Finagle A Foto #13 ~ A Mother's Love & A *Vlog*

Happy Sunday lovely friends.. 
Welcome to a special edition of Finagle A Foto #13
"A Mother's love"
A Special Happpppppy Mother's Day 
To All My AMAZING and SPECIAL Bloggy Bff's!!
Wishing you all a beautiful and lovely day..
 I'm doing something a bit different today. 
Vlog! HA ~ A Quick Special Shout Out to YOU!!
Excuse me being a bit nervous! It's finally a quiet moment here so this was a great 
idea to get out quickly! I sincerely appreciate YOU all and wanted you to HEAR 
me say it.. lol! If I missed any one by name, please know THIS video is for 
EVERYONE of YOU.. Thanks for all your support and positivity.. 
..........I LOVE you all sincerely .. Enjoy!
Thank you to our special lovely co-host today, Sarah!!
This is me Sarah mum of 3
Sarah, is the lady behind the blog "This Is Me" and has so many awesome photography
shared via her lovely blog. Please take a moment to stop in and say hello.  You can 
find her around the web via Facebook : Twitter :Pinterest : Flickr
Photography to you in one word???
Memories! Photographs hold those moments which pass and we 
can't get back, they store the moments and preserve the memories, 
so yes Photography means memories.
Your favourite thing to shoot.
I love to take photos of my children, they are normally the subject and I have far 
too many photographs of them, but I also love taking photos of my boxer dog and wildlife.
What photography is/means to you
I have always loved photos, right from when I was a little girl I would happily sit for hours 
looking through photographs, when I moved out from my mum and dads the only thing 
I wanted to take with me was my box of photographs, and when I got hold of my first digital 
camera I started taking more and more photos. I am by no means a professional 
photographer I just simply love capturing memories sharing them and looking back 
at them, I only have a cheap point and shot camera so I don't really know alot about 
the technicalities of photography, I simply try to capture 
the essence of the moment and hope for the best!
Your favorite shot you took (EVER!<--lol)
Oh thats difficult because I always really LOVE the photo that I have most recently 
taken, then look back at it a few months later and think, ohh its not that great. There are 
however some photos which I am particularly proud of, ones which have really surprised 
me and made me smile time and time again so here's a few of my current 
favourite shots but ask me again in 6 months and it will be a different set!
Photographer that inspires you
That's an interesting question too, because I don't really have one dedicated photographer 
that I look at and think of as being my inspiration, however I have so many photography 
pages on my facebook, and blogs in my blog reader and each and every one of them 
make me go 'wow!' they are my inspiration all of them together 
like a big mixed bag of amazingness!
Your biggest photo goal.
Blimey these are like proper photographer style questions aren't they! I feel almost abit 
of a fraud answering them because I just have a love for capturing the moment, and am 
not all that good at being on the ball with all things photography. I would therefore say 
my biggest goal is to beable to have photos which capture all my childrens lives right 
up till they have their own children... then I can start capturing them too!
Your photo gadgets.
well that's easy, I currently have just a simple little Olympus VG-120 which was 
about £60 I don't actually have any love for it and much preferred my Cannon powershot 
A490 which again was just a cheap point and shoot but I absolutely loved the clarity 
of the photos taken with that, but my youngest scratched the lens so I had to have what 
was on offer at the time. Maybe one day I will beable to get my hands on some real 
proper kit! As for editing, I love to edit in Paint Shop Pro, I have a love for digital 
scrapbooking, is great for quick and easy edits too.
Isn't she AMAZing..? Biggest and sincere thanks again Sarah.. 
Now For My Take On It! 
............Bits Of Us * My Children*!
J'adore My Little Moon Heads A.K.A My Children!
Caley is almost a pre-teen now, so, he's just too cool for school!
I just adore my little Boy.. He's growing all to fast into a little man and it scares me..
My Darling Sia simply ROCKS our world. She's the sweetest pea ever!!!
........Becoming a mother really changed my life. I never thought I could
feel loved, blessed and beyond grateful for my everyday's as I do now more than ever1
..............Happy Mother's Day To YOU All.. 

