Jojo's Birthday Story.. Turning 3...

Jojo's Photo Story...
a little princess turned 1 2 ..... 3
I had the amazing opportunity to capture this little beautiful doll the other day.
It was her birthday a few days ago and I can't express how much fun it was to shoot her!
Here's a bit about Jojo.. The now beautiful & spunky 3yr old pumpkin... So ADORABLE!
Jojo's Birthday Story 
A few day's before my 3rd birthday, I had a mini photo shoot in the park.
It was a lot of fun as I felt like a little princess with all the colorful 
balloons and  a wonderful picnik all for ME...
I got to run around and play around..
Open some presents ---- Lots of VERY FUN surprises.. 
I spent time in the tall grass exploring, it felt like the wild!
After a long day of being in the spotlight, I needed a little break to myself.
I cheered up when I saw a friendly pal come by to play..
It was a splendid fun day out and about preparing for my birthday...
Thanks for tuning in and enjoying my story...
I'm officially THREE and loving every bit of it...
Wishing you a beautiful day..
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. She is so beautiful! She looks so happy too! Those pictures are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks So much Jenny.. ;)) She's such a happy camper.. I LOVED shooting with her ;)).. Wishing you a beautiful day..

  3. Marilyn- That Jojo is a beautiful little girls. I'll bet her sweet little curls bounce at every move. Happy Birthday to her- xo Diana

    1. Thanks SO much Nana D.. Her little curls were sooo darn adorable.. She's such a little HAM.. :)))

  4. Beautiful! She is stunning! Great shots!

    1. Thanks so much.. She's such a doll, totally made it EASY : ))

  5. LOVE these photos Marilyn!! :) Thanks for linking up with the simple things this week.


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