FAF #25 Winners...

Hey there loves.
Wow, this month is already flying away so QUICK!
Sending the biggest thank you to our gorgeous sweet 
friend, & guest host/judge for this week
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be sorry she's RIDICULOUSly AMAZING!
Kyna's top picks for... <<Finagle a Foto #25>>
1st place Elena, Cropped Stories 060 RSWM 12
I am such a sucker for close up details, ESPECIALLY when it comes to an 
adorable face of a toddler. The composition is creative, the details 
amazing, it's just an all around sweet picture! 
A picture to cherish for years to come!
2nd place Ana, Wonderland
This is such a beautiful shot! I love the colors and the editing. I love 
the shabby chic feel of the photograph! It's something I would 
absolutely frame and hang in my house! Nice work! 
3rd place Sarah, Sarah's Camera
 I'm a huge sucker for haze and bokeh...both of these are beautiful done in 
this picture. I think it's important to be creative with your shooting and 
editing, even if it's just every once in awhile. The results 
can be works of art! This picture is a great example of that. 
Congratulations ladies!
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Hope everyone comes back & links up tomorrow!
Another easy breezy, no themed challenge!
Just come link up you favorite pic(s) from the week.
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Bird Seed Favors: Eco Friendly, Easy and Inexpensive DIY!

Hello lovely friends stopping in.. 
It's been an amazing weekend celebrating Jax's mommy's birthday..
Incase you have yet to read about my newest fun addition here, Jax will be my
co-blogger bff starting this week. Hope you get to enjoy our fun features
and SO much more we have in store for your all.. Yaaaaye!!!
<<<< An Eco Friendly Birthday Bash >>>>
Lots of family festivities and more.. She's a
bird lover, a super sweet and amazing mommy that was
TOTALLY deserving of a wonderful birthday...
Jaqui wanted to incorporate a few of her mom's favorite things into her
day and it turned out SUPER FAB! Here's a little glimpse
into the amazing day that she planned..
<<< BirdSeed favors are a simple and
sweet way to thank your guests! >>>
*Eco Friendly, Easy & VERY Inexpensive Treats*
Bird Seed Favors
(Makes approximately 18-21 two-inch favors)
-4 cups birdseed
-3/4 cup flour
-1/2 cup water

-3 tbsp corn syrup
-1 envelope unflavored gelatin (can find at 
any local supermarket with flavored jello)
* * * * * 
You will also need:
- A large mixing bowl
-cookie cutter
-skewer or chopstick to make a hole in the favor
-nonstick cooking spray or vegetable oil
-jute or raffia
-parchment paper
Molding Your Favors
Mix flour, water, corn syrup and gelatin. Add birdseed and stir well
Spray the inside of the cookie cutter with nonstick cooking spray or wipe with vegetable oil.
Place cookie cutter on parchment paper and spoon mixture inside. Press firmly with back
of metal spoon (wont stick) or you can grease your fingers with vegetable oil. (I found the
spoon works best an it is less messy!) The more you press down and
pack it in the less shedding of seeds you will have.

Using the Skewer or chopstick, make a hole near the top
of the favor.(You can see hole in picture above)

Carefully pull cookie cutter away and repeat until you have used all the mixture
I let mine sit over night to dry for better handling before the event. (you might be able
to get away with 6-8 hours). Cut jute or raffia to a length you would like (I did
about 10-12 inches to fit around a larger branch). String jute through the hole in
the favor and Viola there you have it! You can add your own favor labels, hang
on a tree at your event or place them in a bag (burlap looks best) or box.

*These favors will mold due to the ingredients. if possible make them at
the most 2 days beforehand. If you do not have the time you can
make them earlier and freeze them if necessary!

I added some tea per the stamped lil bags, and jars of honey for a home
sampling of some soothing tea for the guests for later..
Turned out to be a very fun and amazingly awesome time..
Happpppiest Of Birthday's Mommy..
Happy Crafting! ~JAX
Linking Via Nifty Thrifty Sunday's ~ Vintage Gwen
Wishing you an amazing 
day........ xoxoxoxo

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Pin'Inspirational Thursday ~ Linky Party Day...

