Turning 3... Spa Birthday & Giggles

I have the blues,
the funnies and
the happies today!
For it's a very special and heart
melting moment within our home.
a little spunky,
voicetrous, beautiful beyond
words, & darling daughter
of mine is 1 2 3 today
(well Saturday, but i'm just sharing today)
.girls, giggles & pampering.
a little pea turned 3 today

We set up & turned our home into a lovely day spa
with lots of champagne bubbles & sparkling juices

Reflections Of Pretty Faces & Shiny Things

We had lots of fun treats & got really pampered

I got to wish my little heart away & mommy
& daddy helped blow out those tricky little candles.
Oh What A Fun Day Of Prettying Up With My Girls
It truly was a fantastic birthday to
get spoiled & enjoy my day..
We truly had a blast. Almost everything seen within
these photo's where purchased per the dollar store
and some trinkets per Michale's dollar bins..
I saved a ton & got to have an
amazing time while at it.

Frugal parties are always THE BEST!!!..
I love my little baby girl & wish her many
more happy returns and fun years to come..

Thanks SO much for tuning in today..
Wishing you all a beautiful day..
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  1. It all looks so beautiful! My little girl just turned three too. Happy birthday to your daughter. :) Megan

    1. Thanks SO much Megan ;)) Awww, Happy Happy Birthday (belated) to your little Gorgeous one as well ;)).. We had a FUN time ;))

  2. Awww Happy Birthday!! Everything looks so fabulous.

    1. Thanks Bella :))) Wishing you a beautiful day :))

  3. What a fun day! Your little sweetheart is adorable... so many things to love about your series of images, the little girls showing their nails, the beautiful cake and cupcakes... but the one I enjoyed most is of you and her blowing out the candles... I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #68, I hope you'll come share again! (I'm your newest follower and rss subscriber...)


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