The ArtsyGirl Connection

Please link up to your original post with your foto theme photography!!1. 
Please be a follower HERE and of my Co-Hosts *Kirsten and Melanie*
Feel free to show off shots that lead to your perfected photo of choice!
{Lets us know to follow YOU too so we stay connected!!!}2. 
Visit around and check out creative versions of the focal point of the week!
Snap Snap Away!!! Excited to see your shots.. 

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Finagle A Foto Fun Day! Winner's & All About 'The Momma's!!'

Hello Lovelies.. 
It's My Favourite Time of The Week!!!!
....WHY?!?!? Cuz it's ALL about snaps and caps (captures)!!
What have you captured this week..? care to share with us..? 
Stop In Tomorrow & Celebrate "Mommy's Day" With us!
Finagle A Foto Theme : A Mother's Love
You can link up today ahead HERE!
It's all about YOU, mom's out there, your children, your
love for your family and all that motherhood means to you.
As a special THANK YOU to all the lovely, and
wonderful mom's out there, this weeks theme is totally
dedicated to any and all mother's day related posts.
Share your best with us all week long!!
*Sooo excited to see all your lovely shots..* 
Finagle A Foto #12 
*Best Of The Week Winners*
*Thanks to everyone who linked last week!!
Special THANK YOU to our lovely guest host Kelly Via Our Footprints On The World!!
Kelly's picks for the lovely links shared 
this past week are as follows. 
* Top Photo's : Best Of The Week *
The Lovely Kim Via Little By Little Blog
I love this gorgeous little lady, a model in the making me thinks. I love how they have 
used the 'golden hour' as Kim says, the rays of sunshine give it that gorgeous hazy effect. 
(J'adore Kelly - I LOVE LOVE this photo <~ Marilyn's two cents heeheehe!!)
This is so pretty, even though they have a house full of boys 
they still managed to get those gorgeous girlie shots..
3rd Runner Up ~ Imprint Alish
I loved seeing Lish's boys getting muddy in the garden, I especially loved the angle of this picture.
Kelly-Marie, Matt & Josh x x x
Thank you soooo much for the awesome and amazing 
picks Kelly-Marie!!! I adore these choices!!
WEEKLY WINNERS, please pick up your {Prize Button HERE}
You all ROCKED this week! Thank YOU!
We have an amazing lovely host tomorrow,
please hop over and say hello to Sarah!!
This is me Sarah mum of 3

We will be sharing so much more about her fun about her tomorrow.. 
Please stop in tomorrow to link up all your 'Mother's Day'
photo goodies, or get a head start right HERE!!!

Thanks SO very much for stopping in.. 
Wishing you an amazing weekend and most of all
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Spring Saturday's ~ Two For One Smoothie Attack!!

A Green Smoothie..??? WHY!?!?
My thoughts exactly as any normal “Do I have to really eat that” few of us will right 
of think. BUT, my cousin has been on this for ages! She makes them all the time 
and earlier this year, she got me to try it and LOVE it. I drink “Green Machine”
lot, so I wasn’t sure why the thought of a “Green Smoothie” was hair raising 
for me! So many people love it. A great brand to start off with is the Naked 
“Green Machine” brand to introduce yourself to the “Green drink living”...
RECIPE ONE : Green Berry Medley

