare you from those lovey dovey details, but I will brighten
your day with a few funnies from our early history together.

So I met my hubby 6months after I graduated high school.

Yep I was 18 and he was 22.
He had just come home from a two year mission in New Zealand.
Incase you haven't figured it out yet we are Mormon.
We were set up on a blind date.

See the red head in this picture?
Well she wanted to date the cutie next to her, but Chuck wouldn't
 go on a date unless his friend had one to....

that's where I came into the picture.
He called me up one night asking me out.....
I had never met him, but I was definitely liking him through the phone lines.

He's always been good at making me laugh
We decided to go bowling and he would pick me up.

if I remember right..
He described himself as being way over 6 foot and quite a buff guy,

In walks Chuck and this man who is definitely not 6 ft.
not even close, but he was buff
This basically set the tone for our relationship.
I never know what to expect, which is probably why I love that man so much.
When he first met my parents, my husband had quite a conversation with my mother.

She was fishing for information.

She knew I was head over heels for this man
She needed to know what kind of future he would provide.
Here is how their convo went......
Mom: Jason what are you wanting to do with your life? 
You know what kind of job do you want to have?
Jason: I want to be a song writer
cue me looking quite stunned at the man sitting next to me
he didn't even play a guitar or music background
Oh and never had he once mentioned this dream as a song writer
Mom: Oh that's interesting. Have you written anything?
Jason: Nope, but I am thinking of starting
cue me busting out laughing, while my Mom has this confused look on her face.
Looking back now I am sure she was thinking "really this is the man she wants to marry"

And yes that is exactly it.
I knew pretty soon into the relationship that he was the man
I wanted to laugh with forever.

6 months later we were engaged and 6 months after that we were married.
1 year later we had a sweet baby boy
We've been married 9 years
 We have moved about 8  times
Driven through 7 states together
served 5 years in the army
(well he did...I was the support)
2 deployments
had 2 kids together
and have seriously had a blast!

through all the late night giggling
(I giggle he laughs)
Netflix marathons
Sing out loud to Tobey Keith in the Car ride alongs

It has been THE BEST.

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.
I can't imagine life being any sweeter, than when I am with him
Sorry had to gush a bit
Thank you M for letting me share a bit about myself and the hubbs.
I would love to get to know you all better.
Come and say hi.
I have a fun Valentine's Day Linky Party going on
and hop on over to find out more about how The hubbs and I are
having a Homemade Year!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Browse my Pinterest
Follow me with BlogLovin Send Me an E-mail Link up at My Party
Isn't she darling..? I LOVE your story Danielle, SO beautiful and filled with fun
and laughter! You two are SUCH a cute couple and I wish you MANY more
amazingly HAPPY years to come.. Thanks SO much for sharing here today!
It's always such a pleasure and an honor to have you. Happy V'day To YOU!
Thanks SO much for stopping in everyone, hope you enjoyed Danielle's
beautiful story here today and can stop in and say hello and indulge in her
amazing BLOG sometime..Before you leave, please join me in showcasing a
BEAUTIFUL selection of all your Valentine crafts and SO much more here
 today! Spread and share some love while linking away
and staying inspired.. Wishing you all a HAPPY WEEK!
~Stay Artsy~
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I Love Fashion ~ Crafty Lil Hearts Featuring *~The Fashionable MALLY*~

Hey ladies, what's on your agenda for fashion this Valentine..?
Any fun dates arranged..? I am VERY excited to introduce you to 
this amazing and INSPIRING fashionista MALLY sharing a few fun looks
to WOW your special somebody with V'day just day's away!!! Mally is serious
FASHION Icon in my world, I love to stop in and pick up on fun trends and looks
all year round. I LOVE that she has NO boundaries and mixes up SO much I wouldn't
necessarily think to do on my own. Having a closet malfunction any day..? Head over
and REVAMP your look with things you already have and stay stylish!! 
Crafty Lil Hearts ~ Fashion Inspirations
Introducing The Stylish & Fashionablee Sweet MALLY
Via .Sincerely Mally. 
Want the look..? 
Pistachio Blazer - Thrifted/DIY
Romper - Stitches
Purse - Thrifted
Bracelet - My Bff
Ring - Express
Earrings - Ardene
*A Bit About Mally*
Mally is a Fashion lover from Bermuda. Currently pursuing a Masters 
Degree in Public Administration but prefer to be styling people all day :) My style is  
simple with an occasional pop of pizazz! My inspiration for VDAY will always be 
pinks and reds but I wanted to stray away from the little black dress look! 
The look with the pink skirt is just a representation of my personality! 
VDAY is supposed to be a fun day and that outfit is just that. 
The second look is a bit more dressed up and just my remixxed version of 'love day' :)

Keep It Playful, Chic and FUN~!
Want to keep in touch and style with me any day..? Stop 
in and check out my lovely blog *Sincerely Mally*. Would LOVE your opinions,
style tips and so much more you have to share. Loved stopping in today and hope
my styles help enhance your V'day idea's to WOW your special someone! 
*Happy Fashionably Stylish Valentines *
.Sincerely. Mally.
Isn't she WONDERFUL ??? I Adore the pink look. I am usually not a pink
fanatic but would TOTALLY rock that out for Valentines day.. LOVE! Hope
you enjoyed Mally here today and can hop over and join her in SO many
more fashion adventures. Thanks SO much for joining in today Mally. 
Sincerely appreciate it.. Wishing you all a Happy Sunday.. 
~Stay Artsy~
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