Which Way To Blog Land..?!?

Boy it's been forever!
I MisssssssYOU ALL
So very much!!! I swear it!
I know most have been wandering what happened to her?
We hope she didn't quit blogging, & what's next for
this artsygirl and the blog...All great questions,
I am going to attempt to answer..
So much has happened in the last year. I know a lot of my closer bloggy friends
have been able to keep up with me through various social media networks
(ie: facebook, instagram and even via twitter), so it's been nice to not loose touch
of the world I know here, and how much beauty lies in the friendships
I have with the wonderful ladies all around..

I can't believe how long it's been, but I DO believe I miss my space and
coming back today feels SO fulfilling and wonderful.. Thanks for all the
wonderful encouragementsthat I have received over time. It's been
a long journey of self discovery, and adjustments,
but the timing is right so here I am..

I've been busy snapping away! I'm beyond grateful for my photography
business and all the amazing clients, and friends I've made within the last year.
It's been a beautiful picturesque journey that I can't describe/put into words
much more than HAPPINESS and pure fulfilment on every beautiful
level I imagined.. You can see more of my work via my
(All your thoughts are welcomed, I'd love to know
what you think so far of my snaps!)

Over the last year or so, I've found it really hard to maintain my blog, I haven't
had time to post anything that meant much to me, or create for that matter
to share in happiness. I've struggled with giving up on blogging as a whole
to focus more on my life, career moves and most of all trying to fit in
writing alongside our busy household..  It all just became too
overwhelming and as hard as I tried to keep up!

I had to let go for a while and allow myself to focus away for a bit; until my
heart was back here and I could share freely and enjoy the things I
actually shared about with you all.. I lost touch of that a while ago, I felt
out of place blogging, and almost felt as if I was always under a fire drill
to come up with posts, or create for that matter, things that I wasn't
into, or loved, simply to keep afloat with here.

I really hated that feeling, and eventually it all caught up to me walking away
and taking this long break I embarked upon a few months ago.. I can't express
enough apologies for walking off, I hope everyone that has been a reader,
but most of all a FRIEND can return and join me once again..

Will You Have Me!?!
Trying To Move Back In...
I'm back in blog land.. With no promises, no gimmicks, but with hope, with fun
aspirations of growth, and with the excitement to get to once again connect,
and share with you all freely with no time agenda's, and most of all having
FUN while at it.. I'm certain I will at least blog once a week, I'm certain
you will see more photo shoot and picture stories along the way than
regular crafty posts; I can guarantee melt downs, lend me your ear's,
and how do you's(?), BUT most of all, some laughter and
sharing from the depths of my heart...

I hope you all can jump in with me for some new thrill's and fun times ahead.
Thanks SO much to all who are still here and joining in again..
Sending you all lots of love and hugs.. I will be coming around
to say hello and cyber stalking not so quietly away ;))

Cheers to being back in this wonderful space I missed SO much!
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  1. Your blog is one I will always look out for no matter how frequent you post jhust because of the bloggy-relationship we developed. Honestly, I am going through the same feelings as you described you have gone through. I'm feeling lost and overwhelmed with other things (career/life purpose-wise) and don't know where blogging fits the midst of these emotions. Guess I could do a post about my disappearing act too.

    Deia @Elle to Elle

    1. It's soo refreshing to know you understand that feeling.. It's so stressful and just leaves you blah about so much. I really needed a long break and I'm so glad I took the time off :)).. Aww, it's always so refreshing to hear from you. I sincerely appreciate your constant positive encouragement and charm, thank you so much love, hope we are both back and can find some clarity and be able to enjoy this aspect alongside all other family / real life aspects of our lives.. Cheers to even better times ahead.. Xoxoxo..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Laura :))).. It's great to be back ... Excited to get to share & indulge in fun with everyone again :))).. Big hugs.. Xoxo

  3. Welcome back, girlie! :-)

    1. Thanks so much hon :)).. It's exciting to have you stop in.. Thank you mountains :))) I look forward to reading all your fun posts and more.. Xoxoxo hope everything is awesome with you..

  4. Glad your back! Always here for you. Your work is awesome to see!

    1. Thanks SO mch Jaqueline, you are ALWAYS such a sweet bloggy bff.. I wuuubya to pieces.. ;))))

  5. I am a part time blogger too. It's just that life happens and sometimes we have to take a break. I am a new follower and look forward to reading your blogs. Hope you follow me too.

    1. Thanks so much Irene, I am so happy to have you here and look forward to getting to know you much better ;)).. I sincerely appreciate your comment, it's so tough to full time blog and not feel all over the place and pressed for time.. :(.. Hopefully I can get it together and pace myself at a happy medium :))..

  6. Of course we will take you back! Life happens...then you putt♥I looked around your photography site and your work is amazing.

  7. I am struggling at the minute and feel like I am all over the place in the real world - blogging is a hard thing to keep up it is a real time drainer for sure, hope you can get back into the swing of it tho I love your blog :)

  8. Happy to hear you are doing well and looking forward to future posts. xo

  9. Welcome back! Like everyone else, I have been so busy this summer. It's been hard to maintain a blogging schedule.

  10. Welcome back. Hope to see many more posts of yours love your site.

    Handmade at Warratahstree

  11. Glad to have you back in blogging land. ;)

    Jessica from All She Cooks

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  14. Jolie! I love your site! I am a very novice photographer with a lot to learn and feel inspired by your work. I also love your blog design. I am redoing mine and wonder if you would share how you added the icons at the top for photography, food, etc...I've never seen that done before. Please feel free to emai me at
    Looking forward to visiting your site every day :)


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