We are on a crazed spring smoothie kick today {Myself and my loveliest friend Jane!) 
and we will be sharing TWO fun recipes with you. Both are healthy diet recipes that 
you can use as a booster shake for your daily regime. I really like it and the girls at 
work are always blending away new trends and recipes each week, 
so it’s hard to escape the “smoothie kick!”..
Hope you enjoy and get to try one of ours today..
Sweet Spring Green Smoothie
What's In My Smoothie..?!?
vegan, 2 servings
1 cup almond milk (or soy milk)
2 cups kale (about 2 large leaves, stem removed)
A handful of berries (any berries of choice)
A Handful of strawberries
1 banana
All these goodies really mask the taste of the Kale. 
It's also great to add some spinach if you have any around!
(Please feel free to add as much to it as you want, 
the more organic fresh fruit, the better!)
B L E N D   A W A Y  W I T H  M E
Blend in a high speed blender gradually until everything is smooth!
YES - Serve... Take a deep breath and join the Green Drink Lovers Crew!!!
Look At That Face - I Saw YOU Smile... Nice Huh..?
Not bad at all !!! You can google a zillion other "Green Smoothie Recipes"
It's amazing to take on the go, or use as a meal replacement for quick fixes!
Now For Jane's Medley...
Happy, happy smoothie day!
You did it, you made it to Saturday and I even have a different
 smoothie for you before the party begins.
I've got 1 cucumber (10 inches long),
1 cup frozen spinach and
1 1/2 cups of frozen blueberries.
Add in; 1/2 cup ice, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1/2 cup orange juice and a drizzle of honey.
Makes a quick and happy breakfast for four.
Yum Yum Yummmmmmmmy!!!!
Two for one.. What's in YOUR Smoothies..?!!?
Do you have a favorite..? What healthy smoothies have YOU tried..?
Share them with us.. I will be starting a health kick in a few day's
and a KALE CHALLENGE TO SHARE &lt;~ SCARY!!! Hope you 
can join in.. Really hope you enjoyed our recipes here today!
It's almost summer... Get fit, stay happy & be healthy!!
It's YOUR turn to share.. What have you created this week
in preparation for the summer..? Care to share with us..? 
+Mingle and make some friends while here today.
+Share your spring / summer projects
+Please NO giveaway's and shops..
+Enjoy & come again next weekend pweease!
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Pins & Inspirations.. *Happy Linky Party Day*

Hello Lovelies...
Welcome to another beautiful and wonderfully inspiring
Pin'Inspirational Thursday ~ Linky Party Day #33
*Create, Share & Show Off With Smiles*
Thanks to all who shared last week! SO many fun features all around!
Snag Some Buttons & Join In Our Fun!!!!!!!!
The ArtsyGirl Connection
Few Fun Happenings Before I Move Along.
My lovely co-host Jane is now on wordpress, please stop in and say hello!
So many new adventures and fun features brewing all around her blog. Love!
A Mother's Love {Finagle A Foto : Photo Series}
What are you sharing and creating for mother's day..? Join me in a fun photo
series via Finagle A Foto "A Mother's Love" and share your stories with us!!
Can I have one pweeease..? I mean how simply delightful and pretty..?
Dixie Delights Strawberry Shortcake Pops
are OUTTA this world amazingly yummy ~ I'm certain!
April 2012 968 copy
Totally Inspired To Pin ~ Adorable Burlap Pin Board
Via the amazing D Inspirations By D Blog!
Really In Love With These Upcycled Pickle Jars!!
From the lovely Artsy Vava ~ So creative!!
There's A Cupcake Hanging!! YES! J'adore!! Pure Cutness!!

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Edits & My Week In Photo's..{Photography Fun}

