Thankful For Family {Part 1}

Happy Friday Lovelies.
I am kicking off my 10 challenges today, as part of my month of thanks
"10 Day's, 10 Challenges" and seeking a meaningful way to celebrate the
Month of Thanks and show gratitude in giving back as we count down to thanksgiving.
Hope you can join in the challenge and indulge with your wonderful families..
You can read more about the wonderful 10 challenges HERE..
Thankful For Family {Part 1}
The ArtsyGirl Connection
I can't express how grateful I am to have an amazing and supportive
family. They are absolutely caring, and wonderful in every aspect of the way. 
Although we are all a bucket of fruit loops and far from normal,
I wouldn't have it any other way! This is my beautiful reality.
What Is YOUR Family Like?!?!
...........    .................   ......................
Although Halloween has passed, I didn't get to share my little loves
costumes with you guys.. {Well, my son felt NO need to have his featured!, lol),
he said to me this year "Mom, I think this might be my last year dressing up or
attempting to for that matter" - CRUSHED MY HEART! Is 12 the cut off age for
the trick-or-treat fun..? IT CAN'T BE! He went out with a mask this year! SMH!
Lets Interrupt For Some Happy Dancing.. 
..........He did find time to fool around in his sister's cow girl hat
and do the Gangnam Style!!!! This song cracks me up SO much!

I LOVE my son SO very much, not simply because he's my first born and only son,
but really truly for his heart. He's such a passionate child, he cares so much, has an
incredible personality and SO much jokes to laugh your pants off! I just
ADORE HIM! Pretty cool guy that brings laughter and the best times to
brighten up any one's day. So very grateful to have this amazingly
handsome young man as my very own little man..
Moments, They Fly Off All Too Soon....
I MUST enjoy every moment of Sia before she thinks to ever utter those words some day!
"Too Old For Costumes" ... Time is flying all too soon and I'm realizing it with all the 
changes Caley is making as he grows into his own tackling 6th grade and life.. This 
year, Sia and her insane obsession with TOY STORY lead to this beautiful and
simply wonderful costume of hers ------Please meet my very own cow girl
Sia as Jessie this Halloween past.. 
Isn't she sooo darn adorable..? Besides the fact that she wouldn't let me really
take any photo's of her (lol), she was such a little charmer all night long. We weren't 
feeling very well so we decided to hang in and give candy instead. Towards the 
end of the evening, she got over her fear of EVERYTHING (literally) and joined
in saying "Happy Halloween" and handing out candy to the the pretty lil bugs all
around that stopped in.. It was a terrific evening to spend some time with her. I
truly really enjoy my little girl. She reminds me SO much of myself and allows
me to exercise patience, understanding and a new way of loving in a much
gentler and girlie fun way.. I never thought having a girl will be this
much fun and I am very very thankful to have her as my lil mini me.
........... .............................. ............. .......................
What are your little ones like..? Isn't it such a wonderful feeling
to be able to care, cater to and nurture your children..? It gets overwhelming 
and by all means SO tiresome most day's, but these lil faces filled with SO much 
life and happiness makes it worth every moment of it all. This month, I am 
very grateful for my children, and watching them grow in a healthy, safe
and loving home with me. They bring me SO much joy... 
I'd LOVE to stop in and read about your family. If you have a moment
to share the many little things you are thankful for about your's, please
be sure to stop in and join the fun by linking all month long.
Thanks SO much for stopping in this evening..
Wishing YOU a beautiful weekend. xoxox
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A Thankful Project..

WOW – Times’A’Flying!!
But what do you associate the month with..?
A Month Of Reflection
& Thankfulness?!
A Challenging Month Of Self Purpose?!
OrSimply Thanksgiving Day..?
& “Gobble Gobble “ Yum!?
But more so for the Turkey? Or for little reasons that could validate and create
purpose for your day? I’ve tried to make the month of November
leading up to Thanksgiving about simply “Giving Thanks”
Challenging myself and my family to get more in tuned
with our family, friends, and our community.
It’s a beautiful season to give back in many little selfless
and amazing countless ways, and I’m challenging YOU to
give a little of yourself to YOU &  Others this month..
HOW..?!Rather Simple
Endure these 10 challenges to having a
fruitful & giving month leading up to Thanksgiving.
{Please DO Get The WHOLE Family Involved, ESP The Little Ones If Possible}
In NO particular order, get yourself and your family to
complete this list of TEN countless and amazing ways
to a thankful month of November!! Blog about as MANY
as you can and link them all month long..
-----  ----- -------- ---- ------- -----
Thankful for moments
Write out a list of things YOU are personally wishing for. Find a day, pick
one and complete them the best way you can. Finding time for self
spirituality and awareness to be thankful for who you work so hard to be
I very important. YOU count, be thankful for the beautiful YOU,
you spend so much time sharing with other’s..

Thankful Memories
Create a fun photo record of what you are thankful for with your family.
Spend an evening clipping pictures and create an album of thanks. Blog
about it or simply write memories alongside and leave it within
your family room for everyday thankful memories..