It's Thursday... Fun Day...
Creativity, Inspirations And...........A Party!!!
Welcome to Pin'Inspirational Thursday #45
We where inspired by SO much last week! And simply can't wait to
share these amazing links with you today.. So much inspiration..!!
* Top favorites / Most Viewed *
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>&gt
Holy Craft <~ YES INDEED!!!
The CUTEST Mermaid Party Fitting For This Lil Lady! SO much to LOVE!!
Whooooooooosh! I just LOVE her!!!!
>>>>      >>>>    >>>>   >>>>
I'm blown away by this absolutely awesome book storage space
from the talented blog Sewing Barefoot
Simply practical, CUTE, creative and functional! LOVE it!
>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>
Super creative and pretty Paper Medallion
from the crafty blog Creating Domestic Bliss
>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>
..........and ONE more I can't help but share!!So GORG!!!
From Pitter And Glink , how AMAZING is this ring..?!?
Sincere thanks for sharing your amazing crafts and more with
us last week, SO much brewing still from your links!! THANK YOU!!
We can't wait to see what YOU have been crafting up all week loves!
Little Teenie Party Rules To Please Observe
+ Please link your great projects - AS MANY AS YOU WANT!!
+ Please do follow myself and wonderful co-hosts Jane & Micki
+ Do snag a button if you are featured / spread the word...

Please link to an exact post so we can indulge in your featured creativity...
+ Tell a friend so they can join on in and be pin'inspired with us!
+Turning off word verification encourages others
to comment on your wonderful projects.

Wishing You A HAPPY WEEK!!
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Lil Life Changes..

Hello lovely friends stopping in today.. Hope you are all off
to an amazing midweek filled with lots of summer fun.. I have a fun little 
treat to share with you today, and some bits of changes happening here. 
All in great fun and hope for an even more fun filled 
itinerary of things to share.

<<<<<< Lil Life Changes >>>>>
I shared a little while back that i was preparing for a surgical procedure to have my
thyroid removed, and it's officially set and will be happening this month ;((. As of 
the 26th, I will be MIA for a lil while, hoping to recoup and get back to life as I know 
it and recovery.. Please do keep me in your prayers as I'm SUPER scared! ;(!!!! I
hope to bounce back and be able to resume my normal activities first and foremost
as mommy to my lovely lil ones and around the house chores and WORK ;)).
This has been such a faith testing few weeks for me but i'm holding on to
love and hope that this will all pass as swiftly and smooth as possible.. 
....Oh, & While Away "Smile" *A Bestie!
While I'm gone, (and even before) I am going to be co-blogging with an amazing 
bestie of mine "Jax"~! She's truly some kinda wonderful. She's been an amazing friend 
of mine I met at work a few years back, and I simply can't get enough of her {Milk 
In My Coffee! Heehee}.. Jax will be joining me here as another "ArtsyGirl" to the 
mix. She will be sharing fun creative craft posts and SO much more.. Hope you all 
get to meet and LOVE her as much as I simply do.. She's totally amazing, an 
incredible friend and a total mesh of mine I heart!!Oh, and did I mention, 
crazy creative, an insanely awesome trapeze flyer and beautiful...? 
She's a promised good time anytime and I simply wuuuuv her...
Please welcome my Jaxxy.. Jacqueline.. 
We have tons in store for you. 
The Beach Loft Projects...
From many fun projects happening at Jax's new beach loft, to creative event 
goodies and how to's. I can craft for a century with Jacqueline and it's really truly 
amazing to have her joining me..Hope these changes find you well. I'm certain
you will enjoy them as much as I already have been.. Wooohooo!!!
WELCOME Nerdwek <~ My Nickname For Jacqui.. ;)) 
Thanks SO much for joining us today.. Please do bare with us, as we
add new changes all around and bring on the F U N.. Luv YOU guys..
Wishing you an amazing evening... 
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FAF #25 ~ Great Expectations & More...