Happy Wednesday Friends..
Frankly, I'm very thankful for today.
Slowly counting down to a lovely weekend!
I am joining my usual mid-week edit series and sharing some instagram
weekly log of photo's per the May series of Fatmumslim 'May Photo A Day'...
Edit Me Week #19
This BEAUTIFUL photo was submitted by Andi @ The Hollie Rogue!
...............My Edited Version
+I decided to create a different day light time - Early Evening
by darkening the coloration of the bright background.
+I also cleared all the tree's around to bring out the sky.
+I envisioned her wandering off during a wedding
 or something of the sort to play in the fields.
+I HAD to add bokeh effects to the photo as she's soo
darn gorgeous and the scene just called for it!
+Lastyly, I added some flowers to the right bottom side
of the photo for a springy/summery touch!
What do you think..?
* Here's The Original Photo *
Linking HERE & HERE &lt;~ Lovely Link Parties!
....Joshua's Photo Link Up!
I am happily sharing this beach time photo of my darling little girl via
Joshua's Photo {Our Footprints On The World!} today..
I love the beach, and Sia's starting to fall in love too!
What Printsgram's all about..?
You can create exciting and fun photo collages via your instagram pictures using Printsgram!
It's a cool site that logs right into your social media connections - I used Instagram,
and allows you to play around and create really awesome collages with your
photo logs.. SO MUCH FUN!!! Just another bubble in my addiction pool!
- It's VERY simple and fun.. For the fun tutorial -
Check out How To Create A Collage Poster Via Fatmumslim
....A Bit Of My Week In Photo's
{May Photo A Day Challenge / Extras}
Taking a moment to enjoy spring..
Spring Blooms...
The one nice day we had this week!
.....I took a little walk at work!
After Play...
She enjoyed her rain boots this week!
Lots Of Rainy Day's This Week.
Day #8 - Something You Do Everyday : Hit The Road!
I Drive almost everyday! It's Insanity!
Are YOU on instagram..? Share your photo's with me ;)) ~ Theartsyme ..
Finagle A Foto : A Mother's Love Photo Series..
Don't forget to share your motherhood/ mother's day shots with
us this week {Sunday!} ...Linky Open HERE !!!
Thanks SO very much for stopping in today..
Happiest Of Hump Day To You!
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Dinner Time! Prociutto Salad W/ Drizzled Truffle Oil ...

It's Dinner Time Here..
What's cooking around your kitchen..?!? 
It's tough to find healthy quick dinner options to please us all, especially the children.
Once in a while, we just bite the bullet and make separate dinners to fit every one's mood!
Mine today..? A nice easy spring salad that I absolutely devoured!!!
* Simple Spring Salad *
Looks amazing right..? Yummy!
Dig In! ~ What You Need
Cheese (I used Parmesean cheese)..Black Pepper
Truffle Oil (absolutely amazing investment! 
We had the BEST truffle fries yesterday
Mix Away & Chop 
The truffle oil gives the whole salad an amazing
finishing flavor, aroma and taste. It's refreshing,
light and filling. I didn't chop up the lettuce, I simply
rinsed them and laid them out in chunks. It was fun to 
cut through and munch away in all the goodness!
Simple, healthy and a quick chic dinner option tonight!
How are you serving your greens..? Care to share?
Leave me a recipe or two.. I would love to stop in
and indulge in your amazingly fun spring eats!
...........Thanks SO much for stopping in!
Wishing you a perfect evening!
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Counting Down To Mother's Day (FAF #13) *Mother's Day Photo Inspirations*

No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a
mother's love. It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man
faints, and over wastes of worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its
quenchless fidelity like a star. ~Edwin Hubbell Chapin
Welcome To A Very Special
Countdown To Mother's Day Photo Link Up Session..
This series is dedicated to motherhood,
maternity, and simply everything depicting what that
special meaning of "MOM" is to you.
We will be sharing all your links on Sunday per our usual Finagle A Foto linky series.
However, please feel free to link all week long until then. You can link anything
from photo series, to posts pertaining to mother's day, and or motherhood.
This is me Sarah mum of 3
Our special guest host will be Sarah Via This Is Me
...Snap Snap Away.. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful photo series!
Link up ahead... We will be picking fun features to include in our posts on Sunday..
Grab A Button & Spread The Word..

The ArtsyGirl Connection 

*GIVEAWAY Via Chez Mukweto*
....Don't forget to enter for a chance to win cute
handmade crochet slipper's for mom today!
..........Thanks SO much for sharing and joining in..
See you Sunday.. Wishing you a HAPPY week!

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