Thankful for family
Spend sometime writing a fun thankful note to each person within your
family, secretly leave it in places to surprise them. (Add an extra treat to a
lunchbox with a note and a photo with love from you, go out of your way
to make your child’s day extra special for NO reason at all, celebrate a
weekday for the hell of it – it’s Thursday, we have LOVE and each
other – bake a cake! Catch a movie, sit around, play games, sing songs,
spend a little special time creating a fun filled day for the kids just
because, or snag one kid at a time for a fun date with just
you two spending special moments together)

Give It Away With Smiles.
Give to the homeless and hungry …Give away something from the
heart, some gloves, extra scarves, some seasonal clothes that fit no longer.
Do you really need all that food? Especially ones in your pantry you know
you are certain to not touch for months… Can drive it away to your local
shelter.. Are you really going to eat ALL of the leftover turkey?
Create sandwiches and pass them out at the local shelter.

Teachers hold such important and prestige jobs in aiding our children
for HOURS each day with their future. We forget how much impact that
makes on our little ones and can take that selfless job for granted.
Create a special thankful note with your little ones. Let them express a
few fun facts they LOVE about their teacher, or a special moment that
impacted them during their time within that classroom. Send it along
with some cookies, or something special and thoughtfully
put together from YOU and your little one.

That Special Someone
Find a moment this month to create a spectacular memory with your
partner. Do something adventurous, read a book together, go for a walk and
capture some photo’s of you two trailing away in smiles, cook a fun dinner
IN for you two without the kids, catch a flick together, meet for lunch, stop in
as a surprise to take them to lunch, hand make something sweet or if time
doesn’t allow for it, send them something memorable and
lovely to receive either at work or at home in the mail)

Thankful for Faith
Share the basis of your road to success story with your faith, little struggles of late
or strenght. Share your personal faith focal points with your friends.
Take a moment to give back to yourself by reflecting on The many
iimportant things that sum up your faith, and how much you
have grown or need to grow within the month.

Thoughtful Warming Gestures
Invite somebody without family to join you for a home cooked DINNER, OR
to your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s sometimes very hard to pin point signs of
loneliness, but when you listen and focus, you’ll eventually hear lots of
hidden things friends, family and even co-workers or people within your
community spill out through conversation. Pick a friend who needs
a little pick-me-up and spend some time showing YOU care..

Be Grateful With "The Leasts"
Have a minimalistic Thanksgiving dinner (no waste).
Give away something special you prepared for your dinner, OR Check
and make sure everyone is well satisfied, and wrap up everything else
nicely for a friend, Shelter, or homeless friends within your community.

Thankful Traditions
Start a new family tradition. Create a thankful pumpkin to last ALL
November long, have your friends and family leave a thankful note when
they visit, or write out notes in moments within your family to each person
as you are reminded of reasons you are thankful for them and share
within the month. Invent your own Thanksgiving family prayer.

Thoughtfully Giving Back
Share the love and volunteer.. Sponsor a child in need. Spend some time
volunteering your time serving or helping out at the local shelter as a family.
Leave your neighbor a thankful note and a little jar of something sweet.
Raking out front? Indulge the kids in raking a neighbors front walkway or
volunteering to help fix something needed. Surprise a friend by stopping
over and leaving a gift or note or something simple and special just
because on their door step and drive off before being seen. Show your
love in creative ways to those who needed to show how thankful
and thoughtful you are of them…
Easy enough..? Who is up for the task with me..?
Remember, do as MANY as you can! It's ok if you cannot afford
the time to complete each one, most importantly, make sure to
spend this month giving a little of yourself in ways to show how
thankful you are for your friends, family and the loving
support you recieve from them all year round!
The ArtsyGirl Connection

When blogging about your month of thanks, be sure to include this

fun button to have other's joining in link along and share their thankful
memoirs.. SO thankful to have you stop in today.. Wishing you
a fruitful and amazing month of November!
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. ~Spooky Party Time..

Good evening lovely friends stopping in..
Hope things are well and your week has been amazing so far!
Welcome to another creative and inspiring evening of 
>>>>>>><<<<<<Pin'Inspirational Thursdays>>>>>><<<<<<
Thanks to all who linked last week! SO much to see! Here are some favorites!

* TOP FEATURES ~ Micki's Picks*

Turkeys, leaves, and crisp air, planning for the big holiday meals and 

all the decorating...I'm so excited for it all!

This week we had more than 120 link ups! Let's try to top that this week. 
I love the projects each week and as usual, it was difficult to pick features.

The whole cake pop thing is beyond my skill level...but the 
Pint Sized Baker offers up some tips on how to overcome that.

Little Lady Bird created a project that captured my Little 
Miss' attention. A castle made out of box. Super cute recycling!

I'm a huge fan of Asian food. It's usually very healthy and I almost 
always have the ingredients on hand. The Jazzy Gourmet 
offered up a unique twist on one of my favorites...

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Mid-Week Fun Editing..

Happy Spooky Day To YOU All!
What's everyone dressing up as today..?
I can't wait to reveal costumes later :)) Hope you are all starting
off the day safely and ready for some treats.. I am joining in some edits and
photo linking today.. Thanks so much for stopping in and hope you enjoy..
My Edited Version
Flip Flop Edit ~ Via Little Adventures
How incredibly adorable is this little fella..? LOVE that smile!
Original Photo From Amy

I added some clarity but also some texture to the entire photo. I changed the color
to an off mono and enhanced those pretty little eyes.. Added a quotes and frame.
Isn't he just SO darling...? I LOVE that little caaaUte smile...
Heading over to Amy's to link up.. xo!
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