Oh Jolly Heart ~ DIY Ornament Ideas

What are you crafting up for the holidays..?
I've found SO many amazing DIY ornaments all around the web..
....& i'm sharing a few here with you today that I fancy..
Did you sign up to swap an ornament this Christmas..?
Hope you got to make the list....PLEASE lets all try our hardest to make
sure all information sent is as confidential as possibly kept..
The linky to blog about and show off your treats created and mailed
is open HERE.. Can’t wait to indulge. It’s been a lovely
and jolly turn out so far.. Thanks to ALL who signed up..
Christmas Ornaments Gallore
Here are some fun idea's to inspire you for your swap..
Via Strawberry-Chic 
The Sweetest Felt Ornaments
Paper Fabric Ornaments
I heart these to the core! 
Via Oh Party ~
How simply adorable is this beautiful

Peanut Christmas garland

Sooo darn adorable. 
Cute Knit Ornament
Aren't these idea's sooo cute and creative..? 
I can't wait to send my ornaments out on Monday.. Very excited..
Are yours all done..? Any fun inspirational crafts for the season..?
Please DO share them with me.. I'm fully into Christmas right now
and can't wait to decorate. Wishing you a beautiful weekend..
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday ~ Linky Party day..

Welcome To Another Wonderfully
Inspiring Evening Of 
*Pin'Inspirational Thursday
~ Linky Party Day {With Micki}~
I'm so ready for Christmas! 
I've started decorating the outside of the house and a few decorations have popped 
up inside, as well. This year, we plan to have three trees inside the house and at 
least three outside! All decorated, of course. Do you do more than one tree? 
Have a theme? I have one tree that is just for the kids to mess with. 
They have their tree and mama has hers.

With my eye on Christmas, gift giving and looking ahead to my annual goal to get 
organized in the new year, I set out to find some awesome features in this week's party.
Second Chance to Dream gave some boring old ornaments a 
second chance at being beautiful for Christmas. Way to upcycle!
Growing in Grace shared a beautiful way to spruce up FAMILY. 
This has given me some ideas for my mantle!
The Thinking Closet puts my chalkboard wall menu planner to shame. 
I seriously need to do this project! Of course, the project title 
gave me giggles, too...I'm such a nerd.
So who's ready for another great party?

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Boo Hoo ~{What I Wore Wednesday}

Happy Hump Day Loves,
Really hope your day is breezing by so far, as mine FAR from is! lol..
This week has flown by pretty amazingly though, if I must say!!!YES!
I'm joining in the trending topic of the day for WIWW...
What are YOU wearing today?!?
PSA From Sia, before we move along...
Sia say's hello & to let you know her latest FAV word is BOO-HOO! lol!

what i wore wednesday
I've been doing a lot of #OOTD's lately and loving it.
More so due to the idea that I have a few IG obsessions with some of
the participants and feel as if the more I join in, the better I might get at actually
paying attention to what I wear each day which NEVER really
happens due to LATENESS!! So far, so good...
#OOTD Yellow Mesh
I've falling for yellow's this fall..
what colors have you discovered and love so far?
...yellow mellow jean day's..
Yellow Scarf $1 ~ (praise) via goodwill
camel low booties via aldo's.
leaves all around = priceless!
Washed jeans
So simple, comfortable and on the go perfection..
I really LOVE my yellow scarf..It totally MADE my outfit!
#OOTD Night Cronicles
Give me a sitter, and I transform.. "Bye Kiddies".
lol... I went out with the girls and decided to try my latest
liquid pants obsession.. I LOVE the trends that are out more
recently, so many funky fun ones.. I decided to not go overboard
but pair it with a black blazer, black tank and my most loved
booties from Aldo's.. I wear those ALL the time, so comfy!
My pink pendant charm is via {drum roooooolllll}
~ Ebay... I'm in rehab! Shhhhhhhhh... lol!
Kisses From The Stairwell..
.......How adorable are these two..?!?
& last but not the least.. A little behind the scenes from
thanksgiving.. I LOVED spending time with the family. It was
madness to plan, but we all survived.. My FAV moment was capturing
my nephew with my daughter Sia on the stairs! If I can dig up a photo
sometime soon, I will to show you why this moment meant so much.
I have a photo JUST like this with my son and my niece on these
very steps from when they where 2(same age as these two lil loves)!
So priceless.. They drove us crazy right after this shot, but it was
worth every minute of it..How was YOUR thanksgiving..?

Thanks so much for stopping in today.
Wishing you a beautiful day lovely's..
Linking HERE
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Tequila Spiked Mint Hot Cocoa ~ Mom's Time Out!

Hello There love.. hope your day was warming and amazingly 
productive today! Right not, I'd like you to kick off your shoes, and relax your 
feet for a while.. Shall we have a mom's time out..? YES!!!

How do you like your cocoa..?
Tequila Mint Spiked 
Hot Chocolate?! 
YES Please ~ Yummerz!!

With peppermint? Marshmallow?
Extra chocolate..? Mine has an amazingly 
warming tequila, mint mix..Care to join me..?

It’s well into hot cocoa season and I’m such a sucker for a cup that I've been 
on the hunt to try new ways to indulge in my favorite winter treats.. How do 
you make your cocoa..? I’d love to know.. Please DO share your recipes 
with me per links, and I’ll hop over to check them out : )).. 

I’m sharing my most recent favorite recipe I found here with you today.. It’s 
a bit on the adult side, so be sure the kiddies get extra marshmallow and 
have no interest in your cup.. lol …Here’s how to whip up your own. The flavor 
isn't over the top, but rather settling, warming and smoother than I 
thought..It’s bound to add a little jazz to any winter 
afternoon, I assure it.. : ))..

Ingredients Needed
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
pinch kosher salt
3 cups whole milk
4 ounces milk chocolate chips
4 ounces bittersweet chocolate chips
4 ounces tequila
2 ounces peppermint schnapps
Whipped cream and mint leaf garnish
.................... ..... ..... ................
Whipping Up A Cup..
In a saucepan, gently stir cocoa with sugar and salt. Stir in milk, milk 
chocolate, and bittersweet chocolate. Heat over medium low heat until, 
stirring constantly, until chocolate is melted and mixture is hot. 
Gently whisk to completely blend mixture.

Add tequila and peppermint schnapps. Divide into serving cups and 
top with whipped cream and mint......All Done! 

Go Ahead ~ Take A Sip! Yuuuumy?!?

..............~ ...................~ .........................
Hope you get to enjoy a cup with me again sometime soon.. 
Wishing you a lovely evening mom's.. big hugs.. 
Oh ~ Before I go... 
Lets talk Ornament Swap
The ArtsyGirl Connection
Did you sign up to swap an ornament this Christmas..?
Hope you got to make the list.. If you did, please be sure to find 
your swap partner information within your email already.. 
PLEASE lets all try our hardest to make sure all information sent is as 
confidential as possibly kept.. The linky to blog about and show off your treats 
created and mailed out is open  for link ups!! .. Can’t wait to indulge. It’s been 
a lovely and jolly turn out so far.. Thanks to ALL who signed up..
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