A Little Girl & A Piggy ~ FAF Photo Linky

Welcome to Finagle A Foto 
#42 & Winner Announcement For #41.
The ArtsyGirl Connection
Hope your weekend is splendid...
We had a fun week out doors this week, and I got to steal some shots
of Sia playing in the leaves.. Sharing a bit.. Join in and follow our story..
The was a little girl
who lived up the hills...
With lots of leaves,
and a silly pink piggy
They played each day,
tumb---tumbling all around,
having fun in the sun,
and laying all around...
That's our story for now, come tumbling away with us... ;))
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A Sweet Thankful Turkey ~ ...

Hello friends hope your week has been amazing already!
It's almost Thanksgiving, and indulging the children is a great way to
keep in tune with the importance of the holiday itself.
The ArtsyGirl Connection
Are you up for 10 simple challenges to share your gratitude
and thanks this month..? Join in.. You can read more on the
Thankful Challenge HERE!!
Today's project is to focus on giving thanks and appreciation to the things
that matter the most within our hearts in making US happy. Our Hobbies, our ease
time to be able to indulge in our natural loves and be thankful for the time and
gift of ....Crafting {For Me!} I am really happy and hope my feature reach you
warmly and add a loving touch of "Thanks, love and inspiration to your
season of giving thanks all around this month.."
{I shared this last year and really got some awesome feedback,
hope you enjoy it here again and get to create one.}
I'm Thankful For.. {Frugal Crafts}
...........Kiddie Yarn Turkey
*Artsy Items Needed*
Yarn{Brown & light brown}
{For my dark brown ~I found yarn with speckles of color} 
1 9inch & 1 4inch Polystyrene Balls
Wooden Craft Sticks{Wood Skewers}
Assorted Colorful Craft Paper
Felt {wattle & yellow triangles for beaks}
Eyes - Plastic Eyes From Michael's
*How To*
Grab the kids & have some fun!!
To begin, cut a 1-inch sliver off the bottom of a 9-inch polystyrene ball. This 
will allow your turkey to stand flat. Carefully wrap up the sphere neatly in thick 
dark-brown yarn, covering surface completely. {Be aware at all times to try to 
keep the bottom flat to enable your turkey to stand flat at the end}. 

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Pin'Inspirational "Christmas Clip" Thursday!

Yep, I'm totally in Christmas mode.
This year I am determined to get everything done SUPER early
I made my Christmas cake this weekend-no really you'll like this one. 
 It is totally yummy-just look. Seriously, it involves dried fruit and a LOT of brandy.
I digress however because one of the things that has put me in the 
spirit is all the fab projects you folks pinned last week.
Love, love, love.
How could you not be pin'inspired?

Who wouldn't be thrilled with these awesome socks?
Etcetorize even has an amazing video on her site to show you how.
Can you imagine how cozy you would feel having a bowl 
of this lovely after Christmas shopping? Thanks to 
Jazzy Gourmet for the lovely post!
And a gift that I can do up that is totally unique and matches my crafting prowess...

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Apple Crisps In A Jar ~ {Thankful For ...}

The Perfect 
Neighbors Ever!
Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor's noisy party than being there.
So...I had to let them know this year, they made my thankful list... It's truly such a joy
to be able to trust my neighbors, it's hard to find amazing understanding ones, so we
really lucked out.. They are understanding {Of our noisy household}, loving to 
{Our Crazy Sweet Children}, caring {In ways, they really don't have to}, go the extra
mile to alert us to various happenings in the area, and the are the sweetest couple
ever... To say "Thanks" in a special way, I dropped off some treats for dessert..
A DIY apple crisp kit for dessert.. Here's a great way to make
your own.. Do you have great neighbors..? Show them how thankful
you are this year... It'll mean SO much more than you can imagine..
Prepare your crisp and jar it up / seal it..
Ingredients Needed For Mix
3 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup rolled oats (or *gluten free oats)
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup softened butter
Combine it all and jar it up, OR use the recipe I loved
HERE to get more in depth and creative...
Wrapping Up For Delivery
Deliver With Smiles........
& Stay for dinner {LOL!}
{Sometimes, I can NEVER get out of there!}
Thanks SO much for stopping in today...
The ArtsyGirl Connection
To join in and take on the "Thankful Challenge"
head on over HERE and read all about it..
Thankful to have YOU here today..
Wishing you a beautiful day.. xoxo
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Finagle A Foto #41 ~ Shadow Play..

H A P P Y   S U N D A Y
Welcome to Finagle A Foto 
#41 & Winner Announcement For #41.
The ArtsyGirl Connection
Hope your weekend was splendid...
Sharing my favorite shot of the week. A series of shadow play with 
my lil Sia outback.. I LOVE the display i came up with.. SO FUN!!!

*** Excellent Shot Via Lettre Family Blog***
It reminds me of a fun fairytale, I feel almost as if I could jump right 
into the photo. LOVE it.Absolutely fantastic fall shot Dina..
Eager to see your shots this week.. What have YOU snapped...? 
. thanks SO much for joining in .
Eager to see your shots today..
** Happy Happy Sunday **
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