FAF BOSS /Weekly Winners...

Happy Saturday lovelies.
Thank you bunches for sharing all your mad talent 
w/ us last week!I am so very excited to share our favorites from last week... 
We will feature our top dog from "Best Of Summer Series" and also favorites 
from the week.. LOTS to share. Seriously thank you too all that joined in.
What a beautiful summer we all had!
<<<<< FINAGLE A FOTO : BOSS >>>>
The ArtsyGirl Connection
LINK> (aka winner) 
Skye via First Time Mama
This sweet talented mama really went all out w/ her Best of Summer Post! Ya'll 
have to check it out... literally each shot screams summer & adorable! 
I am a huge fan of Skye's Photography, & 
she has one CUTE lil girl! Congrats mama!
*Top Banana First Place  
Emma Via Rescue the Orphaned lily_watermelon 
  So really, can't get much cuter than this! I just love how simple, but wonderful this 
capture is. Also a reminder that everyone needs a shot 
of their munchkin munching on some yummy watermelon! 
2nd Stephanie via 
First of all, I can't say enough about Stephanie... she is uber talented & these 
shots are amazing. The colors, the light, the sweet little expressions & 
the light she captured in this cuties eyes... FABulous Stephanie!  
3rd  Marty via Marty's Musings
LOVE this gorgeous beauty here. The most wonderful part is that Marty's 
youngest daughter took this shot, & Marty edited it in Light Room. 
Can you say someone takes after their mama?!  The color & focus is just fantastic.
WEEKLY WINNERS, please pick 
up your {Prize Button here }
Top /Favorites, you get a button too}
What a great summer all, so glad we all captured it!
Please Stop In Tomorrow,  & link up 
your favorite shot(s) from the past week.  
FAF #29 baby!
Link Away! Until then... Snap Snap Away!!!! 
Wishing you a perfect weekend!
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Over The Potty...

are officially getting 
OVER the Pweease GO 
PoTttttttty Ordeal!
Can I Get A Wooohooooo!?!?!
This IS my big girl! SO Proud Of Her!!!
YES!! We as mom's LIVE for the day when the little ones can freely 
know it's potty time and ask away to go! It's been a work in progress for me with 
my daughter. She goes at school all by herself ALL day long, but some how refuses 
to go at home! I can't even put into words how torturous it's been for us! After 
months and (painful) months of encouragement, the last few weeks have been 
amazing. Besides a few incidents here and there, she's finally  actually started 
not only peeing in the potty (Grown up one might I add), but she's also 
going (TMI World, I know!! LOL), #2 as well!! So darn excited!! And a 
quick shout out for how much mullah I'll be saving from that as well!! 
Now, question for YOU ace mommy's out there..
How do I get her to not nap with pull ups anymore?
Do I interrupt her naps / nighttime sleeping to potty?!?
That's been a rather tricky ordeal..Hmmmmm!!!
Care to lend a trick or two..? 
Hope your weekend is off to an amazing start.. 
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday & Fall Crawl..

Hello friends stopping in this evening.. 
**Happy Pin'Inspirational Fun Linky Party Day**
My lovely and amazing co-host Micki is hosting us tonight, but 
before I turn things over to her, I wanted to share my excitement in 
"Fall Happily Approaching Fun Blog Crawl". 
So....Who's In?!? Would LOVE to have you join in.. 
11day's ~ YOU host ONE day~ An amazing linky party all along and a 
huge bash at the end!! Spots still available and will LOVE to have you all aboard! 
Please comment below if interested with your email address and I will happily get 
in touch with you for more details.. Thank YOU so much.. Excited & looking 
forward to Falling in Love with fall together.. 

Happy Pin'Inspirational
Thursday Soiree Day #49! 