Happy Sunday Pals,
Thanks SO much for stopping in today..
It's Officially Finagle A Foto #22 
Best Of The Week Series!!
What have you been snapping...? 
The ArtsyGirl Connection

Thanks SO much for joining and sharing your photo series with us this week!
We have an amazing guest with us today and are excited to share a bit 

about her with you all. Hope you can find a moment to stop in and be 
inspired as much as we are with the amazing and talented Kyna... 
<<< Great Expectations Blog >>>
great expectations
   Kyna has wonderful marriage to her handsome hubby Matt, is a FABulous mommy to 
her sweet little girl, Ellie (aka Princess Ellie). Ellie is totally into everything Princess, 
& only wants to wear dresses & skirts... & she likes to pick out her 
clothes online. (OMGosh, can you say my dream daughter!) Kyna is a busy working 
mama, but still finds the time to excel in her photography. This girl inspires me on a 
daily basis. Her photos are always STUNNING. With all that being said, 
her heart is the most beautiful part about her! 
Please head on over to Great Expectations & 
say hi, she loves to meet new friends! 
<<Questions & 
Answers with Kyna> 
Photography to you in one word: Story...or if I could use 3 words, it would be Telling a Story.
Your favorite  subject  to shoot- My favorite subject to shoot is, of course, my beautiful 
daughter. She's had my camera in her face since she was born. We went through a phase 
where she HATED my camera, but now she's actually used to it, and most times let's 
me indulge myself and shoot away. Sometimes she even asks me to take pictures of her...
which makes this momma's heart so happy! Other times, a little marshmallow bribery is 
all that's needed for me to capture the best shots of her. She's definitely my favorite subject. 
Tell us about you toys.  What photog gear do you have, don't be 
shy... tell us what you edit w/ too!: I'm a Canon girl...I have a Canon T1I. I also 
have a few lenses that include my kit lens (18-55mm), which I never use. I also have 
a 50mm 1.4 USM lens (love it),  a 85mm 1.4 USM lens (love it), a Sigma 30mm 1.4 
(so sharp, so amazing) and the EF-S 17-55 2.8 USM (a little more versatile than prime, 
but much bigger and heavier). I edit with Lightroom and Photoshop

What is your "go to lens?":  My go to lens is probably my 50mm 1.4 USM, 
although lately my Sigma 30mm 1.4 has been seen on my camera quite a bit too. 

What's are a couple photog items in your "dream-wish list?": I would love 
love love a full frame camera. Of course the 5D Mark III would be my 
dream camera. I would also love any L lens! 
What are a couple items in your "real-life, more like it, wish list?": I think it's a 
lot more likely if I ever upgrade camera bodies that I will end up with the 7d. 

Photographer's that inspire you?: Nina Seibert, from Blackbird Ink Photography is 
my good friend, and also my biggest photography mentor. Her work inspires me daily. 
There are also a ton of "big name" photographers out there that I constantly stalk, but 
Nina has definitely been one of the most amazing teachers to me, and 
that makes her my biggest inspiration. 

Just how much do you heart photography, would you ever consider getting 
a cute camera tattoo?: Photography is a true passion of mine. It makes me so happy! 
And of course, I would totally get a camera tattoo (but then again, I love tattoos, 
so a camera tattoo would make me so happy!)

Your main photography goal? I don't ever see myself becoming a professional least not any time soon, because I have a full time job 
that is necessary in our lives right now. My main goal right now is 
to just better my photography and editing skills 

Here are Kyna's social media connections:   FB   Twitter Pinterest
My {Best of the week}
Both Car Shots.. I get really bored when driving.
I tend to look around and get a bit distracted with life outside my 
windows. This is a street shot of a pole as I waited at a light...
And below it, another street shot. Looking above my sun roof...

Looking Above My Sun 
Roof At The Red Light.

What are your findings as you drive around town..? 

We would LOVE for you to join us!
1. Please be a follower of Happy Jax and of my Co-Hosts 
* Melanie & our guest host Kyna.
Feel free to show off shots that lead to your perfected photo of choice!
{Lets us know to follow YOU too so we stay connected!!!}
2. MUST be your OWN shot, please do not finagle other's work.
3. Please Link Back To Your ORIGINAL Actual Photo Post.
4. Please display Finagle A Foto button on your post.
5. Help Us Know YOUR Favorites By "Liking" The Photo
6. Winner gets to help us choose the challenge themes..!!
7. Visit around and check out creative versions of the focal point of the week!
8.Give some comment LOVE. Everyone loves & little LOVE!
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