Hi! It's Micki from Confessions of an ADD Housewife. I'm so excited to host 
this week's Pin-Inspiration Party! I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to make it, 
but that pesky hurricane turned another direction and we 
ended up with family evacuating to us!
Hope your week has been awesome and you are ready 
to PARTY and show off your amazing goodies this week! What 
have you been up to? Care to share..? Thank YOU so 
much for joining us as always!!!
The ArtsyGirl Connection

So many awesome projects this week. It's always so hard to choose...
There was no accident about Accidentally Wonderful White Chicken Enchiladas I can PERSONALLY vouch for this recipe.
I already made it and it was a huge hit!
I'm loving all things reusable right now. So these reusable food
storage covers from A Rose Sweet Home really caught my attention.

My favorite book when I was a tween was Anne of Green Gables. Naturally,
I immediately fell in love with this dresser from Simply Vintageous.
I think she might be a kindred spirit.
And now we can't wait to see what you 
amazing folks are up to this week!
Little Teenie Party Rules To Please Observe
+ Please link your great projects - AS MANY AS YOU WANT!!
+ Please do follow myself and wonderful co-hosts Jane & Marilyn
+ Do snag a button if you are featured / spread the word...
+Please link to an exact post so we can indulge in your featured creativity...
+link back to our party, so others can find us later
+ Tell a friend so they can join on in and be pin'inspired with us!
+Turning off word verification encourages others
to comment on your wonderful projects.


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Fun Happenings & Sneak Peaks...

Hello lovely friends..
Hope your week is off to an amazing start..
It's really awesome to get to share some FUN news with you today.. 
I am SUPER thrilled to be a new contributor via the aaaahmazing blog 
Blissful & Domestic! I absolutely adore the brilliant and oh so 
talented Danielle and it's a privilege to get to share and contribute 
my crafts and more with her lovely readers! Weeeee!
Stay Tuned For My 1st Post There Shortly
A Lil Sneak Peak 
DIY :Fall Lace Lust Vases
{My Lovely new banner I created to be featured via Blissful & Domestic}
Stop in sometime and check out the awesomeness happening there!
Wishing you a terrific Tuesday evening.. 
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Baked Eggs Parfait..

Would Ya Love To Join me for 
some breakfast pretty pweease!?!?
I've been searching around and looking for fun new ways to serve breakfast 
and FAST lately. I get bored with the norms and have been pinning my life 
away. I stumbled upon an omelette recipe that inspired this goodie below.. 
Hope you enjoy my little fun recipe I'm sharing with you today!
Egg Parfait?!?!? YUM! 

Eggs {I used one as I made this just for ME ;))}
Herbs {assorted per your taste buds! I used rosemary, chives}
Bacon Bits {I happened to have left over bacon - Yum!}
Mushrooms {Pre-cooked "Sauteed}
Salt/Pepper {Fresh Ground Black Pepper}
Parmesan Cheese
Garlic Powder

Break your egg into shallow baking dish {as wide as needed,
per how many eggs you will be cooking in one seating}
Layer with your ingredients.

Stuff In Oven On 375Degrees, for about 10mins. {Over Easy Eggs}
Tadaaaaaaaa! A Yummy QUICK And Rather Pretty Breakfast!!
I have been on a bit of a binge lately! This totally MAKES my heart sing!
The combination of herbs, bacon, and all that jazz leaves your mouth simply HAPPY!
I LOVE it.. & it's chef approved by our own personal chef ~ My hubs!! YUM!
What fun spins are you putting on old favorites around your home?
Please DO share with me when you chef up some goodies!
Happy Eating..
Linking Here
Wishing you a beautiful week!
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FAF BOSS #2 & More..

Happy Snapping Sunday ✽ 
Please join us in recapturing our summer moments via our
Best Of The Summer Series ~ August 18-September 1st..
You can still share your favorite best of the week shots, as we will feature 
a host of those as well.. Each week, we will pick two "Best Of 
Summer" and two "Best Of The Week" shots to share.. We 
are super excited to see your snap shots of the season..
Drawing in the backyard and spending time
with the kids.. This is one of my FAV shots this summer!

My lil girl is obsessed with wheels..
I love watching her take on new challenges!

Eager To See Your Shots.. Hope you are having an 
amazing weekend...Snag a button & share away... : )).. 
The ArtsyGirl Connection
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